02.24.06 - asylums now at speedgoat


Anonymous said...

Ernesto, thanks primarily to you I just ordered my Asylum from Speedgoat (along with fork & other accessories) and will be getting my CK hubs rebuilt as 29" with some Mustangs. Just thought you'd like to know. See you at the 24 Hour Races.

P.S. Not sure if you are racing in Canada but you should seriously consider one of the Chico Racing (www.chicoracing.com) 24 hour races. They are the largest in North America!


Anonymous said...

What are the odds of actually getting one though? Somewhere I read they were sold out of production and all frames were spoken for. That not true?

Anonymous said...

One other quick question for the solo goat... what size asylum frame do you have, and what do you think your bike weighs?

Solo Goat said...

glad to see some asylums going north of the border - i hit up one of the 8 hour chico's last year and maybe will be up there for the last 8 hour epic.

getting the asylums - they just got in some frames so i think there should be some available. i know the shop just sold 3 today, so i know that as i type this, they should be in stock. i would call them to confirm.

size/weight - i am running the medium and i believe the bike weighed in at a little over 25 pounds.

as a side note - i do know that dan the man had one build down to around the 24 pound mark but it was decked out with full stan's (rotors, bolts, etc....)

Jeremy said...

We do have Asylum frames in stock and ready to ship! Some of the first batch were sold. However we do have frames in stock, and more frames are on the way!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Do you anticipate a supply problem with these later this year or will they be readily available form now on, like say in May or June? You guys rock!