02.21.06 - thinking of arizona

howdy. back in the town of cinci for a few days for work and to hit up the little miami trail - exciting stuff indeed. warmer weather is back in town, so that's always a good thing.

will be heading out to arizona this coming march to ride with the big dawgs at the first NORBA of the year - should be an interesting trip. going strictly to race - would like to hang out a little more but i have to be careful of my vacation time and especially careful of how much cashola i am spending. booked the flights, now just have to schedule everything else.

i did only one NORBA last year and had a mechanical 3/4's of the way through it - which was a bummer at the time because i was in the top 5. wanted to do well as it was the only one i was going to do and because it was on one of my favorite hellish coarses (snowshoe, wv). little did i know at the time the race would not be coming back to the venue for 2006.

so with that in mind, i must ride. and ride. and ride.


and look for an upcoming interview of the sologoat to be up in the next week or two. very good questions from one of the speedgoat crew for his first published 'zine.

gots to run -
sologoat out.

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