02.26.06 - putting in some miles

word up.

seems as if winter in ohio has not given up - had to ride in 25 degree weather today, with wind chill in the 10 degree area. luckily, it warmed up a little about half way through my ride at the warm part of the day, but i slightly miscalculated the ride back and the weather turned for the worse. no snow, but man, that temp went down quicko. i think i frooze my brain slightly.

anyhoo, not mucho going on these days - just finishing up my base mile training, getting clothing finalized/ordered and i think i finally have somewhat of a schedule planned out. but - i still don't know what is going on with solo worlds yet.

i will be running the limar 911 this year in black - last year i ran the yellow 909. decided to get the 911 as it has a small visor, more vents and is more of a moutain bike style.

had a few questions about the asylums - yes, all frame sizes are in stock right now. and if any shops are interested, speedgoat will consider setting up a dealership with ya. email me for info.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if you do most of your miles on the MTB or Road. Never have seen a picture of a road bike on you blog. Which bike do you use the most for training?

Solo Goat said...

i would probably say 90% of my riding is on the mountain bike - but about 95% of that is on paved trails.

i ride my mountain bike more than anything else just out of preference and the fact that some of the paved trails i ride often turn to gravel and i don't want to deal with cleaning my road bike.

also, the trails are usually mostly protected by trees - so i don't have to deal with heavy head winds.

and another bonus - lack of traffic. i can go out and ride for hours and never see another person or deal with a car - which is good, because most times i ride with an ipod.