07.30.06 - NORBA 24 race update

5th place. tough day that was called short due to tornado warnings. rain/thunder hit around 6am'ish and was a complete downpour, crazy ass winds and lighting.

got to the safety of a water station only to find 60 of my 24 hour friends underneath. we hudled together for warmth, like a bunch of penguins.

JEFF KERKOVE has a more in depth write up - check out the link.

race was a tough one, the heat and humidity and the begining hit me pretty hard. had dehydration head aches pretty early in the day and then decided the night would be my time to make up time.

night came, i was feeling a lot better and i was making up time. i was feeling a lot better then i was durning the day - but i think it was the same for the others as well.

one clothing change brough sloane past me, then i caught him by the end of the lap. little did i know that the check out time on that lap would be the last one that counted.

went out around 5:30'ish and it looked like hell. i could see huge storms and the lighting lite the sky, but we were not getting rain, it was windy as hell and i couldn't hear no thunder.

15 minutes later, all hell broke loose. it was raining so hard i could only see 10 feet in front of me and i went as hard as i could because i feared getting hypotherrmia.

by the time i made it to the second check point, i was relieved. but not really. eddie was there, and eventually, nat, sloane and chris e all came in.

when they started the race back up, they said to go out in the order we came in. ya, right. we took off, i got to the front and eddie quickly passed me. he had a 9 minute gap on me at that time, so i let him go as i figured it was only fair.

that lap finished up, but i wanted to get back out. conditions on the trail were super crappy, sloppy, wet, slick. it was whistler 2005 all over again and i was loving it.

i passed eddie in the pits, and i made it to the end of the lap without him catching me. i had made it into the fourth spot.

then i find out the race orgaizers ended the race and that basically your lap out time at 5:30 was your finish time. not so great, because i felt like i was really coming on and that i race really well when the weather gets cruddy, but it was probably the most fairest thing they could of done at that point.

and hats off to eddie o who had a great race.

top 5 solo -
1. chris e
2. nat ross
3. mark hendershot
4. eddie o
5. ernesto

that's it - about to post some pics.

also, want to thank everybody who said hello or who cheered me on during this event. seemed like i had a lot of fans out there - thanks for the support.

sologoat out.

07.30.06 - pit crew update 3

this is an audio post - click to play


07.28.06 - last update before 24 hour nats

course still bone dry - possible chance of showers later tomorrow. with the trail as hard packed as it is, looks like the course could get slippy as hell if it gets wet.

hendershot is here, and it looks like both cameron and nat ross are here as the subauru gary fisher cars are both here. eddie o is here and jeff k is around, but i didn't see him at all.

trek and chris are all setup - didn't see him out today but you can't miss that huge trek monster trailer.

gripped films are out here doing a documentary on chris as he goes for his 7th win at worlds this year - both hendershot and i did an interview, nat and cameron were going to be interview later today. (these guys shot the "off road to athens" documentary). the film will be later released at sea otter.

that's it - the last update until after the race.

for my fellow racers this weekend - keep the rubber down and have a safe race.

sologoat out

07.28.06 - pics from nats

some of the single track - course is fast and smooth. twisty, turny, got to watch those corners.

more single track - there is not a single climb on the entire course.

when it's not single track, it's jeep trail.

some of the rocks - sections of rock are here and there, very short that you can get through in about minute or so.

overall, the course is fast with very little if no climbing. lap times are going to be fast, so watch out for some hour/sub hour lap times.

heat looks like it may be a factor, but it wasn't yesterday. was a little warm for those sitting around, but it was actually not too bad in the woods.

with that, gotta run - getting some breakfast, picking up dan the man and doing another lap.

sologoat out.


07.26.06 - pit crew update 1

this is an audio post - click to play

07.26.06 - ernesto audio update 1

this is an audio post - click to play

07.26.06 - packing for nationals

is what has been going down. lights charged, pit crew came (dad/drew/my sister) and picked up the majority of my stuff, and now i am getting last minute stuff ready like...

1. new batteries for heart rate monitors
seems my sigma heart rate monitors go through a ton of batteries - as soon as they get a little weak, they stop working. i'm thinking of switching out to polar as it has some options for wattage, which i don't know if the wattage numbers are accurate. anybody that can give me some feedback in this area? ideally, it would need to work with both my road and mountain bike.

