12.23.2004 - Pretty in Pink

ah.... i should of known it. beth over at speedgoat knows i love the vibrant colors and sweet bee-like sound of the chris king hubs. she knows me so well, she orderd this combo set for me without even asking.
speedgoat is just like santa - except the elves are bike mechanics and the toys that are really cool are made with titanium.
through an evil subcontious plan by chris king to "force me" to buy the pink breast cancer awareness king hubset with matching headset i picked up this combo as a little chritmas present for myself. this combo also comes with a special edition shirt available to only those whom buy this setup - the shirt is brown in color and has the classic king logos on the back. underneath the logo it reads "PRETTY AND STRONG'....
odd how chris king knows how my girlfriend thinks of me...
full specs on the king hubs are here:
hurry if you like pink - only two sets of this sweet pink combo are left!
up on the plate tomorrow - tire testing and a little secret about my girlfriends. err... i mean bikes...


12.22.2004 - Training

Yesterday was the first day in about two weeks that i didn't wake up with a sore throat, so i was very hesitant yesterday to do any type of training outside on the bike.

so how does an endurance rider stay fit? an hour half hike, and a hour and half roller ride. hmmmmmmmm.... fun...

really, this is not that bad - i am a firm believer that you can train your body to do anything that you have the passion to accomplish. if hours upon hours of roller rides is what it takes, so be it.

so with that in mind, keep on training - you much teach yourself to suffer in order to succeed.

12.22.2004 - A hub decision

four inches of snow can make a rider crazy - especially this one. winter means more time indoors and more time to make monumental decisions about what one is riding next year.

here is the lign up of choices:

dt swiss - super light but un-race proven in my eyes. pretty much 150% if i ran into issues with these hubs during a race or pre-race, nobody but my trusty mechanics could fix them.

chris king - i have raced these for 4 years with no problem. heavier then dt's, but lighter then the xtr's. mechanics should not have to touch them, but spare parts would be near impossible to find during a race situation.

xtr - cheapest of the three, and therefore, heavier. spare parts would never be an issue as shimano is at all major events. my mechanics are working on a top secret plan that could get the weight down a little closer to the kings - hopefully.

that is the delima of the day - hope your life is not as complicated..


12.20.2004 - day one

Day one of my blog entry - decisions, decisions....

Nationals, bikes, discs, races, flights, training - all dancing through my head...

check back for all my race updates, schedules and miscellaneous ramblings...