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since finally meeting up with wobblenaught guru jim - been fighting a pinched nerve and a lack of snappiness to my pedal stroke caused by my interpretation of the fit since december of last year. bad timing and road/mountain schedules that conflicted with each other pushed my fits out a little bit further into the season.

results of the fit:

post up about a half inch and saddle forward about a quarter inch = no more pinched nerve, more power and lower overall HR.

so, one weekend off of racing to rest up for the upcoming weeks - a somewhat local race weekend after next and then a venture down to my "home" 24 hour course - 24 Hours of Big Bear which is looking to be NOT SLOW.

also, got the heads up on the mohican 100 (which is not on my plate this year) - word is: new sections and everybody and their broher who is fast is coming to throw down. i predict that the pace is slow for the first 100 yards as the pace at these events seem to have gotten crazy fast this year. 100 miles? who cares... all out effort right at the gun.

gotta run -
sologoat out

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