rocktober update

after a brief stop at the 'goat and a few magical mechanical spells put on a few bikes by dan the man, it was off to central PA for the rocktober MASS super series race. mucho thanks goes out to dan.

new cell phone pics are not top notch, but the course is - from the little we saw of it, the course is laid out awesome, the venue is really nice and the course is holding up really well with very little mud despite the constant rain over the past 18 hours or so.

32 registered riders in my class so far, 51 field total - i'm sure they'll be a few more come race day.

clover leaf design course layout, one main pit area - 14 mile first lap, a hellishly long 34 mile 2nd lap, and a 19 mile final lap with last 1/4 of it on road.

that's it - gotta run - updates on sunday.



Tinker said...

Hi Ernesto,

Good luck in PA this weekend. I can't wait to see you at Big Bear.


Solo Goat said...

could of used a little more luck - missed a turn about 20 miles into it..

see you at big bear..