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the Michaux Mash 4 hour in my home state of beautiful PA.

field is huge and stacked, lap is short at 6 miles and going to be hectic.

temps are going to be at a high of 42.

at 4 hours, i think there should of been a "1" or "2" in front of the "4", but that's just me.

either way, looking forward to racing in my home state and bumping elbows with some friends.

it's racing season - pedal hard.

sologoat out


anglers ridge

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ah, it's about time i get to this.

race went off great, got to the front immediately and things were going good. gerry was flying running a single gear and i was in a group with two others chasing.

laps were short, roughly 45 minutes'ish and we were flying on the wet in some spots but mostly tacky and fast all over everywhere else.

at the beginning of the 2nd lap, we immediately ran into a cluster of riders... i looked in bewilderment at what seemed like a 100 riders snaked all through the little valley in front of us as we got into the first section of single track.

battling for position was tough, heart rate was screaming but holding and somehow 2-3 laps later things were finally clearing out well.

the laps ticked by, the top 4 stuck together pretty close. one of the guys we were with snuck away, but we caught him back. and the temp's started going up.

going from cold temps up north to my first real hard ride in warm temp spelled doomsday for my asthma, but i pushed on and got within a stones throw of gerry with two to go.

then my asthma hit on the first section of single track right after the pits and then my front shifter decided not to go into the big ring. heart rate went way down and so did the power.

i managed to roll it in, got some over the counter meds in me along with a couple cups of luke warm strong coffee and rolled back out, but the time damage was done. would wind up 4th on the day, not bad all things considered, but disappointing in a sense because i knew i had good legs.

next up - 4 hour at michaux this weekend with the one geared destroyer gerry.

after that - trip to the doc as i am done with this asthma sh*t.

sologoat out


friday ride

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spin on my old haro master with redline cranks and peregrine 48 rims.

now time for some food and a cold brew...

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4th place at anglers ridge

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short version - 20 seconds away from catching lead rider with 2 laps to go, mechanical sets in along with a pretty bad asthma attack.

4th place when 1rst place was within a stones throw away.

longer version write up later in the week, for now i am happy that i have the front derailleur issue resolved - and also that the rear shifting is tons better with a new set of jagwire cables.

and - new pics up on flickr. Check It...

sologoat out.


anglers ridge pre-ride

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next race up, sorry for the lack of posts. as usual, been hammered at work and with bike work. love how the new SRAM install guides show a lot of pictures with not a lot of words. why do i need any details? ah, why sweat the details on how to put on a uber-expensive parts.

i digress..

anyhoo, after getting through some bike work and the work week, i am down in virginia for the anglers ridge 6 hour (sunday) and also got into town early for the saturday mountain time trial.

pre-rode the course today, it's a twisty turny 8 mile'ish course on a sandy course with lot's of roots, turns, fast sections and short tough little climbs.

tomorrow's course for the time trial will be run on the same course, only shortened a tad - and will be limited to 75 riders. should be good times...

off to bed, check out flickr for a picture set...

sologoat out