damn thy snow

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not much to report on these days other then how much snow is hitting ohio right now - it's enough to make one nuts.

roads should be clear though tomorrow, so off on the ice covered roads on the salsa it will be.

and, the search for a heart rate monitor continues - not really sure what to run at this point... you got the garmins (sweet GPS, don't know if i would have a use for it), polar (reliable, but tons of features i woudn't use and the higher end wattage option sucks), or it seems like everybody and his brother is using powertaps (pricey).

the powertap i had a picture of was from speedgoat, it's not mine - wishful thinking as the cost of that puppy is crazy...

gotta run - i think my new craft winter gear will get tested out this weekend, unfortunately.

sologoat out


cough cough

grr... this damn cough is enough to drive one nutty.

not mucho going on, but i have noticed fellow freak Cameron Chambers has got a blog running now.

he raced with nat and the GF boyz a few years back and has a national champion jersey too. nice.

I9's are on order - went with blue spokes and red hubs. sorry steve - i know you suggested the gold.

gotta run - work thing...

sologoat out


race bikes

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now picked up, just need to schedule a fit and they are pretty much race ready.

still feeling the effects of texas - came back with the flu and it has hit me pretty hard. today, i set an all time record for how much stuff that could be coughed up. not mucho fun.

with that in mind, i need to rest up.

sologoat out


we now have power

say hello to power - now available in a disc hub.

check it out on the Speedgoat Blog

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back in ohio

big bend park - texas
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after a long day of traveling - bikes and wheels got back A-OK after my cases took a beating last week.

shawn ended up getting really sick after the race and last night i think i started picking up a little bit of the flu. just in time for a rest week.

so, back to the real world it is tomorrow - but, the rest week should help me catch up with things and to pick up the asylums this weekend.

along with a lifetime supply of stan's sealant.

gotta run -
sologoat out


mas o menos - full update

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race started on saturday with chances of rain in the forcast - it tried to rain, but it never did.

start was hectic, 20mph+ down a dusty road - i make the first group, but the single track starts weeding out people immediately.

i ride my own pace, hoping to make up places on the big climb about 22 miles into the 22 mile loop. at the top of the climb, i am catching riders, and making up spots i lost in the flatter sections.

i bomb the downhill, take a bad line passing a rider in the 30k race and i end up flatting - the first time.

i pit, get an extra tube and C02 and go on my way, this time i am pushing it a litle more in the first half - and i start catching ridrers. i meet up with yuri before the climb, which was kind of odd as i caught up to him on the same sections on the first lap.

i rip up the climb, i am now one spot behind where i was when i flatted the first time. i can see a rider up ahead of me and i up my speed in hopes of making up at least one more spot.

i catch him right before the downhill. i stay behind him, and as we approached the section where i flatted the first time, i flatted again.

i fix it - no riders pass me.

i ride - about 1.5 miles away from the finish, i flat again. yuri and a few others get by me. not my day by a longshot.

other pics up on flick - sologoat out

mas o menos update - quick version

3 flats, extreme frustration and a 18th place finish. first flat at end of lap 1, two more within 5 minutes of each other about 3 miles from the finish on last lap. guess your not supposed to use tubes out here.

sager won, nat got 7th, shawn got 12th, i ended up around 18th.

very frustrating to say the least. gots to run, town is clearing out and i need to get a ride in.

sologoat out.


mas o menos update

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short update, shawn missed a flight, but still got here somehow. 300 miles south of el paso, we end up in a town that is dead silent at night. it's a sort of place things slow down and nothing really seems to matter - cheap therepy.

course is flowy, until that last climb. it's a monster.

pre-rode with a huge group, including nat. looking like the field and conditions are shaping up to be a fast race.

gots to run - check out more picks on flickr.

sologoat out


i hate winter in ohio...

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but will love the texas weather...

first up for the season - mas o menos.

good luck to my brothern' out at the pueblo and down in florida - rock out enduro freaks.

will post if i can, not sure of cell phone coverage and/or computer access..

sologoat out


counting the days to warmer weather

not much time to post these last few days as i am busy tearing down my new mootoX and shawns ride as we venture south for some riding and racing in warmer weather.

asylums are complete, one of them would of made the trip down but due bad timing in more then one way, they couldn't make the trip.

don't know how much i'll be able to post when i am out, so the content may be lacking the next week or so - so one more post tomorrow and then i'm out o' town for awhile.

gots to run -
sologoat out


loose lips sink ships

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long day of work - fun work and work work. ride wrapped up at 10pm last night after a long day up in erie pennsylvania. it was my first project working with SQL reporting services - it's a microsoft reporting software that i've been wanting to work with for awhile now.

first race of the season coming up in just about a week, needless to say it will be warmer there then in ohio - ohio is supposed to see temps in the single digits by sunday.

i'll be spending a few extra days on my trip, and it will offically be my very first training camp of sorts. i will be heading down with a few others... details to come..

for now, must ride - ohio has hit a heat wave - 36 degrees.

sologoat out


2008 asylums

08 asylum - 01
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are now nearing completion - less a few parts from the sponsors.

thanks to dan the man who has worked his magic once again - the bikes are looking pretty sharp, no doubt.

with the addtion of the I9's and the FOX fork, we have probably dropped a few more grams on last years build up. will the get the exact weights when i am out there to pick them up.

for now, gotta roll - need to do that work thing.

sologoat out


group ride

020308 group ride 2
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was on the agenda for today. don't get too many chances to hit up a group ride during the year. this was probably the first big group i've ridden with in a couple of years and it was a nice change to the solo 4+ hour rides i've been getting in.

fitness is finally catching up with me, so that's always a good motivator when the weather is still kind of cruddy - but, hell, any day is a good day when you don't have to use heater packs to get through a ride.

gotta roll - bike work to catch up on

sologoat out


central command

central command
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new computer and office setup is nearing completion - for awhile there, i never thought i was going to get done with it. i'll have some nice pics up when i get it all wrapped up - utlizes two antrho desks, hooks up all my external drives, printers and two laptops all togther.

and the tv tuner card on the new PC just adds to the fun.

anyhoo, between training and work free time is at all time low, so thanks to all those that make this possible.

it's hard enough to get through a 4 hour ride in the middle of the night when it's twenty degrees, but knowing that i am coming home to a warm dinner makes it a little easier.

sologoat out