fox forks

will be on the race bikes for 2008 - thanks for dustin at fox for setting me up and steve at the 'goat for the leg work on this one.

first products from ergon and tifosi have come in and are looking awesome - new ergon pack is really nice and i got some new rock star tifosi optics for this year. they look hella sweet.

other then that, scheduling and training is about all that is going on here in ohio where the weather is 44 degrees one day to a high of 18 a few days later. nutty. at least i'll only have to ride through a few inches of snow as opposed to 4-5 inches we saw last year.

gots to run - got some work to do.

sologoat out


it must be winter

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when you are forced to wear 4 pairs of gloves to avoid frostbite.

tomorrow, ohio is going to get a heat wave in the mid 40's so today is a long roller day as i a recover from the past couple of days long winter rides.

not much to report on, though i did notice that chris e is coming back to defend his title in the 100 miler series. should be an interesting battle for the series win.

in that regards, my schedule is still somewhat open - will be firmed up more in the next few weeks. meeting with wobblenaught guru jim and we're going to hammer out the training schedule for the next 10+ months or so. pretty much every day is scheduled. the only time i don't have anything really set for training is the few weeks after cross nationals and january 1rst of the next year.

gotta ride

sologoat out


wheel bling

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add industry 9 to the list of 2008 sponsors. will opt to run their 29er ultralights on both rigs - just need to decide on colors.


also, would like to eventually check out their road wheelsets that will soon hit the market. would look hella sweet on the cross bikes.

gots to run.

sologoat out


nice shorts

after several emails about them, here's the info on the shorts.

they are made by a company called endura and the site can be found HERE.

this particular pair was a gift from the 'goat a few years back and i think i used to see a distributor advertise these in dirtrag -- and that's where they were purchased at the time.

looking at the site, i didn't see them listed anywhere - my best guess would be to email endura directly as i don't know if they make them anymore.

if anybody else knows anything more, post some comments to this entry.

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damn, it's cold - part two

Jim at Speedgoat has a new blog entry up in regards to cold weather riding.

check it out as the 'goat is now carrying Northwave - they have some nice options in the winter road/mountain bike category that are less bulky then the LAKE winter shoe.

and just a note on the SIDI footbeds - i've heard a little rumor that they don't work too swell. save you cashola if you still have it and wait for a possible hotronic update from me later in the week.

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damn, it's cold

with temps in the single digits and wind chills in the negative single digits, today is looking like a double roller day with some ebay mixed in.

my latest obsession about the weather has me looking at some options as far as gloves and booties/foot warmers goes. looks like one option is a company called hotronix that puts out some high quality ski boot warmers. they have two options, one has a little bit longer run time then the other. higher end one runs in at $200 retail. burn time on the low setting is something crazy like 17'ish hours.

only bad thing is the battery - which is very small, but looks like you would probably have to run on the back of your leg via a velcro strap...

other option - motorcycle gloves and warmers.

this is yet another option - gloves and warmers are resonably priced at around $60 each, but throw in the high end battery at $180 and things start getting expensive in a hurry. nice thing is that battery can be run running a fanny pack - and you could hook up a splitter so you can run the gloves/footbeds off the same battery.

but - you're gonna be all wired up. wires running down your legs and arms, and your out about $450. ouch. suddenly, those $2 heater packs look awesome.

gotta run - rollers are calling my name.

sologoat out


2008 race bike

2008 race bike
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arrived today from our local painter.

build and pick up next week.

must ride. high in the mid teens on sunday.

sologoat out


check me out

hammer mailer 01.16.08
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on the newest mailer from hammer nutrition. the shot was from big bear last year.

in racing news, interesting to note the change of venue for 2009/2010 24 hour nationals. just happened to be checking out the 24 hour calander and checked out a few links - not sure how set this is as i haven't heard a word about this until today.

temps in the 20's here in ohio, should make for some fun night riding tonight. as i always say, if it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger.

and - bikes back from the painter by the end of the week. should be pretty sweet.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out



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first big week of the year in for me, despite a few bad days.

some salsa pics have been added - check out my flickr account to see all of them.

and - got a few emails about my plaid bibs i had at the last cleveland cross race - seems they were a big hit. i'll post the info on them later tonight.

other then that, not much to post on, but i did have some interesting developments in some new training options/possibilities over the weekend - should be a nice addition to my training for the 2008 season.

that's it - back to work.

sologoat out


rain and snow is coming

so i gotta get going.

lots of stuff going on this weekend, so there was no time to get the moots going.

salsa - got two rides in, another one today. one recomendation i would make is to switch out the 2.55 tires for something lighter - switching to 2.1 schwalbe's saved me almost 200 grams a tire.

that's it, gotta roll.

sologoat out


angry ernie

texas trail sign
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is my name, 'cause i got 4 freaking flats on my PM ride yesterday. grrrrrrrr...

1rst flat (due to twig trough sidewall) was like "oh well"

2nd (due to bad tube) was "oh sh*t"

3rd (due to a pesky thorn, 20 minutes after flat #1) was "i can't believe this"

4th (due to a second bad tube) was "what the beep beep (few other curse words) and had me so angry that i was ready to punch a tree.

just one of those days..

moots and salsa pics up later - need to catch up on some riding.

sologoat out


sneak peak - mooto X and new winter bike

snow ride at shop

snow ride at shop
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snow still at the shop as of yesterday, soon after this was taken, rain hit for the next 6+ hours. nice.

new moots pics will be up soon, along with the new winter bike.

moots built up with an 2008 reba sl and the xt shadow - very nice stuff. the 2008 xt stuff looks just like my 2006 xtr - and honestly works just as good.

that's it - gotta roll. 4 1/2 hours on the bike today, and a ton of house projects to do.



she has arrived

the moots mootoX has arrived in the house of the 'goat and will be in attendance (when possible) on race days for a back up to my asylums.

parts will be a mix of some old, some new. on the new side, i'll be opting for some new xt shifters and derailleurs. i used to race with xt all the time as for some reason i kept crashing and would bust the rear derailleurs up - cheaper to replace 2 rear xt's then it was to replace 2 xtr's. ouchy.

UCI license just renewed, tentative schedule laid out, and an actual training camp of sorts planned out - things are shaping up already and i am pretty pumped up about the 2008 season.

so, out to the shop this weekend to pick up the red ernie 'achi (el mariachi) winter training bike and to have dan the man work his magic once again on the bikes.

gotta run - bike parts to order.

sologoat out