02.02.06 - quick updates

hey all - few quick updates..

the web page developer (myself) continues to work on the blog - give me about a week and i'll have it all fixed up.

TIFOSI OPTICS has hooked me up this year with some new shades. i'll be running either the Q3 or the QUAM 1.5 during the races, and after will be running the cool guy BACKLASH. my personal favorite is the Q3 - which is the updated version of last years Q2 that i ran (they are the glasses i am wearing in the header picture) last year. main difference is that they now come with lenses. sweet.

HAMMER GEL getting ready to place my first order with them. beanie hats are now available (to add to my growing collection) and a ton of winter riding apparel is in from VOLER. guys and gals - i HIGHLY recommend the voler winter vest and jacket. super awesome - very nice windstopper type material that works really well. and their bibs/jerseys - very nice as well. i would often wear the shorts on my 6+ hour rides because the pad was so nice.

and then don't forget all their nutritional products - i'll been using mostly the HEED, SUSTAINED ENERGY and HAMMER GEL to get me through these past few months. been working very well for me.

that's it - gotta run.

(short version of a day in the life of sologoat)

work, work, work.

ride, ride, ride, ride, ride, ride. eat, make a phone call. sleep.


sologoat out.

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