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not much has been going on the last week or so other then rest and getting ready to get back on the bike. ordered up a stationary trainer that will be first used for rehab and then for cross season as i normally just use rollers for my winter training.

last x-ray has the fracture healing up good, swelling is going down, i can move the knee quite comfortably now but feels a little funky if i try to walk on it. rehab will start within the next two weeks, though i've started some rehab on it without trying to put weight on the bone.

new kits are finally in. we came up with something a little different this year and i will be running two colored kits, same layout. the ergon green kit will stay and we added the speedgoat orange kit as well. should be pretty sweet. and - hoping to possibly get some of the green in skinsuits this year for cross season.

the past few weeks has been as much pain on me physically as well as mentally - very odd not to be on the bike every day. but, i am making some progress in the house projects as i hope someday to officially have a kitchen table.

sologoat out.


sitting still, going crazy

2009 Big Bear - 10
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2nd weekend in a row off the bike and i'm going stir crazy. trips and races cancelled, i'm getting a very rare opportunity to catch up with work, family, and life in general.

good news came this week in the shape of a clean MRI. bones heal, but busted up ligaments don't. at this point, i can bear weight on the hairline tibia fracture and bend to some extent as well. next good news is when i can get the hinged air cast which i am going to push for sometime this coming week. believe it or not, the cast i have now is actually causing more discomfort from cramps in my leg then the break. i used to think lactic acid hurt, but this is an new extreme level of pain.


so, if all goes well, maybe back on the bike trainer by the end of the month. we'll see - i'm not going to push anything as i need to focus my efforts.

thanks for all the well wishes - more updates as they come.

sologoat out


mid week update

2009 Big Bear - 05
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still no official 100% word from the doc until i get my MRI tomorrow AM, but the word from the doc is i got a hairline fracture in my left tibia. so small in fact that i can't even see it in my x-rays.

at this point, swelling is all gone and i can stand on it. racing endurance, i've come to learn with pain, but the mental pain of just not being able to walk across the room is starting to wear on me.

race schedule has changed and i'm waiting until next week to plan out the rest of the year. i am most bummed out not to be at the firecracker 50 and being able to hit up the post race ride and training with the toastman.

so, no breck - instead, a netflix subscription and a roku box to wirelessly stream it to my flat screen tv.

pass the brews

sologoat out


2009 Big Bear - a DNS

2009 Big Bear - 03
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it's friday and i'm back in ohio very disappointed.

thursday pre-ride was going well. got at the venue early and headed out for a ride around 3pm.

course was wet, but holding up well as usual. after the first downhill where you started climbing after climbing a stream, laird re-routed the course to go away from the mud and water and up to higher groudn on an old service road.

after that, past the run way, was a 100 foot section that was typically super muddy - they added crushed stone making it rideable even in the worse conditions.

lap was going smooth unitl i decided to try some different lines right before the big downhill about half way through. i went to jump a log paraelling the trail and my front wheel sunk down and shot me closer to the log - i stuck out my left leg to catch myself and i basically stiffed armed the ground my left leg.

the pain and the thought of what i just did nearly had me puking right there. i rode out the rest of the lap in pain, barely able to get my left foot out of the pedal.

i then went back to the hotel, elavated, iced and compressed -- all with the thought that if i couldn't walk normal in the AM, it was a no-go on saturday.

8am today, i decided it was a no-go. with about 30-40% of the movement back and about half the swelling down, i decided to see the doctor instead of the start line on saturday. better to be sure and not race, then to chance it and only do more damage.

at the momemt, i am feeling crushed - it's hard to take in all the thoughts of training for a race i couldn't start in.

thanks for the well wishes already coming in. with that, off to watch the pens and elevate the leg.

sologoat out


060709 ride

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ride, work, sleep, eat, repeat. various hours, various intensities.

been about my life the past few weeks as i prep for what i consider my home town 24 hour race, big bear. it's in WV, but it is where i got my start and somehow will always be home. i can still remember back at my first 24 solo at snowshoe where there laird knight had fireworks going off over our heads at midnight. by far, the most surreal moment of my life to date.

bikes are just about done, caffelatex going in tomorrow. blog posts up on the 'goat blog this week - cane creek, tifosi, limar, jagwire... hats off to all the sponsors this year - sh*t is tight in the sponsorship world and they came through. can't say enough thanks to all of them.

big bear wil be a challenge - the field is more deep then ever before, the rain is a comin' and i'm looking forward to going back to my roots of racing and hopes of catching a ride on one of those rigged up golf carts they have down there with the base kickin, the dub wheels, neon lights and everybody on board with a cold miller in their hand.

hells ya west virginia - see you soon.

sologoat out


pivot buid up pics

2009 pivot 01
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are now up on flickr... only one more thng to switch out - going to run a twist shfiter for the front derailleur to eliminate the chain rub.

now - gots to run. must ride. thinkin' of WV and a bear.

solgoat out


mohicanand pivots

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short update - pivots now built up, mohican in the books.

mohican started out hot, but i rolled out steady. kept within the limits of not killing myself but the pack kept a rollin.

soon, at 30 miles in, i was by myself. i would roll in a group of 1 for the next 70 miles.

nice course - first time this ohioian has ridden the mohican. looking forward to getting back down there.

pivots - pics up tomorrow if i don't get slammed at work for the 100th time. build up's went great but i think i am starting to loose my patience with xtr's inability to adjust the front derailleur so i think i'm going to resort to sram twisty grips.

anyhoo - off to sleep.

sologoat out