saturday ride

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not mucho going on these days other then selling off old stuff and getting ready for the 2010 season.

christmas was good, always too short - but i've got a ton of vacation days saved up from skipping cross nats so i have the rest of the year off. nice.

bonus christmas gift from dad from his reserve days - a set of army mittens in official army olive drab. yet another piece of cold weather gear that makes me look like a total nut, but will keep me nice and toasty.

winter training room upgrades will soon be done too - a new 32 inch flat panel tv, kreitler head unit that i had for like 7 years and never used is now setup,new dvd's and a polk center speaker - hope it all drowns out the fact that it's cold outside and i'm spinning away inside.

hammer nutrition sent me some goodies too - will say all of their winter gear is killer. the winter vests and jackets work really well - been using them for years. and their new winter gloves are awesome too - with a thin liner, my hands never got cold today.

anyhoo, off to the never ending house stuff. up today, staining our new doors. it's odd - i look forward to a 4 hour ride in 32 degree temps but despise the half hour of house work like it's the worse thing in the world to do.

with that - sologoat out


winter tropy race #1

was cold and slick, but a good time - and my new gear setup was running awesome.

a few weeks back at the boughton farm monkey on my back cross race, i dropped my chain 3 times. that's 3 times too many.

off with the 42 salsa ring, salsa ring guard and chain watcher.

on with the pauls chain guide and a salsa 40tooth ring. (42 will be kept around for flatter courses - and when i am not pedaling through 2 inches of snow)

fields were small, but the course was fun and flowing - and saw me hit the deck twice. was the second race where i was running my velocity wheels with challenge fango tubulars. after the race i was pretty much convinced i'll be running tubulars all next years cross season as i could rail it through the slippy s turn at the end - the tires gripped super well (only 2 wheel slide it once) and the sidewalls don't give out like a conventional clincher. never could hit that corner with that much speed or i would of been on the deck otherwise.

duked it out with matt most of the race and took the win. great course layout where you had to concentrate the whole time or you would hit the deck.

next up - let the mileage begin. with most of my house work done, i got vacation days to burn and hours to get in.

and now, i even have a kitchen table and no scaffolding in my living room.

sologoat out


conyers 24 win jersey

and other stuff for sale over at ebay as i start to build the fundage for my 2010 race season.

ck it here: ernesto ebay stuff

mostly clothes on there now, but i do have a few cool items...

some 9x2 campagnolo record carbon levers. super light, great condition - would look awesome on any cross rig out there.

and - a little piece of sologoat history. jersey that i won at 24 hours at conyers years back - actually would of been the year that 24 solo was shot at the same race venue.

happy bidding - other stuff up for sale next week, possibly going to put my 2008 salsa mamasita up for sale. any interest, message me.

sologoat out.


not mucho

BACX #9 - Boughton Farm 273
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going on these past few weeks, the winter trophy series is starting up as i start the 2010 season training, planning, etc.

lots of new sponsors to the mix which as it turns out, has me running pretty much the stock Pivot 429 XTR build up, minus a few parts here and there.

house work is looking like it is coming to an end, which is good. odd as it sounds, racing and work soaks up so much of my time that i have never had the room in my house or time to actually ever have a kitchen table. will be an odd site at my house to finally have a table.

and, i got a ton of parts to sell off to fund my 2010 racing and bike builds. check 'em out!

2009 cross nationals - sorry i couldn't be there. see you in 2010.

sologoat out


boughton farm

last race in the cleveland series, at the start was around 30 degrees.

sun came out, and so did the mud - 8 derailleurs saw their last day in the B race which lead to a slight re-route for our race.

gun went off, matt took off and eventually took the win along with the number one spot in the series. hats off to him - he skooled us all big time this year - today he finished 2 1/2 minutes up on second.

i had a good start, but dropped my chain. so i had to chase.

caught back up to shawn and gerry, dropped it a second time on the second lap.

from there, it was chain tension management - i had to keep constant pressure on the chain or else i felt like it was going to keep popping off.

game plan worked - it stayed on and i tried to reel back in gerry and shawn. got to within 10 seconds, but shawn's attack in the closing laps pushed their gap out just as i...

dropped my chain a 3rd time.

would eventually come in 6th on the day, 4th overall in the series. damn you boughton farm - i am destined to have a good race there, guess it will have to wait until next year.

sologoat out


one to go

09 kent kross 02
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in the cleveland cross series, last race coming up this weekend and i got a secret weapon. will not confirm this secret weapon until the battle at the farm is over.

right now, sitting in 4th.

winter trophy series is up next for me after that, but i pretty much start 2010 training the day after the farm race.

