02.01.06 - goat to speak at CAMBA

yours truely will be speaking at CAMBA next month. i'll be doing an interpretive dance about my racing, training, etc. just joking. i mean i'll be talking about my racing, training, etc.

CAMBA is a local group affiliated with the IMBA - both organizations help build mountain bike trails, work on trail access, etc. they have an article about it HERE

sorry for the ho-hum posts lately, but the warm'ish ohio weather has been forcing me outside to ride and i haven't had much time to post. still pondering the race schedule for this year. what races to do, what not to do - that is the question.

hope you like the somewhat updated blog layout - just let me say that web page development is not my specialty...

gotta sleep - sologoat out.


Jeff Kerkove said...

What happened to the super header picture?

Anonymous said...

what do you do to keep your feey warm under 40 degrees?

Anonymous said...

Not feey! I mean feet!

Solo Goat said...

for my feet, i usually double layer my socks, and wear the high end northwave winter shoes.

i the usually wear a thin lyra bootie over them, and then a normal winter bootie over top of that.