02.06.06 - going to the shop

heading out to speedgoat this friday to pick up at least one of my race bikes for the year - and to drop off some wheels that need to be worked on.

coolest thing is, i think i am going to get my surly fixed flip/flop hub set up so i can get a 700c fixie going. the bike trails around here are perfect for it - and i have been wanting one for awhile. think i am going to build up another k monkey, but i haven't decided 100% yet what i am doing.

i used to ride single speeds a lot in years past, but got out if it when i came to ohio and didn't have anybody to ride single speed with. (note - if you check the single speed championships that were held in minneaopolis, you will see i finished top 10 - i think this was in 99'ish?)

that's it - quick update - have to go to cincinatti for work.... ah, at least it is 10 degrees warmer and the bike path doesn't have snow on it...

sologoat out.

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