off to PA

2007_CX - Julie Lewis - 1
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in the early AM - check out the MAC cross series for results and what not.

fields look smallish, but stacked. past travel-mate fetty is showing up to snag up some more UCI points - he's scored some at 2 race so far this year.

for me, looks to be my last UCI events until nationals - think there is some races next week up east, but the travel fundage is getting low.

in car news, got a vibe - and noticed a ding in the door not 12 hours later when i went to work. ouch. dealer going to fix that monday - glad to be done with this whole car nightmare of the last 2 weeks. jeez.

last weeks adventure was a success for the ritchey travel cross bike - airport security checked it going out and coming back, but i got charged the total ammount of $0 for it both ways. NICE. seriously, the best bike investment i have made of late.

that's it - gotta run. early start as i head out with some speedgoat/freddie fu teammates by association (gerry and brian) for a weekend of 1 hour races that will have us coughing out our lungs.

bike is prepped, i'm packed and rested - all i need is some points.

updates monday as i'm traveling light.

sologoat out


man, that is spooky

in yet another attempt to save my chain from falling off, i'm resorting to the double guide setup and a slight shortening of the chain. this issue is just driving me nuts.

next up - running a double with a 38/42 and standard shifting. don't want to go that route.

and, next up on the plate - double UCI weekend as i head east back to my roots in PA for the double MAC race this weekend.

gots to run - work to do..

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ohio state cross race

OH 2007 States - Julie Lewis
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was a slight disaster - 2 pretty heavy falls and 1 one dropped chain.

damn thy dropped chain - 3 races, 3 dropped chains. it's enough to drive me nutty.

call up was non-existant - my first place call up left me in the second row. though, i did have a good start and was 3rd going into the first corner.

first crash came early in the race, near the finish on a short cement section - complete washout on my right side. nice.

next lap, my chain drops in the exact same section.

next lap, as i am now offically in a panic, i stand up a little early coming out of a corner with sandy tires - as soon as they hit the short section of cement right after, i went flying.

levers turned and with me seeing stars, i nearly pulled out right there as the main group was pretty much gone - in it, shawn and paul were flying.

i finish up 12th on the day, a very disappointing finish compared to last year - paul was 4th, shawn in 5th.

next up - possible trip out east to my roots in PA and a few of the MAC cup events.

must get uci points and the days are dwindling down to nationals.

and, i need a new car - mini cooper s or pontiac vibe.... hmm... think i already got the answer in my head, but i don't know how to drive shift... damn!

any takers on a moots ybb 26'er trade up for a mini cooper?

sologoat out


Hi, I'm Troy McClure

Dirt Rag - issue 132 page 14
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You may remember me from such mountain bike magazines as Dirt Rag issue 132 page 14.

that's it until Sunday - see you at Ohio State Cross Championships on sunday and have a good turkey day.

sologoat out


last sunday cross

2007_CX - Julie Lewis - 3
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was a muddy event held by lake effect cycling, which might be my only venture in cleveland cross this year as my search for UCI points continues.

gun went off, i got a good start and was in good position with paul and shawn right on me. Soon, shawn would break away from us and eventually take the win.

i was in a 3 man group chasing shawn - i took an inside line on the top section of the course and nearly crashed, but my tire would eventually flat a few laps later. a few laps later, my attacks shed my chasing group mates, but paul clawed his way back to my wheel.

he pulled away, and i chased and chased.

with one to go, i put down all i had and got to within the same distance of his back wheel as you seen in the photo above - and my chain dropped. with about a quarter mile to go, there was no chance for a sprint or a last second attack. 3rd place it was.

so, off to visit family for a few warm texas days and then back into town on saturday for the sunday ohio state cross championships where i will be defending my 2007 title against the likes of shawn and jonathan card.

sologoat out


a day in the life of a speedgoat employee

Speedgoat Demo MootoX - 2
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leaves you surrounded by super high end demo bikes.