2009 is just about wrapping up for me, but i would like to give thanks to all the sponsors who helped me get through the year - and for those sticking around into 2010. (more on that later)

in the meantime, mucho stuff in the sologoat garage for sale - check it out, got a little of everything including some cross stuff and a few bikes. if you don't see it, fire me off an email because i probably have two of them.

that's it - gotta roll. vacation days to schedule and miles to ride.

sologoat out


kirtland park cross

one more down, one to go in the cleveland cross series.

the typical twisty and fast course with a long stair run up soon split the field after dan took what appeared to be a horrific crash in the opening moments of the race.

field soon split up and as i caught onto the main chasing pack, matt weeks was already in full flight.

a few spots of shuffling around soon found me with gerry duking it out for 3rd spot only about 10 seconds or less behind paul for most of the race.

as the laps came down, up went our pace as somehow dan made up a lot of ground (since laying on the ground) and was no coming up fast.

up the last run up, gerry got a gap but i closed it back down in the last corner but gerry's quick legs got the best of me. matt won, mr martin in 2nd, gerry 3rd and then i rolled in 4th.

after - i got wobblenaughted my wobblenaught guru jim b. stay tuned. his cross fit is now honed and is guaranteed to get me 15 more watts which i'll need at boughton farm.

sologoat out


11/15/09 - Infermary Mound cross

another day, another race.

cap city infermary mound, stacked field on a fast course.

got a slow start as usual, and somebody stacked it on the hoppable barrier. my skillz got me over the barrier despite the pile up and i somehow came out in the top 10'ish.

a few laps later, i make the lead group only to loose ground after paul and matt take each other down in a slippy corner.

head down, i cracked the whip and bridged up solo style. just as i was about to catch back on, my heel catches my rear brake and the stradle cable comes undone from the brake. i'm forced to stop and fix it - and to loose the gap i fought to get back.

i'm now back with paul and matt - and paul rides through and eventually takes 4th. matt rolls in just a few seconds behind him and i'm literally about 5-10 feet behind him.

great course, super fast and fun - the type where it seemed like you were going to rip your tires right off. and another day where less then 45 seconds was the difference from 1rst to 6th. everything counts this year - make one mistake and that's it.

next up - columbus on saturday, cleveland on sunday.

sologoat out


kent state cross

ah - finally a cross race where when i am done, i don't have to wash my bikes and stuff for 2 hours.

kent state cross, new venue to the cleveland series had lots of twists and turns, gravel and two steep wood sections, one you could ride, the other most times not. it was a technical riders course - you had to be on your toes.

pace went off fast at the gun and matt weeks lite it up only to hit the deck real hard in the first section of gravel.

on the 2nd lap, things split up real quick - dan, steve-o, me, gerry and shawn pulled a gap and it started to grow.

steve-o got a gap, then i jumped gerry and shawn - and almost pulled the gap back to steve-o but i almost blew up doing it. shawn and gerry pulled me back and we rode together.

on the last lap, i had one chance on the step section before the spiral section where i was going to launch my last ditch effort to put a gap on my two race buddies. i ramped it up from behind them, only to have shawn move over on me slightly where i needed to lock it up.

with no other real section to get around them, i rolled in 4th - steve-o won, gerry 2nd and shawn 3rd.

and - my new FOCUS cross bike made her first ride a memorial one - during a race. first time for that one for me.

that's it - time to rest up for tomorrow's cross fun in columbus.

sologoat out

last weeks cross race write ups - finally

solon cross day 1 - clockwise

once again, another stacked cleveland field for the solon cross race. got there early to check out conditions and it was expected - muddy.

field busted open immediately and saw me and paul martin in a two man break. paul sat on my wheel as i tried to gap in the techy sections. i'd pull a gap on him and then he would reel me back in on the the flatter open power sections.

fearing the 3rd place rider would catch up, i continued to pull convinced i'd pull a gap on paul that he couldn't bring back.

on the last lap, he let me have it. i reeled him in close twice, but he got me by less the 3 seconds at the line. 2nd place on the day, good to get my cross legs back.

solon cross day 2 - counter clockwise

same course, but drier and clockwise.

got off the front with paul real quick after a near t-bone into derrick (sorry 'bout that) into the first section of single track. paul ended up on his back side nearing the end of the singletrack and never seemed to kind of recover from it - i nearly ran him right over.