2. loading up the ipod
getting some new tunes on the nano - considering riding with it during the night, but we'll see.

3. reading material for the flight
i am now on a mission to read "a scanner darkly" by philip k. dick before i see it in the theatres. if you haven't seen the trailer for it, check it out. very cool filming. and for you NPR freaks, you may want to see if there are any podcasts out there - they had 45 minutes of interviews yesterday regarding the film. incidentally, this same authors writing's can easily be seen to have an influence on films like total recall and the matrix series. and - blade runner is also another movie that was based on his book "do androids dream of electric sheep"... food for thought.

4. setting up audio updates for the pit crew:
now completed and tested. possible text updates as well.

random updates:

1. another ernesto interview
happening this friday. can't let the secret out of the bag yet, but stayed tuned for more details.

2. SRAM is in the 'goat house.
that is, speedgoat. chris at the shop has the new SRAM road stuff in and installed and once again, he has a blog entry with crazy detail.

read the entry at the speedgoat blog called LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP

that's it - gotta run. my offical "freaking out time" before a 24 hour race has now started and is in full effect, so please excuse my randomness of the upcoming week.

stay tuned...



07.24.06 - random pre NORBA 24 updates

ah, short ride to spin out the legs tonight. been working on some new pedal technique that i'll go into after i get back from nationals. wobblenaught came up with up it and i have been trying to incorporate it for the past couple of months. very interesting stuff - nat ross has been using it this year, along with the UCI ranked #1 woman.

thanks to celeste out at schwalbe for sending me some of their little alberts - been running these tires for the past two seasons with great results. very good hook up in all conditions. been generally running them around 40-42 pounds, around 35'ish when the conditions get wet. very good either out west in the sand or in the peanut butter mud out here in the east. awesome all around tire.

looking like moderate tempertures for this weeekend, but it looks like it is getting some rain out there.

new helmet for me (see the pic above silly). some super genius (myself) decided that black was a great helmet color as it would look good with my kit and hide the dirt. hmm.....

well, at some time during the first hours of the 24 hours of conyers when the 94 degree heat was beating down on my black helmet, i decided that maybe a lighter colored helmet may be better.

that's it - gots to make some calls and plan my departure for thursday.

sologoat out.


07.23.06 - 6 days to go

until 24 hour nationals. should be a "who's who" of solo 24 hour racing as there seems to be no conflicts with other races.

i'll be heading out to the big show on thursday morning where i'll meet up with 3/4's of my pit crew (dad, sister and brother in law) and then the next day, dan the man comes in.

speedgoat trip was a success on saturday - picked up the soma project bike that has been a work in process for months, and probably will be for another few weeks. too much stuff to do, and it's a winter bike...

extra light came in from lights in motion, schwalbe tires should come tomorrow, hammer gel nutrition stuff is in stock at my casa. all is good.

brother in law has the lap top with the super duper wireless dial up card and i'll hook him up with the login for the blog, so stayed tuned. i promised updates for other races, i'm hoping to get it for this one as it looks like they may not update their site that often for the national race...

and - if anybody knows how the solo race for killington went, please pass it on. was wondering how rob l did...

with that - gots to run....

sologoat out


07.21.06 - hammer gel product review

ah, product reviews. something i have not done a lot of this year, so it is time to play catch up.

first on the plate of reviews - hammer gel.

i have been using hammer gel products for over 4 years now, and it started on a quest to find something that didn't update my stomach during my enduro races. those first races were painful enough, and when i had to deal with digestive issues and not getting enought calories in me, it really made those first races difficult.

i picked up hammer gel last year as a sponsor - not only did they solve my issue of having stomach issues with fuel intake, but they also came to the rescue in providing supplements as well. i saved time not shopping around, as well as money with the shipping.

one of the first changes i made to my supplements this year was with premium insurance caps.

i have been taking multi-vitamins on and off for years, so this seemed like a logical choice. it's a good choice so far, and i have always liked the fact that their products are high quality and doesn't cause conflicts with any of their other products.

and the other addition to my intake has been with race day boost, which is very similar to their race caps supreme, only in powder form.

the powder is a cheaper alternative to the caps (which i use during races and longer training rides) or in addition to the caps, as i have been doing this year. if you haven't used any of the hammer lactic acid buffer products, the caps and the powder is the products to use. who wouldn't like these benefits?