i was lucky enough to loose my thoughts about car troubles on the top of linn runn that had just had a light dusting of about a half inch of snow aboard this fine mootoX.

total number of cars that passed me going up this roughly 20-30 minute climb: one.

sologoat out


a pit crew reunion

was held this friday at the shop, not by choice, but by the decision of my thermostat in my outback to go out on a late thursday evening.

long story short - $100 dollars later, things could of been worse. i'm home a day late, but in classic fashion, after some "slight" modifications to my new thermostat that replaced the bad thermostat --- i'm home.

all i can say, is that i'm very lucky to have a pit crew (dan and dad) that puts up with my sh*t and gets me through the day without bitching.

without saying, i'm very lucky. a big thanks to my pit crew that pulled out a miracle this weekend.

now all i got to do is pedal faster then everybody else.

sologoat out


toronto uci day 2

toronto_uci_day2_01 - ernesto
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insert your caption under comments

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Ergon on my bars for 2008

ergon will once again be on my bars for 2008 along with their pack and gloves.

i'll be running both of their HM1 and HT1 gloves and the GP1 and GR2 grips - GR2's will be a new adventure for me as i haven't bar ends since i began mountain biking years ago. my skillz weren't so swift back then and i kept clipping my bars - the bar ends would grab those trees i was hitting and i went soaring plenty of times.

stay tuned - a few more ergon updates to come...

sologoat out

Toronto Cross weekend

November 10th – Toronto

Course – flattish course, with one steeper climb on the back section. Off chambers, one set of doubles and super slippery and tight s corner.

Weather – Rain the day before left the course a little damp, but it dried up by 3pm elite race. Approximately 40’ish starters.

Bike Setup – road the standard Moots with my superlight Reynolds wheelset, running around 30 pounds in the tires.

Other stuff – headed up with Shawn Adams and Jacob Fetty. Shawn choose the Dugast tubulars, Jacob went with the Challenge tubulars.

Starting Position – Are you kidding? 2nd to last row, as usual.

Gun went off, pace was hot off the gun. I didn’t have the best start, but I picked off a few riders and made it into a small group with Shawn Adams. We were working together, and was reeling in another rider.

As soon as we caught him, I dropped my chain in a rough section. Shawn dropped the guy we caught and I nearly caught up to him at one point, but I somewhat faded but was holding my spot. Finished 17th at the end of the day.

Shawn ended up 15th, I ended up 17th, but the cool news was that Jacob got some UCI points and ended up 9th on the day.

November 11th – Toronto, Day Two

Course – Very interesting one indeed. Flat and twisty on the first section. Some cool off chamber stuff at high speed going into double barriers next to the beer tent then into a corkscrew section designed to get you dizzy and give your heart a chance to come down a few beats.

Out of that into some flat fast section dodging trees into a slippy s section and into the first little uphill climb that had a little s section that dropped down into the next section.

That brought you into the pit area, and what was in front of you was a small ski slope that you shot straight up. A few corners then straight up to the top, then down a little into two super slippery right handers and then straight up again. This was going to hurt.

Across the top, down the other slope in a slippy slow s turn. Got to the bottom, straight and fast into some more slow 180 degree turns, onto the road and into a wide turn going left into the finish straight which was long and straight.

Bike setup – Same as the day before. Needed those 1200 gram tubulars to get me to the top of the climb with as little weight as possible.

Start position – Dah. Next to last row, AGAIN.

Gun goes off, somebody from the fourth row crashes out somebody in the second row at the gun. Since this could only happened if you jumped the gun and your starting position, and this is an elite race, the rider was handed a fine upon completion of the race.

I have a decent start, I’m in the first half going into the first corner when Jacob rolls a tubular. He’s out on the first lap.

Groups start immediately forming, and at the second climb that shoots straight up, the field shatters and I’m caught in no mans land. There is a small group in front of me going into the final straight and I peg it to get into that group.