soon, i was caught by shawn, gerry, mike and matt. matt and gerry powered away.

i was right behind shawn and mike, gerry and matt were not far ahead - and then they pulled away.

matt was having some rumored shifting issues and shawn pulled his trump card in the closing laps - a clean bike.

shawn went flying by gerry and then matt, then took the well deserved win. matt was 2nd, and then speedgoat got the last 3 podium spots. gerry in 3rd, mike in 4th and myself coming in 5th.

hats off to brett for a great course topped off by cold brews at the end of both races. nothing is better then feeling like heart is going to burst out of your chest while seeing double and covered in mud - only to get cleaned up to grab a cold brew.

cross season rocks.

sologoat out


sorry for lack of posts, house work & work are sucking up major time.

2nd place and a 5th last week.

kent race today, columbus tomorrow.

4 race write up hopefully monday. now - must race.

sologoat out


a tale of two races

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murrysville - last saturday

muddy as hell, but way better then the muddy as hell and rainy snow mixed in of last year.

small field and my slow enduro start ensured my last position going into the first turn. twas not what i was planning.

soon, i was making up ground. moab helped my technical and power, so my handling was helping me make up some ground.

soon, i caught a group with gerry in it and i went blowing right by them into third. this was about half way through.

3 minutes later on the backside of the course, i went down in a spectacular muddy crash that would give one of the riders i just passed a gap that he would hold. he finished 3rd.

now gerry and i were fighting it out for 4th.

a series of bobbles and good lines turned muddy bad and gerry had a gap with one to go. gerry makes a mess of one of the last turns and has to back track. i get close enough to gerry to almost nick him at the line.

mike took the win, gerry 4th and ernesto 5th. 3 speedgoat sponsored riders in the top 5.


i should of made like a racoon and hid from the daylight during this race.

stretched cables made my shifting bad (didn't figure this out until i got home) and had my chain/gears upshifting the entire time i was in the race.

gun went off, i had a decent start, but still was towards the back. as soon as i was catching up to the 2nd group, my chain dropped and i lost contact and about 20-30 seconds.

i catch back up, only to overshoot a corner and to have the howling wind blow the course tape into my bike - it then wrapped around both wheels, my crank and 3 times around my cassette.

at wits end and at least 2 minutes in last place, i pulled the plug. cross takes enough out of you as it is and i wasn't about to pull a miracle. better to save myself and my equipment for another day.

next up - double halloween cleveland cross weekend. no costume, but i hope to passing out treats of pain.

sologoat out


24 hours of moab - long write up

full long write up at the speedgoat blog HERE

and 300'ish pics taken race day by my brother and dad up on flickr. ck it HERE

sorry to my fellow cross freaks for not making it out to the local cross my heart cleveland cross series race this past saturday, but moab took just as much out of me mentally as it did physically. i'll be back in the game this coming weekend, hitting up 2 cross races in PA.

so, game plan is to start organizing 2010 sponsorship and bike builds and finish out the cross season and house projects by mid december. should give me a few weeks to catch my breathe before 2010 starts.

sologoat out


i am a little hazy

june - fractured tibia

5 days later - loosing my mind. sign up for net flicks.

2 weeks later - able to bend my knee

4 weeks later - rehab starts, lost 1 1/4 inch of muscle mass. start to question rest of the racing year.

4 weeks, 1 day - hell with it, train for moab. physical therapy trainers love me, so they give me extra sets.

moab - get the monkey off my back of a dnf a few years ago, defend top of usa cycyling's top 5. sure hope my leg holds up.

moab - 10 hours in. asthma kicks in full force. power and heart rate down, i am dropping places.

moab - 10 hours, 15 minutes. see a shooting star. i honestly believe it's a sign.

moab - about 11 hours. asthma meds, food, coffee and a coke. back to work. it's times like this that i thank my pit crew for giving me a kick in the ass.

moab - 18 hours. i catch 3rd, but i am cooked. eat and defend 4th.

moab - 1 lap to go. hungry and confused, i think a rider is 20 minutes back, only to find out later they are a lap down. i hammer out a 1:30 lap, regain a lap on josh (who wins) and secure 4th overall in the nats race, the non-nats solo race.. and somehow, though now unconfirmed, a 2nd place overall in the USA cycling endurance calendar.

can i take a break now?