- Prolong endurance
- Increase performance time at anaerobic threshold
- Provide unsurpassed lactic acid buffering

only suggestion on the powder is to make sure the cup you are pouring it into is dry or else the powder may clump on the bottom. and also, i would suggest putting the powder into the cup first, then mixing the powder as you pour your OJ (or whatever else) into the mix.

drink up.

and - two other suggestions on hammer products.

read it. read it again. then read it a third time. why? a lot of the mistakes i made during my first eduro events probably could of been avoided as most of them were mentioned in the guide. if you do any type of enduro event, this would have to be a "must read" guide.

suggestion #2-
after reading the guide, you need to take into consideration that every body is different, and that people are going to react differently to fuel intake and supplements during race day.

test your intake well in advance - don't let your race be your testing ground for what fuel your stomach can take and what it can't. better to find it out during a test ride then at an event where it has cost you a lot of time, money and effort to get to.

with that said - hammer on you enduro freak.

sologoat out.


07.17.06 - post breck update

hey all actionphotographic has pics from the breck up. got some good shots - the pic above is at the top of the first climb. (for those searching, my # was 108).

on the topic of races this weekend, i see that the NORBA marathon national had somewhat of a lame-o course and mr travis brown won. too bad on the course. i really wish the format would somewhat change on the marathons to be at the 6 or 8 hour type of event as i think sometimes the events are too short.

with that, not mucho to update you all on, other than i making a trip out to the goat this weekend to work on the asylums and pick up the soma winter bike project that has been going on for months.

and - i gots some plans to start doing some product reviews, so look out for those. they'll be on the products i use everyday, most from sponsors, some not - so, stay tuned, yo.

sologoat out.


07.16.06 - a crash, 2 flats, and a upset tummy

hey all, update for ya.. don't have a complete list of the top ten, but i'll do my best...

friday's pre-race banquet was pretty good, but slowly turned to confusion as the race organizers tried to explain (in great detail) trails that most people in the room had no idea what he was talking about. at first, what seemed like a normal race suddenly had a lot of people in a panic about the route.

(i will note - that however scarce some of the markings were, they were pretty well done considering the length of the course. i didn't have any major issues with the markings, but you had to be paying attention at all times.)

gun went off at the 6am start, and it was a bit chilly. rough numbers for the 100 miler were about 100. most riders were wearing arm warmers but slowly the temps would creep up to what felt like the high 80's, low 90's.

first climb went up and up and up, and then up some more. the field slowly strung out and i found myself somewhere in the top 15'ish at the end of the first climb which took roughly 1 hour to climb the 12500 foot peak and included a snow crossing.

i started the decent down. it was slippy and filled with deep ruts and big rocks. i made my way down carefully, but not carefully enough. in one of the deep ruts, my rear wheel hit a rock and it threw me off my bike. my head immediately hit the ground knocking me very silly. silly enough i couldn't stand up for a second and had to sit down for a second or two - then i gathered up the yard sale of a crash as i picked up my bike here, my bottle there, and my glasses over here.

i continued on.

i made it down the rest of the way safely, got on the bike path section and started hauling down the trail. got into the next section of trail that had some single track and then...


dang. so i fixed it as fast as i could. 5 minutes lost.

cool. start pedaling. 20 feet later...


bad tube. another flat.

fix it. now 10 mintues lost.

i slowly make up the places i lost, and by the time i get back to the spot i was in before i flated, i finish off the first lap.

i go out for my second lap, and i am flying. i climb into the top ten as i pass at least 6 riders. the climbing on this section is very tough, and it seemed like most of it was well over 11000 feet.

then, i start to not feel well. i push on.

about 20 miles into the second lap, i stop - i was about to throw up and felt really light headed. the feeling passes, then i push on again. but i only make it about 15 feet before it comes back again. i go on, but i drink no more liquid/food until the aid station where i get some water in me.

i push on to finish my second lap, but i am not feeling good. my stomach is upset and i am feeling drained from the altitude. with nationals two weeks out, i did not want to put myself in a deep hole that i couldn't get out of before nationals.

i dnf'd - along with about 70 others in the solo class.

from what i heard from most of the east coasters, they all went through something similar to what i felt, sometimes with difficulty breathing.

winner was a local who won it last year (rides for giant), 2nd place was harlan, some local on a single speed was 3rd who was hella fast (updated as of 5pm - "some local guy on a single speed" true name is Tim G!), kip (sorry - don't know last name) was 4th, and i guess garth p was around 5th at the end of the 2nd lap, but ended up around 10th.

