02.15.06 - miami

little miami, that is.

in cinci again today for work, and i'll be hitting the trail up again. i'll take some pics tonight as i'll hit it in the daylight hours (ya-hoo!).

one would think traveling for work sucks, but this time it is really working out well for me. the temperture difference is at least 10 degrees warmer in cinci then in kent/akron - and that is huge. how huge.

it's huge.

so huge that last night i was contemplating not taking a vest - then i looked over and saw a group of guys guying out that looked like they had about a hundred layers on. they thought it was cold, i thought it was a heat wave.

it just goes to prove, pain is just all in the mind.

gots to run - have some new news in the world of asylum and some info for ya' in the world of hammer gel/e-caps. it's all good, yo.

sologoat out

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