sologoat out


thursday course pre-ride

another lap down on the famous moab course today. still not diggin' that whole section of hike a bike where you go down a stupid steep rock, hit the flat of about 5 feet, and then face another short hike a bike up the other side.

think that is the general type of stuff on the course that will break many a rider this weekend. course in general is not technical, but throw in sand that slows you down to a stop, the heat, the vast open areas... what it lacks in technical it triples in having to keep mentally sharp during the whole 24 hour game.

solo nationals field is starting to fill, evan plews and kelly magelky are the latest to add their names to the hat. it's going to punchout for sure.

now - time to rest up and relax while the pit crew take in the sites.

more pics up at flickr - check it out

sologoat out


Ernesto here, out on my way out for my last enduro race of the year, the 24 Hours of Moab which is also doubling up this year as 24 Hour Nationals.

Getting gear to a race is quite a challenge so much so that I actually chose to drive out with my gear and meet up with my pit crew later in the week.

On Sunday, got a chance to ride in Fort Collins Colorado. Weather was cold and raining at the Horsetooth trails, but the climbing and technical riding was great.

Monday AM, the weather was looking the same. It was time to head west, out to the famous trails in Fruita Colorado - the Kokopelli.


Trail system is comprised of loops based mostly off of the Mary Trail and totals up to roughly 35'ish miles.


Fruita also has another set of trails dubbed the 18 road trails - it boosts loops that total well over 100 miles of trails.


And ironically enough, I ran into a friend of friend of Peter from Misfits Cycles riding today - and 3 guys who knew me from the 24 Solo movie.

After today, out to Moab and to start my quest of getting a monkey off my back from a DNF here a few years ago.

Check out all 65 pics from my ride today on my Flickr Account


off to moab

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ok, out west and no pics.

ft. collins was cool, but overcast and wet - and it all started about the second i got on the bike.

fruita is much better - got a ride in yesterday and forgot my camera, so i am heading out today again with it in tow.

fruita wake up call at around 9am was at 40 degrees, but dry and sunny. after the AM ride, off to moab - and it looks like the field is getting a little deeper.

gotta run - coffe to drink, ride to get in and a drive to moab. pics up later today on flickr.

sologoat out


a picture says a 1000 words

packing for moab. heading west. nebraska, through toast mans territory (though not too long, don't like october snow) the into utah for the big dance.

big show down comes the weekend after next & pretty much everybody and there brother are going to be there. will for sure will be the toughest field 24 solo field i have seen in awhile. great way to end up the enduro season.

thanks out to all the sponsors of 2009 - couldn't do it without all your support.

and mucho thanks to all the gang out at the 'goat - think i have talked to them everyday this week. tend to slightly freak out around 24 hour race time.

and - 3 sponsors confirmed already for 2010.

that's it - better run. ipod's to synch up. looks like i'll be rocking out to dj tiesto during the night in moab.

to all my cross pain train friends in cleveland - sorry i'll miss my first clev cross race in about 5 years...

sologoat out


interbike pics up..

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ok, i am waaaaaaaaay behind on the blog updates, but i got my pics from interbike up.

ck it here.

new king cages, new moots road bike, new salsa bars and kits, trp disc brakes, and 100 other kewl things.

crossvegas was stupid fast. 45 minutes in, got lapped. not bad all things considered.

focus mares expert bike i road at vegas review up at the speedgoat blog, todays cross race uneventful for me today and ended up around 8th'ish or so with dead airplane legs and fatigue.

time to pack up and rest.

next stop - moab.

sologoat out


sswc - race day

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way too tired to post the full write up again - check out my last posts up on the speedgoat.blog.

now - time to rest up. tomorrow i meet up with the 'goat clan in vegas for some business called interbike.

sologoat out


single speeed worlds - thursday

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got into town yesterday for ssw - not racing, just to spectate, train and heckle.

pre-ride excitement included a flat tire (me) and a spectacular wheel smashing crash by fuzzy into another rider. luckily, nobody got hurt.

post ride activities had us at the meet and greet with ned, fuzzy, dj, decker and a few others - and then also a cool little bike show in town at a local pub that was way too overcrowded.

racing action will be nutty - supposed 1,000 single speed riders in town to race, most of them will be in some sort of nutty custome. some will actually race it.

about 30 pics up on my flickr site - ck it.

sologoat out


whiskeytown cross painfest

sunday was the first installment of cyclocross pain, the clev cross series race #1.

