lazy monday

05.29.09 - goat group 10
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in the spirit of a lazy monday, a short post.

mucho bike work in progress, drinking way too much coffee and enjoying the day off.

so should you.

sologoat out.


day off

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whew, been a few hectic weeks as i am getting in some miles and building up and repairing bikes.

few melt downs last week trying to fix and repair bikes. never fails. at some point during a hectic week, my training bikes decide to act up. drives me nutz. now i'm back in business. just remember, 'when in doubt, switch it out." i should remember that more often.

this weekend - long recon mission at the shop and few other spots. should be good to get out on trails and not have to freak out about getting back into town for the joby job.

all parts in on the pivots - and dan the man is taking top secret blog pics as i type away at the shop.

have a good weekend, get in some miles, drink some good brew and coffee.

sologoat out


i'm feeling tarty

new video passed along by past fellow irma street posse member tris - tarty bikes Danny MacAskill showing off some skillz.

warning - when watching, prepare to have your mind blown away at 3:10 into it. unreal.

sologoat out



dsg 12 hour - short write up

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mud - and lots of it.

pulled out after two and half of laps - 1 1/2 of laps of pure mud hell. offical result - 6th place.

1. jb
2. harlan
3. andy a (offically not an ohio resident, but that's OK)

congrats to all that finished and who completed a lap - it's an epic that will be talked about for years to come.

now - gotta catch up on life. longer write up in the next day or two - until then, chekc out flickr (about 25 pics up)

sologoat out


DSG 12 hour pre-ride

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at the dsg and hoping the rain won't come.

pre-rode today and yesterday - course has new sections which are holding up good, but the existing trails are pretty soaked and holding lots of water from the week worth of rain dumpage.

lets just hope the rain stays away - potential rain coming in tonight.

write up coming sometime sunday - for now, time to rest.

sologoat out


next up

2009 cohutta 01
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dsg 12 hour

sologoat out


cohutta write up

2008 cohutta 100 - 08
2008 cohutta 100 - 08,
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now up at the Speedgoat Blog.

for now - getting ready for the wobblenaught fit on pivot #01.

see you at the crits tomorrow if there's no rain as i stay faaaar away from wet sketchy pavement and twitchy bike riders.

sologoat out