02.18.06 - updates you gotta check out

here is a picture of the little miami trail in cinci - thing goes on forever. kind of boring, but at least you can get a ride in and not get run over.

close up my burns - exciting stuff.

some more updates for you - since i forgot to post about them the other day.

has now got up their new web page. check back as i think this is the first version of it and i think there are some more changes.

also, i will be talking at some demo days coming up this summer - the shop will be having demo's of the new giant road line up and they will be geared more towards the newer rider. i'll be talking at two demos - one on nutrition and one on clothing.

and if i see anybody taking notes or that has a tape recorder, they will be "escorted" out by my posse.

this may be old news, but the marathon series has been updated. they will have more races, but you can only drop one to be considered for the overall series.

aspen remains to be the marathon nationals, in august.

24 hours of adrenaline
well, i don't intend to start a flurry of questions here, because i don't have all the details, but i have it from a realiable source that it looks like they are going to announce the dates for worlds next week.

seems as though there are some issues at whistler now with the upcoming olympics and they were having more problems with trails access. they had to change the course a little last year because of some of the stuff they are putting in (downhill runs, etc) and i guess they are having more difficulities this year because of the same reason.

that's all the info i really have....

it's cold
so i am hitting the rollers today - wind chill is currenlty -3. mother nature wins again.

gotta run - sologoat out.


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog! Great product and training info. I am looking hard at one of these Asylums. Very sweet!

I was curious if you would care to blog about the following subjects...

1. You must eat a ton. What is your diet like during your off-season training?
2. How many hours a week are you riding during the off season?
3. What types of off-the-bike training do you do? Any weight lifting and stuff like that?

Thanks in advance!!

Solo Goat said...

1. food - i try to eat good all the time now. usually, right after the end of cross season, i'll allow myself to eat whatever i want and try not over do it. starting january 1, i then become way more strict and start cutting out high fat foods or anything that has "empty" calories. and i never try to stuff myself.

2. hours vary week to week - at least 15 hours a week, minimum and my big weeks are roughly double that.

3. off the bike - hiking, yoga, cross country skiing, some lifting.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the life of an enduro freak! 30 hour weeks means averaging over 4 hours a day!! Where do you find time to do anything besides work, eat, ride, sleep, repeat???? I think I might have to stick to regular sport class XC...don't think I have the will power for endurance racing. I will have to live vicariously thru you guys.