the course is somewhat flat with a few hills, typical twisty turnys and off chambers, a sand pit for fun, a small set of triple barriers at hella speed, three turns you really gotta think about and then into the short finish. it is a thinkers course as you got to be on it physically and mentally all the time.

i got there early, debating on tire selection but already having the setup on that i would run for the course. seemed like i'm always hitting stuff at speed so i went with about 32'ish in the front and about 38'ish in the back.

race started, i made the main pack but it slowly started fading away as matt from lake effect was putting in a hella solo attack from a group that included shawn, gerrry, mike, angry andy, and tony. i slipped back to no mans land.

the main group got the gap, but i held onto my pace trying not to think about the numbers game as i rode by myself. i could see some guys were sitting on and hoped that some would eventually peel off and i could leap frog across. i tried to make up ground on the techy stuff that i knew they couldn't be riding as fast as a solo rider on.

it paid off, just as they were backing off, i put out an all out effort across the paved section on the backside and made the bridge just as a few riders popped off. now it was down to five with two to go.

my plan was to make an attack through the triple barriers, but shawn jumped hard and i put down all i had to stay with the group, another effort by steve from pa put me in the hurt locker.

out of the barriers on the last lap, they gapped me. i would roll in 5th place - great day for putting in a long week.

sologoat out

sm100 - part 2

Photo credit ©Bob Popovich

once with aaron, we started picking up riders here and there. we were taking even pulls and sharing in the work.

we rolled through station 4, got new bottles and kept going. this was going to be the hella climb of 20 miles ahead of us.

up and up and up forever, we caught a few more guys and just kept going - nobody caught our wheel as we went by. i was just looking forward to station 5 where i had fresh bottles and another coca cola.

we rolled into station 5, got fueled up and pedaled on. the helpers at the area where somewhat dumbfounded that i didn't want to load up on pizza and all the other snacks, but that stuff makes my stomach turn at this point in a race.

the climb continues on and has several false peaks, enough to make you think the climb is never going to end. we crest the top and stop descending towards station 6, the last feed of the day until the end.

ripping down the backside of the climb, and just before station 6, i manage to both flat my rear tire and loose a bottle. i try in vain twice to pump it up, but it's loosing air badly - but not bad enough that i can't make it to station 6.

at station 6, the mechanic there helped me (along with about 4 or 5 kids yelling about the stuff coming out of my tires) convert to using a tube -- during this fiasco, i end up loosing 4 or 5 spots.

i catch a few of them back, one other catches me - i roll in 18th place, not bad for having come off an injury that had me sidelined for most of the season and watching too many netflicks.

should leave me with good fitness for my next enduro race.... stay tuned...

sologoat out


sm100 - part 1

ok, ok... i've been draggin' out this write up for several days now as i try to sort out cross bike work, my trip to duragngo/interbike, work and riding... just not enough time in the day to do all this stuff so i am going to post it in to parts.

the day before...
trip out with gerry and andy was a hoot, just a long drive of about 7'ish hours total for me. this would be my first real test of legs since my tibia fracture back in june. i've done these kind of hours before with this injury, but it was hard to tell how things would go with 7'ish hours of race pace and major climbing. my weight, power & endurance are on, but with my type of injury it could take major time to heal up and to feel good.

the first 50...
we rolled out at 6:30am with gerry throwing down on the very first climb. my knees were feeling tight (should of warmed up some) and i decided almost immediately i had to race my own pace. soon the leaders slipped away.

i got caught between a group of about 8 riders and a few stragglers behind me after the first climb and descent out onto the first paved road section. as we rolled by what would be drop #1, i got caught by Chris Strout and we rolled up together to the group ahead of us that included Steve Schwartz.

through some jeep trail and out, chris, steve and myself rolled onto checkpoint #2. chris and i grabbed a bottle, steve stopped to fill his hydration pack - we rolled on.

up another climb or two, i dropped chris and rolled on. hit the fast downhill section rolling good into checkpoint #3. grabbed my drop bag and a coke i had in it and then rolled out with andy applegate and matt ferari in tow. i gave them some of my coke sugar goodness and we rolled on.

we would hit a steep hike a bike and eventually i would drop them both by the end of the climb and when we circled back to ride by checkpoint #3, i could see two riders in the distance. time to hammer.

up the climb, i eventually catch up to the two riders - including Aaron Oakes. we all took pulls and on the next climb we dropped the other rider. aaron and i would now ride the next 40'ish miles together.


