02.02.06 - the asylum's are coming!

hey - just a quick update from the crew at SPEEDGOAT.COM..

a new shipment of medium asylum's are coming in the next week or so - get 'yer order in now holmes, because from all the ramblings i see on the forums and from the shop, they'll probably be going pretty fast. dan (my head mechanic) better get his rest up, he's going to be building bikes for the next 2 months straight.

my second asylum frame just got back from the painter today. sweet.

and - i'm seeing what i can do for all you folks coming out to the march CAMBA meeting. maybe a surprise from hammer gel? hmmmm.... i got an email going out to them tonight - no promises, but we'll see what happens.

speaking of which - placed an order with hammer gel today.
1 bottle - sustained energy
2 jugs - hammer gel
2 medium long sleeve jerseys - one winter weight, the other summer
2 beanies - one summer, one winter

next order will probably be my caps supply for most of the year, which i'll probably place right before racing starts (or when i run out of my current supply) - which ever comes first.

as always - i would highly recommend checking out their PDF's on useage, and their "guide to success". very good info to help you NOT make mistakes in your fuel intake. wish i had read it before i found out the hard way....

gotta run - roller ride in store for me tonight. yipee!

sologoat out.

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