We catch up to Shawn and go one more lap, and I throw down a small attack up the steep second climb. I would throw attacks every time up this climb as the smallest gear I had was a 42x25 – if I went slow, I was sliding the rear wheel. If I went hard, I got traction and my momentum would carry me up the climb.

I break from this group and make it into a group with Johnathan Card. We’re working together and soon we catch up to another rider right before the steep uphill climb. He looks beat, and I think my attack is going to shed him but he sticks it out. He says we can catch the next rider.

I continue to throw down, holding my lead in the group until we catch the next rider up just before the first climb. I attack again on the second climb and we gap him, but he catches on right before the final straight. I wait 2 seconds and I throw down again and drop him in the finish straight. We’re now 3 riders.

We ride a few more laps, I attack up the second climb, but Johnathon has the right tire setup for the day and keeps catching me on the downhill s on the 3 slope.

3 laps to go and I throw down again up the climb and I gap everybody, but Jonathon catches up to me again. I told him lets work, I only want the UCI points. We gap the third rider.

On the last lap, on the first little climb, I drop my chain and Johnathan gaps me. The rider we dropped catches me, but I drop him almost immediately as we hit the second climb. I’m getting closer to Johnathan, but he has the gap on me on the last downhill s turn and I decide to stay smart and upright as I thought I was going home with some UCI points…

But that was not to be – 12th on the day, UCI points only to the top 10. 1 minute down on 10th place.

Oh Canada… See you next year..

Sologoat out

day 1 results

day 2 results


going 2 toronto

going 2 toronto
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chasing some UCI points with my fellow cross freak shawn adams and a buddy of his.

two races, two days - "hey, it's a cross race, so we need a beer tent in the middle of the venue" will be in store as the pain and brews will be flowing at this event.

nothing will beat the memory of my last few laps at cross vegas as i was handed a few cans of pabst. ah.... carbo loading during a race.

sologoat out


Northwave and CrankBrothers - on and under by feet in 2008

continuing sponsorship into the 2008 season will be NORTHWAVE once again setting me up in style. i've run northwave shoes for the past 7 years - picking up my first set only weeks before my very first solo race at big bear in west virginia.

new model will arrive at my door before the year end, first race for '08 will be... ah, i'll let you guys start guessing now..

crankbrothers are a new addition for 2008, although i've been running them ever since their first generation pedal came out years ago and was available in only one model.

i've run the chro-mo's, the sl's, the stainless - pretty much every eggbeater type model out there and have even rebuilt about a half dozen sets.

i have also been using their multi-19 tool (lifetime warranty!) and their super small power pump since their first generations as well.

with all this pedal and shoe talk going on, i'll leave you with some great advice from my father - this comment is usually shared at least twice during a 24 event weekend:

"all you got to do is pedal your bike. we have to all the hard stuff..."

sologoat out

Tifosi Optics renews with ernesto for 2008

back in 2008 will be TIFOSI OPTICS with their continued support providing me some nice new shades like the new VENTOUX's.

2008 will mark the 4th year i've been running TIFOSI's - i started out with their QUAM model and now i typically run any of their models that have interchangeable lenses.

now if i can only get another pink set of GAVIA's as my wife seems to have "borrowed" them.

solgoat out

Princeton Tec continues on with ernesto for 2008

2008 is just around the corner, and here to announce my continued support by princeton tec is the new updated APEX binging in some more lumens to my life. haven't had a chance to check out what looks to be possibly a new battery setup, but stay tuned and i'll bug justin to get me the specs.

