02.09.06 - 13

is the wind chill factor tonight. hmmm. rollers it is.

not mucho going on - just getting ready to head out to the shop tomorrow to pick up asylum #1 of 2. the picture above is from the shop - they have now moved dan the man downstairs to be near all the bike stash.

NORBA has made some changes to the marathon series - bumped it up to 5 races now, not including the final in aspen. some nice races - but man, they are waaaaaaaaay out there for this east coast cat. bummer is, that you cannot drop any races to be considered for the overall marathon series. not 100% sure on my schedule yet, but i'll hit up a few - but to hit all of them - no way.

gotta run - sologoat out.


Sean Grady said...

I thought that was your house for a moment. I was pretty jealous.

I'm going to make a room like that in my house some day.

Solo Goat said...

nope - it's the shop at the 'goat.

if you look real closely - in the back you can see some bikes...

i was going to take a bunch of pics of the shop, but couldn't find my camera...