02.16.06 - asylum updates

hey dawg. asylum updates are in 'da house. here goes...

well, we have now made the decision to go with garneau. i'll have some 'ernesto' clothing with the sponsors on it and a little different color then what will be available to customers.

bibs will also be available - and it sounds like we may be doing a run of both speedgoat and asylum shorts. things are not 100% yet, so don't quote me on all this.

downhillers will be happy - we'll be doing a long sleeved downhill jersey in the new asylum logo/color scheme.

cycling caps - will also be available. these are the cold weather ones that have a drawstring top. seems my hat collection will soon be growing.

YES, i know i said they are coming, and they will be here super soon. new logos n' such.

and... i will be very vague in saying that you should expect some exciting new stuff in the future from asylum by the end of the year. i have been talking to the guys at the shop and they have some good stuff planned. stay tuned.

will soon be up and running. not sure of the layout, but it will probably have a picture or two of yours truely.

that's it - gotta run. fighting off some bad food i had for lunch today - it made me really sick. yucko.

sologoat out.

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