02.09.06 - back home

just getting back from cinci - kind of gets crazy traveling out of town for work. i never really thought about traveling for work as being as hard as it is.

can't skip workouts, so i have to take all my riding stuff with me. so my car is completely packed for two days of work. nutz.

thankfully, cinci has been working out really nice - they have some really super nice bike paths down there that is part of the little miami trail that is approximately 70 miles long. boring, but no traffic to deal with. and i can ride it at all hours.

last night, got in three hours on it in 30 degree temps only to come home to 20'ish degree temps and 2-3 inches of snow. crazy.

anyhoo, gotta run - really busy with work, and i need to get caught up today so i can get one of my asylums tomorrow. can't wait - they look super sweet.

sologoat out.

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