(results may be off - look to offical website for results)

that's it - will i be back next year? yep - and i think more time to acclimate is in order....

overall, the course was spectacular - the kind of course that out of the corner of your eye you could see this amazing scenery, but you dared not took your eye off the single track in front of you so you wouldn't go sliding down the hill a quarter mile.

with that, i depart, with visions of nationals in my head. time to rest up, work on the bikes and charge up some batteries.

sologoat out.


07.14.06 - update on the breck

just gots done ridding some of the breck course. looking like it is super dry and the first climb is a tough one. jeep trail with loose rocks. it's a pretty long climb, elevation goes up fast and soon you are passing up snow.

didn't go too far up, but from what i can tell, the course will be really dry.

also, the heat is shooting up - hit around 90 today, so hopefully the possible rain coming in will cool it down. tomorrow will have a chance of scattered showers, so that may cool it down additionally.

town is really cool, but expensive. overall, the scenery is beautiful and the riding (i am sure) will be epic tomorrow.

not sure when i can update again, stay tuned. hope to have updates up by late sunday.

with that, greetings from colorado. wish me big lungs tomorrow when i am 12500 feet.

sologoat out.


07.11.06 - getting ready for the breck

so, i have started the slow process of packing up for another trip out west. this time, out to colorado.

haven't been out there for years - last time was when i was living in boulder when i was right out of college. went out to live the biker lifestyle. riding was awesome and i was making ends meet with temp accounting jobs as i had very little work experience at the time and i didn't want anything permanent.

i was out there for roughly 6 months, then i got a job back home, so i had to leave. my first real accounting job was calling my name.

so, 8 years later, i now return. i left colorado a category 3 road racer and expert mountain biker, and return a cat 1 cross/cat 2 road and pro mountain biker.

funny how life works out sometimes.

with that, gots to pack up and get some riding in before my thursday departure.

sologoat out.


07.10.06 - update from the goat

well, my new webpage is very slowly being developed. super slowly, that is. since i have been super busy, haven't had a whole lot of time to devote to it.

you can check it out here

the blog will stay up as blogger has some nice features, but the above website will have some additional content like photos, additional write-ups, reviews, etc. if anybody has some thoughts as to what to include, i am open ears.

next race - breckenridge 100.

been years since i have been in colorado, so it should be a good trip. 3 loops, each about 30 miles'ish. tons of climbing and lots of green stuff to look at.

few weeks later, then off to 24 hour nationals. don't know how big the field will get, but it's going to be stacked.

with that, gotz to run. stay tuned for breck updates and photos.

sologoat out.


07.09.06 - back in ohio

and back to the joby job tomorrow.

sea food and rest did me some good as i will need it for the upcoming 24 hour nationals and next weeks adventure.

givin' a shout out to those up in NY who did the 6 Hours of Power - is one of my favorite local races to do, but due to the fact i would of have one helluva drive to get up there from where i was at, i bagged it. if anybody knows who the top three was, send it my way.

with that, gotta run. will be heading out thursday this week to the next race and all i will say for now about my next race is... head west young man..

sologoat out.


07.06.06 - testing the new asylum prototype

looks almost like a beach cruiser, eh?

a few more days or r and r, then back to the real world and off to the next race a few days after that.

with that in mind, and time a wastin', gotta run..

sologoat out


07.02.06 - flat

is what i rode today - lots of it at heat. it's a little odd riding down a road and you can see something and you think it is right up the road, but after riding for 45 minutes, you are still not there.

so, got the surly single speed with me - used to ride the single speed a ton years back during the cross season, but once i started doing decent at them, i wanted to try and win a few cross races so i switched to geared bikes.

speaking of which, the soma project is slowly gaining speed - but i can't decide to go geared or single speed. got a sneak peak at the new salsa 29er single speeds at the goat the other day and the got the bug to build it up with one gear. they got it built up with a standard wheelset and a super clean single speed kit. looks super sweet and clean.

well, gots to run - and catch some rays.

sologoat out.