2008 holds a few secrets from princeton tec - no details other then brighter, lighter and more lumens. all good things happen in 3's.

sologoat out


say hello

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to the new sologoat digital cameras first pic...

got the kodak v1233 - 12meg pics and i can use the same chargers, doc station as i did for my other camera.

sponsor news coming up!

sologoat out

Princeton Tec thursday night rides in Philly

you: a mountain biker

you want to: check out princeton tec lights

you live in: Philly

then you need to: check out the princeton tec night rides starting this week.

tell them sologoat sent you and receive a free 100 dollar bill good towards your first round of after ride drinks and a light set... just joking....

show up and check out the switchback series of lights.

sologoat out

stick a needle in my eye

TEAM SPIN is putting on a cross race this weekend in ohio.

a prime on the first lap and the payout for the Men: 1)$200 + GC, 2)$150, 3)$100, 4)$80, 5)$70, 6)$60, 7)$50, 8)$40, 9)$30, 10)$20

and for the ladies: 1)$100 + GC, 2)$75, 3)$50, 4)$30, 5)$20

i'll be chasing UCI points this weekend, heading out friday. so, with that in mind, i propose a change of date for this race until next monday.

sologoat out


Hammer Nutrition 24 Adrenaline Worlds write up

2007 World 24 Hours of Adrenaline™ Championships
Steve Born

This year’s mountain bike race took place at Laguna Seca, California over the Sept 1-2 weekend, and Hammer Nutrition clients/athletes made their mark, led by Rebecca Rusch’s championship win in the Female Elite division. Three other Hammer athletes garnered Top Ten finishes in the Female Elite race: Sally Marchand Collins (3rd place), Monilee Atkinson (4th place), and Bernice Pierson (6th place).

Other Hammer-fueled female athletes put in outstanding performances, including age group wins by Timari Pruis, Heather Moothart, Patty Jo Struve, and Wendy Skean.

The Hammer-fueled men didn’t do too shabby either, with three Top Ten finishes in the Male Elite division: Ernesto Marenchin (4th place), Mark Hendershot (5th place), and Steve Schwarz (7th place). Other outstanding performances included William McFadden’s 3rd place in the Male 40-44 division, Chuck Wheeler’s 2nd place and Dennis Smaggus’s 3rd place finishes in the Male 45-49 division, Randy Profeta’s 3rd place finish in the Male 50-54 division, and Bob Waggoner’s 4th place finish in the 55+ division.

The course was obviously quite difficult as, according to Rusch (via her website), the race “boasted around 2400 ft of climbing per 14 mile lap. I didn’t really believe that there could be that much uphill crammed into 14 miles, but from the way my legs feel today, I am a believer. The course had a bit of everything including super high-speed downhills, twisty single track, sand pits, stairs, and of course, LOTS of uphills. My bike odometer clocked speeds as fast as 41 mph on a downhill and as slow as 3 mph on some of the uphills. The only bit of flat trail was coming through the transition pits.”

Congratulations to all these great Hammer Nutrition clients/athletes on their outstanding performances!

Female Elite
1st place - Rebecca Rusch
3rd place - Sally Marchand Collins
4th place - Monilee Atkinson
6th place - Bernice Pierson
12th place - Louise Kobin

Female - 30 to 34
1st place - Timari Pruis

Female - 40 to 44
1st place - Heather Moothart

Female - 50 to 54
1st place - Patty Jo Struve

Female - 55+
1st place - Wendy Skean

Male Elite
4th place - Ernesto Marenchin
5th place - Mark Hendershot
7th place - Steve Schwarz
13th place - Greg Martin
16th place - Brian Sevall
17th place - Karl Etzel
21st place - Anthony Ippolito

Male - 35 to 39
8th place - Nick Thelen

Male - 40 to 44
3rd place - William McFadden
6th place - Damon Mann

Male - 45 to 49
2nd place - Chuck Wheeler
3rd place - Dennis Smaggus

Male - 50 to 54
3rd place - Randy Profeta

Male - 55+
4th place - Bob Waggoner
23rd place - David Ambrose
28th place - Jordie McTavish
31st place - Michael Castaldo

2008 Asylum Cycles

first up in sponsor news is continued support with asylum cycles and speedgoat.com for the upcoming 2008 season.

