2 saturdays, 2 derailleurs

2 saturdays, 2 derailleurs
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somehow managed to snap 2 vintage sram 9.0sl rear derailleurs in the past week or so. nice. managed to to convert the niner to a hard tail to finish out the last hour and a half, making it the first unoffical single speed ride i've been on in about a year or so.

this week - back to normal life for me as i got my bonus for the quarter (racing fundage!) which is good as i need to ramp up the hours next week. i've been doing some double workouts since january, but now i need to get in some pretty hefty doubles to ramp up for the season.

also with the end of the quarter for me means that i can start concentrating on the pivot build ups which will start once i get my forks from the boyz over at FOX SHOX which will continue to sponsor me through the 2009 season.

no race for me today down at mohican - wanted to race, but i think i need an overall mental break, some extra hours on the bike, work on the bikes and a few extra hot cups of 'joe.

sologoat out


weekend wrap up

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not mucho exciting - mostly on the bike paths this weekend as i try to avoid the main roads to stay away from cars and the jerks that are in them.

staying on the path doesn't seem to help avoid the jerks though.

mileage and fitness are on the way up and i think i may even venture out to a cross country race in the glorious state of O-hi-O this weekend. not the norm for me, but will be good to get out on the trails.

with that - gotta roll.

sologoat out


cane creek

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thanks to eric over at cane creek for setting up my red pivots with a set of the blue cane creek 110 headsets which should match up perfect with the blue and red from the I9 wheelsets.

build ups coming soon - in the meantime, counting down the days until the end of the month as i work towards some race fundage (quarterly bonus).

58 degrees in ohio tomorrow - it's going to be a heat wave.

sologoat out


working the 9 to 5

sunday pain train, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

or should i say the 7 to 6? not mucho time to post lately as i have had the focus of a lazer these past two weeks as i get closer and closer to getting a bonus for work this quarter.

bonus = race fundage

couple of updates coming soon, but i gots to run.

and, if you are ordering up any bike goodies from the guys over at speedgoat, give a shout out to jim as he has been busting his ass organizing all my stuff this year.

i can do the pedaling, but without jim, speedgoat, sponosors and my family, it would be impossible.

thanks mucho to all of them -

sologoat out


lazy saturday

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not really - bunch of house stuff to do and a ride to sneak in after it warms up a little bit.

getting stuff organized for the rest of the season, but other then that, not mucho going on other then it was a rather odd friday 13th as i tried to start my car with my wifes keys and then i wrapped up my ride seeing one of my neighbors lauch some little ballons made out of candles and grocery bag down the street and into the sky. things went way up in the sky before they burned up. very odd and very surreal.

kits are in progress with the same basic layout, bikes will be all setup with xtr, i9's, running conti's.

and i just want to give a little shout out to dan the man who had a birthday earlier this week.

random thoughts on a random day

sologoat out


spa city 2009 - 3rd place

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quick write up - fuzzy, chris, me and a local pretty much broke away from the main group within two laps.

by the end of the second lap, john was in the lead and chris was hot on his heels.

i was with a local, down on them by a few minutes. soon, the local would come around me (and eventually finish 2nd).

chris would flat 2 or 3 times, putting me up to 3rd. not 100% thinking, i backed off on what was my next to last lap -- thinking it was my last lap.

2nd place rider stopped with about 50 minutes to go when i was 5 minutes down on him - had to turn a 45 minute lap when i was turning around a 50 minute lap riding conservatively.

i made my best effort on that last lap - about 2 to 3 minutes from the finish, time elapsed... so i backed off and rolled it in - about 5 minutes too late from being counted.

as always - gotta pedal every minute of the race and ride that last lap when the little devil on your shoulder is telling you to stop.

it's all part of the game. great race, great course.

now, after a 14 hour drive -- back to the 40 hour work week.

starting.... NOW.

sologoat out


spa city

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ah - where you can see bill clinton, the 6 hour spa city race and you can enjoy strip kereoke all in the same city. amazing.

race course is twisty turny, flows good and full of small little gradual power climbs. overall great course - hats off to the organizer who actually had trail crews blow off the pine needles with leaf blowers.

fuzzy john is in town riding a geared one by nine and rebecca and danielle are also here to represent. should be a nice day, possible late day showers tomorrow.

rain (if it does come) at 70 degrees is much better then 25 and snow.

approx 30 pics up at flickr - check 'em out.

gotta run - double race write up for florida and spa city coming monday.

sologoat out


does this rim come in tubeless?

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the NAHBS is going on right now and some shots are now streaming in... i swear more cool stuff comes out of this show then vegas and it seems like every year the innovations coming from the dude making bikes in his garage is way better then anything mass produced.

florida write up coming - soon. work and riding are sucking up mucho time at the present - i'm just happy there is no snow in ohio.

at this for this weekend.

sologoat out