2009 season, take two

next up, the shenandoah 100 this coming sunday. hellishly long fire road climbs. dry, dusty, open roads that just go up and up. the kind of stuff i love and the kind of stuff that will test my comeback fitness.

will be making the journey with fellow speedgoat teammates gerry and andy, both of which are having good results in the NUE series this year.

gerry decided the sm100 is a bit too tough and has decided to race with some gears (he's got the NUE single speed series win wrapped up already) and andy should be wrapping up the series in the top 10. overall great season for speedgoat this year and cross hasn't hit yet.

project pink bike is up and raffel tixs are available now at the 'goat website. i've had several good karma things happen to me in the past few weeks so support a good cause and get a chance to win a hella cool bike.

coming up, trp carbon cross brake and lever review thanks to the guys at TRP. hands down, best cross brakes out there. doubt me and it may come to fisticuffs. or maybe just a minor scuffle.

and, off to single speed worlds at durango the week before interbike. will not be out there to race, but mainly to train, catch in some great sights and hang out with justin from princeton tec and dj and fuzzy from niner. i just need to figure out the best way to cheer/heckle them on. any way it turns out, it is going to be epic.

then, off to the full week of interbike. a little bit of fun work, hanging out and catching up with friends, an hour at full out 190 heart rate effort (and loving every second of it), then back home for another cross race on saturday afternoon.

i am so happy and thankful to be back in the game

sologoat out


project pink bike - not project runway

dan the man on the next speedgoat project pink bike.

sologoat out

195 heart rate

last tuesday was a first for me, the tuesday night RATL race up in cleveland - otherwise known as the world championships because it is well known that many a rider will kill themselves for a burrito prime. on a course that is flat (but with many a bump and a few turns) average speeds fly upwards toward 30mph - and with it being the last race of the year, it was going to hurt.

race started out fast and the pain train was rolling full tilt for the full 15 laps. at the beginning i thought i would throw down one of my solo stupid attacks but the speed was just too crazy and i thought it would be better to hang on with the group. this was confirmed as i glanced down at my heart rate monitor and saw 195 on more then one occasion.

with about 8 to go, i moved up to the front to keep out of the danger and to keep from having to chase back on in the corners. while going stupid fast, paul martin launched an even more stupid fast attack. at that point i decided i would go with all of paul or shawns attacks. from that point, paul attacked every lap until we had a 7 man break with about 3 to go.

a few more attacks, 2 are shed. we are all pulling hard and into the last corner, i laid down an early sprint attack from waaaaaaaaaaay out - had the gap of about 5 bike lengths until 200 meters to go. would fade back to 5th to collect a few $$ and some assurance of my fitness for the remainder of the season.

felt good getting back into the game. time to work on some bikes.

sologoat out


stop - hammer time

chris from niner smacking the crap out of a fork that fuzzy or dj has to ride next weekend. just joking.

and now for some randomness:

- in racing news i have decided to bail on the racing this week and give the leg a little bit of a break. in a mad rush to get back into fitness, i haven't taken a break in about 5 weeks.

- i will be heading out to durango the week before vegas to watch justin from princeton tec and a few other hundred people or so compete in the single speed world championships. i raced it years back and at the starting line some dude was smoking a cigarette and just downed a beer bong about 30 seconds before it started - and the night before a few guys got hurt as they were somehow involved in a fire jumping contest behind the bar where registration was at. i think alcohol was somehow involved in the injuries....

- on the cross schedule, gary dugovich has 2 planned this year along with another somewhat affiliated race in the area - and freddy fu will also have their race as well again and i am hoping like hell my fingers won't feel like falling off from the numbness.

- another cross bike added to the stable. this one carbon. stay tuned.

sologoat out


pivot mach 429 build up

complete build up of my pivot mach 429 up on the Speedgoat Blog. check it out.

rest week in store for me, racing coming up soon.

congrats out to gerry for taking another single speed win without having to eat people. check out his blog for the details of how to pedal for 100 miles with one gear and end up beating all but 4 of the geared guys in the field.

sologoat out


2009 cleveland cross series dates - UPDATED (again)

Cleveland cross series dates and races announced a few days back. See dates below, updates/directions to be posted later on the bike authority and lake effect cycling websites.

hats off to julie and the bike authority gang for developing the series - great to see the list of races expand out to 8 races all within an hour or so cleveland.

and - especially pumped up about the kent university races. should be pretty sweet to actually do a race in my neck of the woods, literally about a 5 minute car ride away.

dates are tentative - check back as the dates get closer.

now.... which carbon cross bike should i race this year.... hmmm...


