less gears, more beers

less gears, more beers
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was the theme today of the single speed events of the dsg started.

first event - a standard single speed short cross country race. creeepyfriendly and his bro showed what fast meant and totally smoked the field. was two laps - and you had to chug a beer (root beer or PBR) between laps.

boo's went out to those who choose root beer.

2nd event - a short hill climb. one the gary fisher guys won. drink one more brew.

3rd event - the surprise event. see the pic - words cannot describe how hillarious it was.

truely epic, done in style - clay, hats off to organizing this.

and - one more note - special event announcers were yuri (in blue) and biko libre (nat ross).

oh - the course and stuff...

pretty much the same as last year, with a few changes - but 95% is the same. course compared to last year is well worn in and flows really well - seems like it is in overall better condition. less loose stuff and everything is pretty packed and bermed.

out for the race - eddie, harlan, rob and shawn...

in for the race (that i know of) - nat, yuri, josh t, brandon, tinker...

i'm sure there's a few others..

gotta run - more pics and stuff up either late saturday or sunday.

sologoat out

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