lazy saturday

me and my legs decided not to race, but to sleep in a little, rest up and have some good coffee.

next up for me will be the MASS rocktober race coming up next week, should be a good event put on by the visitPA guys.

per the site:
All races start at 8:00am. Pre-race meeting at the start at 7:45am. The course is one big 3 leaf clover shaped loop. The start/finish also serves as our two resupply checkpoints. You will be able to leave whatever food and hydration supplies you need at the checkpoint. We will have water, gatorade, and food (fig bars, bananas, etc) at the checkpoint area for you. You must be your own technical support.

read that last sentence:
You must be your own technical support.

should leave out any cohutta 100 single speed controversy issues.

should be an interesting year for the enduro's and 100's - i think they are going to do well this year as the man keeps pushing gas prices up.

gots to run -

sologoat out


Anonymous said...

But is a hand up technical support? :-)

Solo Goat said...

not sure what they are considering it at the PA race... think they are just talking more that no mechanics are allowed, not so much on handups.

i talked to mike kuhn (race promoter) and it sounded like the layout of the course would not really be that benefitial to have people around.

sounds like it's more of a NORBA/USA cycling cross country type of rule - last event i did, you were not allowed any outside help other then somebody there to hand you a bottle. that person was NOT allowed to hand you any tools, work on your bike, etc...