1. Sept 13(Sun) Wendy Park, Cleveland Lake Effect Racing

2. Sept 26(Sat) Kent State University, Stark Campus Stark Velo

3. Oct 4(Sun) Leroy Township Cross Chagrin Valley Racing

4. Oct 17(Sat) Cross My Heart and Hope to Die, Willoughby Spin Bike Team

5. Oct 31(Sat) Chagrin Cross Weekend Solon Cycling Team

6. Nov 1(Sun) Chagrin Cross Weekend Solon Cycling Team

7. Nov 14(Sat) Kent State University, Kent Main Campus Cross Lake Effect Racing

8. Nov 22(Sun) Kirtland Park, Cleveland Lake Effect Racing

9. Dec 6 (Sun) Boughton Farm - Copley Lake Effect Racing (series finale bash!)

The Promoter will calculate the overall Series prizes using each racer’s highest points from 6 of the 9 Series Races. NOTE, HOWEVER, that you must race in 3 of the 4 Series Races (# 1, 7, 8 and 9) promoted by Team Lake Effect, and 6 of the 9 Series Races to be eligible for the overall prizes.

for full detail, check out the Team Lake Effect website - check it out HERE.


pivot demo weekend wrap up

back from the weekend pivot demo - everything went well, including the weather and we got a good turnout for saturday. even got to catch up with an old friend from back in my 'burgh days of racing the ACA wednesday night crits don mosites.

and - got a few tidbits of secrets of upcoming interbike stuff. very cool stuff. guess some of it could be predicted based on what's out there already, but either way - very cool.

also had some good talks with chris cocalis with pivot - very interesting guy with a lot of knowledge. and a former fellow accountant.

more pics up on my flickr account.

that's it - gotta roll. haven't been home in 3 days and i got to relax a little.

sologoat out


08/06/09 update - tired

been a hectic week at work and on the bike - finally starting to get in some good miles and efforts. still finding it odd to be in the gym in august. low key racing should start up next week as i make my first ever appearance up at the local road racing training circuit up at west lake.

the speedgoat pivot demo is this saturday - come out, ride a pivot, meet pivot owner chris cocalis and walk away with some free schwag. starts at 11 on saturday.

also - cross season just around the corner and plenty of parts to obsess about, including the new super kewl chain guide made by pauls. and belive me, it is as cool as you would think as any part ever made by pauls.

also - thanks goes out to lance at TRP Brakes - i'll be running the euro x carbon's this year along with the carbon cross levers.

it was interesting watching 2008 cross worlds last year and to see a comeback of the cross levers on some of the bikes. i can bunnyhop pretty good but never really felt all the confident with my hands on the brake hoods or on the drops - the trp levers will now let me adjust my speed and keep my hands in a position where i could attempt to hop over the barriers.

prepare to watch me hop with grace or take a tremendous header. should be fun either way.

with that - gotta roll. see you on the trails.

sologoat out


win some princeton tec lights

you can submit a photo of your princeton tec light setup and win some new product here.

check it out.

and - don't forget - pivot demo on saturday with pivot at speedgoat. special guest chris c from pivot will be on-site.

i'll be leading some of the group fun rides/intervals. get ready for linn runn uphill time trials, or just chill out on some of the sweetest single track PA has to offer.

sologoat out


07.24.09 update

well, it's been about a week and 4 days or so back on the bike and i'm starting to turn the pedals over better every day as i can finally put in a good amount of hours in on a daily basis.

physical therapy started up as well for me and is going great. feels kind of odd to be in a gym working on the legs during july, but after weeks of sitting around, i was really just looking forward to doing some type of workout. i think the physical therapy people get a kick out of watching me do leg workouts for 2 hours.

are you tired yet? ah... no. ok - do another 4 sets.

so, instead of writing about heading out to nine mile, i am writing about leg press workouts and getting some juice shot through my knee. good luck to all who are racing..

but things are getting better everyday and i expect to do some road races in about 10 days. and maybe drop that guy that was riding around my neighborhood on an moped again.

and - pivot demo day in speedgoat's backyard coming up on august 8th. i'll be heading out to help out and will be the lead on some rides - or we could head out for some 30 minute hill efforts up linn runn. whichever you prefer.

sologoat out


great post up...

over at molly cameron blog, "training versus talent" - check it HERE.

