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Ahhh.... Busy, busy, busy.

Update from the Ernesto casa is that I have been super busy with work, riding, bike and computer repair. Wish I could sleep some more.

Up first on the plate this year will be a trip out west to warmer temps to the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo where I will be teaming up again with fellow Pivot backed rider Brian Bennet and racing duo.

Course is off the path from town a bit where on course you will have to dodge slow moving free range cows, faster moving (and sometimes unpredictable) riders, and the non-moving cacti which hurt like hell if you have an encounter with them.

Overall terrain is mostly single track'ish with a few spots to pass - but be careful as the single track pass areas are short in length and painful if you screw up.

Throw in the bitches section which is a wide open jeep trail road with a 3 or 4 little rises that seem to really hurt after about 8 hours of riding them. And through in a typical headwind on that section and hence the name.

Fast rolling section after that, another short jeep road section, more fast single track past the tree where riders like to have free and open to the public stash of hard liquor.

Over the road, single/double track section moderate climb where you can pass a lot of riders if you got good legs.

Then, down towards the venue. Fast twisty turns and that big rock section right before the start/finish where everybody likes to take pictures and see if you fall.

Overall, great early season rolling course with no big sustained pain efforts, very minimal rocks and nothing sketchy -- which makes it great for this time of the year for the geared riders and would also be a great one to ride either full rigid or single speed style.

With that coming up and with 20 degree temps, time for a long roller session to ensue.

Ernesto out