02.04.06 - check out the groundhog

happy belated groundhog day.

totally cruddy day in ohio - rain and more rain coming, backed with some of the white stuff. really stinks.

got these pics off the weather channel the other day - hillarious.

totally off the bike subject for a bit... i am a big indy film nut and NPR freak (think steve at the shop is too - he downloads broadcasts to his ipod) and i heard about this story of a guy who was shooting all this footage of grizzly bears and ended up getting attacked by one and was killed. and he happened to catch the audio of his own death. the guy was going through a lot of his own demons, some people didn't like what he stood for or what he was doing. anyhoo, i caught a documentary on it last night. very thought provoking and some very good photography.

they are rebroadcasting the documentary tonight on the disccovery channel. otherwise, you can check out the film's website here:



back to bike stuff...

clothing... sponsors...

clothing is about to be ordered, nothing is set in stone yet. basic info is that i'll be getting a custom jersey for my sponsors, and then there will be another jersey available that will be available to customers.

other clothing is not 100% at this point - so i am not letting you guys in on it now because i am a firm believer in jinxing... though the clothing order may include my favorite clothing accessory.

sponsors - possibly work and one other to help the 'goat out this year. i'll find out more next week on both of them.

that's it - gotta get on the trainer.

sologoat out


Adam Lisonbee said...

I watched Grizzly Man the other night, and yeah, it kept me awake afterwards thinking about it.

Solo Goat said...

ya - i talked with a friend about for about an hour after the film. you could see it a couple of different ways, i guess.

in the end, he died - and that wasn't good - no matter how one feels about what he was doing.

dicky said...

QUOTE " though the clothing order may include my favorite clothing accessory."

Are you getting custom printed neckerchiefs?

Solo Goat said...

how did you guess?


winter training hat