molly is one of the top US cross riders - raced in a two man group with him a few years ago at cross vegas as he was taking sips from a can of pabst. during the race.

three laps later, so was i.

sologoat out



back on the bike

full blog write up on the speedgoat blog. you can check it out HERE.

sologoat out



not too mucho going on these days, but offical rehab to compliment what i can do on my own starts up next week. in order to avoid jinxing myself, i prefer to not speak any more of when i can get back on the bike full time.

contemplating a full week training camp based out of the home and maybe a trip or two details are kind of open at the moment.

in the meantime, back to setting up the basement for the trainer - sucks to think i'll be riding stationary when it's 85 degrees out in ohio.

as the saying goes - whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

sologoat out


070209 update

070209 LEG
Originally uploaded by solo_goat

still not much going on these days, busy with work, reading and getting stuff ready for some intensive rehab back on the bike. i keep hoping that tomorrow i will wake up and this nightmare will be over.

everyday it's getting better - got a ton of movement in the knee compared to just a week ago.

with june and some of july being a wash of no racing, i'll save up some cash and spend a little more time out west this year and stay at interbike for the full 3 days of the expo. and crossvegas is a must this year.

latest hobby for me lately is looking for new techo toys - latest one is the roku player which lets me stream my videos from netflix straight to my tv from my wireless setup. pretty sweet so far.

next up will more then likely be the western digital wd tv. hook it up like a vcr, then plug in your external hard drive with the video you loaded up from euro cross videos and ride away. looks like a pretty cool device.

and - other hobby is checking out the 2009/2010 cross bikes. i've been a fan of redline bikes and they have come up with some new paint and build ups for their 2010 Pro and Team models which are now running SRAM. what is looking suuuper hot is the new 2009 Ridley X Night and X Fire. very nice completes, also running SRAM, and the with the X Night running4RZA brakes and Alex Tubeless wheels.

also got a few new additions to the sologoat garage - most noteably, my custom vicious mootivator painted in speedgoat colors is back up for sale. check it out.

that's it - gotta rip some old radiohead singles, drink a beer, and dream of the day i get to ride all day.

sologoat out



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not much has been going on the last week or so other then rest and getting ready to get back on the bike. ordered up a stationary trainer that will be first used for rehab and then for cross season as i normally just use rollers for my winter training.

last x-ray has the fracture healing up good, swelling is going down, i can move the knee quite comfortably now but feels a little funky if i try to walk on it. rehab will start within the next two weeks, though i've started some rehab on it without trying to put weight on the bone.

new kits are finally in. we came up with something a little different this year and i will be running two colored kits, same layout. the ergon green kit will stay and we added the speedgoat orange kit as well. should be pretty sweet. and - hoping to possibly get some of the green in skinsuits this year for cross season.

the past few weeks has been as much pain on me physically as well as mentally - very odd not to be on the bike every day. but, i am making some progress in the house projects as i hope someday to officially have a kitchen table.

sologoat out.


sitting still, going crazy

2009 Big Bear - 10
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2nd weekend in a row off the bike and i'm going stir crazy. trips and races cancelled, i'm getting a very rare opportunity to catch up with work, family, and life in general.

good news came this week in the shape of a clean MRI. bones heal, but busted up ligaments don't. at this point, i can bear weight on the hairline tibia fracture and bend to some extent as well. next good news is when i can get the hinged air cast which i am going to push for sometime this coming week. believe it or not, the cast i have now is actually causing more discomfort from cramps in my leg then the break. i used to think lactic acid hurt, but this is an new extreme level of pain.


so, if all goes well, maybe back on the bike trainer by the end of the month. we'll see - i'm not going to push anything as i need to focus my efforts.

thanks for all the well wishes - more updates as they come.

sologoat out


mid week update

2009 Big Bear - 05
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still no official 100% word from the doc until i get my MRI tomorrow AM, but the word from the doc is i got a hairline fracture in my left tibia. so small in fact that i can't even see it in my x-rays.

at this point, swelling is all gone and i can stand on it. racing endurance, i've come to learn with pain, but the mental pain of just not being able to walk across the room is starting to wear on me.

race schedule has changed and i'm waiting until next week to plan out the rest of the year. i am most bummed out not to be at the firecracker 50 and being able to hit up the post race ride and training with the toastman.

so, no breck - instead, a netflix subscription and a roku box to wirelessly stream it to my flat screen tv.

pass the brews

sologoat out