02.11.06 - new asylum in the house

quick update as i gots to gets some miles in dawg.

asylum is in the house, looking real nice with the new ritchey wcs stem and the easton monkey lite bars. super light, super stiff.

paint - looks hella cool.

me - gotta go ride. pics up by sunday.

sologoat out.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sologoat, I'm thinking about getting an Asylum and wondering if you have your Reba set up as 80mm or 100mm of travel? I'll using it, like you, mostly for endurance racing.

Also, I'd be interested in hearing what your full build looks like and the weight of your bike!


Solo Goat said...

setup at 80mm... everybody at the shop who race the asylums set them up at 80mm - most of the mechanics/employees at the 'goat have them set at 100mm.