dsg longer write up

another 12 hour in the books. the dsg proved yet again to be a classic - i said it last year, and i'll say it again - you definetely missed out if you were not at the start line this year.

pre-race course condition was fantastic, but the friday night rain lead to super muddy conditions on lap 1. however, by some grace, the course was blessed with a miracle and sections that were un-rideable on lap 1 were starting to get packed down on lap 2.

lap 1 saw me spin my deraileur early on, then later completely ripping it off when i was sitting in 4th - i had to backtrack about 1/4 mile, loosing easily 20 minutes. darn near quit right there - i had forgotten to pack a spare hanger and that nearly snapped me.

had some other minor equipment issues due to the mud, and somehow managed to get through the rest of the race on asylum #2.

i pushed on, making it back up to within a stones throw of mark, but it was not to be.

so, i learned a few more lessions this race as i packed minimally and went out with bare minimums to get me through a race. next time, make a list.

for now, i am resting up this coming weekend, dialing in the new i9's and then making a little trip the weekend after next.

think i'll visitPA.

sologoat out

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