another 'goat going pro

this weekend marks the first big race weekend for downhill freak justin. check out the speedgoat blog for updates...

speaking of, the 'goat has a new shop opening up at seven springs and will be renting out downhill bikes and gear - featuring a full line up of santa cruz jump bikes. check out the site for directions and shop hours.

other then that, just getting in the miles and ordering up some spare and replacement parts - after 3 weekends of straight races, the bikes took a beating.

up on order - the new shadow xtr and xt rear derailleurs. been running the xt version on the new moots - very precise and fast shifting, and the compact design keeps it tucked in tight to the frame.

up this weekend - a possible local RATL crit if the rain stays away?

a possible attack from the start line?

sologoat out

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