should of taken a right at Albuquerque

rocktober was without question, one of the rockiest courses i've raced to date...

1rst lap - 19 miles
shawn, rob, bradon and a few others peg it up the first climb. i can't hold their wheels, and i roll at my own pace.

in the first section of rocks, i get passed by a group, then my legs start coming back and i catch them.

at the end of the lap, i'm sitting somewhere in the top 10'ish or so.

a quick feed from brandon's mom got me rolling out quick and gave me a gap on all the riders i was with, but that was short lived.

2nd lap - a hellish 34 miles
quick up the first climb on the 2nd lap, i pop over two little steep sections and put my head down while i keep hammering on... duh... shouldn't of done that.

i completely miss the right turn, ride for the next 5 minutes or so until i come to markers that were for the end of lap 3 and ride back into the start/finish area roughly 20 minutes after i left it...

dumbfounded by my complete dumbness, i roll back out half contemplating stopping as i lost so much time. i decide to keep rolling, ride at whatever pace and not kill myself on the rocks.

right at about the same time this is happening, shawn rips out a sidewall and goes through a spare tube and 2 co2's.... not a good start to the day for either of us.

i'm now waaaaaaaaaaay back, but i start picking off riders. i'm riding the rocky sections trying not to break my neck and then up the pace on the climbs. i'm slowly realing back riders.

3rd lap - 14 miles
the tamest of all the sections, i get a quick feed from shawn and roll out. i'm sitting around 9th'ish position. i roll out quick and put down as much as i can on the road section leading into the first single track and i quickly make up one place... then two others...

as the miles come down, i catch all the singlespeed riders i was with except matt ferrari who had a super stellar day and came in 6th overall - rolled in 7th overall, 6th in the solo mens geared class.

figured at the end of the day, more then likley would of been at least 5th or 6th on the day had it not been for a missed turn...

overall great event - thanks to mike kuhn for a great course and event and to brandon on another win in the last few weeks...

with that - gotta clean some bikes and rest up.

sologoat out

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This is from a bit back, but thanks again for coming out to Rocktober and great ride at Big Bear!