there is going to be some exciting stuff happening next year, with the good news that new front ends for my frames have arrived. sweetness.

updates on the kit - new layout, new color, new clothing company. since i am firm believer in jinxing, no details until it's all done.

just expect a new color - and the frames to match.

let the guessing begin.

sologoat out


11.03.07 - ann arbor MI cross - 01

non-UCI weekend for shawn and i as we headed up for one day of the double cross weekend just outside of ann arbor.

legs are coming around and now i can start to feel the twinges of speed come back into my legs - hopes are to be be flying in the next week or so and peak out for ohio state championships and nationals.

course was hilly for the area with lots of twist and turns, two double barriers - one of which that had a monster of a run up which doomed me early on and later in the race.

pace went out hot as usual, on the run up on the first two laps i got popped from the main group that was forming. i chased back hard both times, but it put me in the major hurt zone and i realized i couldn't keep doing this or i would fry myself.

third time i got popped, i decided to race my own race. when i looked around after i got popped from the group, i was in no man's land. in between the main group and everybody else, i was forced to power through the wind and try to make up time in the corners.

it worked - i got up to two other riders with 4 laps to go and enjoyed a brief break from the wind until they made me work.

or should i say, until they worked me over.

on the last lap, i knew it would come down to the last tight corners if we were still together, but i didn't expect an attack from further out on the last run up.

one rider attacked, the other sat there and did nothing.

i said the hell with it, better to try for 5th and get 7th then not try at all.

i put my head down, powered the last mile or so and got right up on the attacking riders wheel right when we hit the last corner. with nothing left, i tried to sprint but still had the other rider with me.

it was the perfect setup to school a rider in a three man group - 7th place on the day.

not the best result, but my power is right where i need it.

today, i'm skipping the local race as i get the yard ready for the winter and the bikes ready for next week's double UCI weekend.

now it's time to obsess about tire selection, wheels and tire pressure.

(note - yesterday's setup: Reynolds Solitude's with Maxxis Raze, running about 30psi in the front, 34 in the rear. this is the same setup i've been running all year so far)

sologoat out


4 sale update - bike specs/info

first up is the medium vicious custom painted with speedgoat heads. this bike was a personal ride of speedgoat shop owner chris, then was handed down to me as it was a little small for him.

this is technically a 29er frame, but handles more like a cross bike and was built up as such - this bike was actually ridden at trans iowa 1.

has it's fair share of cable rub, nicks, etc - but the overall paint job is very impressive.

built up with campy c-record 9 speed carbon levers, king headset and king 36 spoked hubs with traditional 135 rear spacing.


next up is a soma in a medium - it came from the original first run of the soma juice and as such, does not have any type of canti/v-brake mounts. disc only on this sweety.

i have had the frame little less then one year and it's in great condition. no dings, scratches or cable rub as i have protective tape all over it.

king headset, sram 9 speed twisty's, ird rigid fork.

indy fab standard 54cm cross frame with no water bottle mounts and 135 rear spacing and track dropouts in the rear. used to race this bike, but not any more.

spookys' are new, wheels were just rebuilt by george at speedgoat up to some old skool blue open pro's to a set of sweet pauls hubs. crank is old skool kooka with a race face bb and kooka ring. i have the other original rings, never used.

king headset and IF fork - 1 inch.

and, the bars - these babbies are the ORIGINAL WTB drop bars, not the new ones. these bad boys could of fetched well over $100 a little over a year ago on ebay.


this is a medium 26 inch moots ybb 2001 10th aniversery model running v-brakes with NO DISC TABS.

brakes are avid magneseums, sram 9 speed drive train.

wheels are hella sweet/light genuine george running kings laced to dt double butted spokes, alloy nips and bontrager ceramic asymetrical rims. these were as light as you could get at the time and have less then 1 year use.

king heaset, irc tires, thompson post/stem, sid with lockout and nokon cables.

that's it.. post a reply if you want more info.

sologoat out.