NEO Cross Series - Cascade Cross

Next stop in the Northeast Ohio cross series was a new venue, the Cascade Cross in Elyria Ohio.

Upon arrival, one thing was obvious – there was going to be a lot of pain as the wall of climb right in that you would start on was hella steep. The A’s would climb all the way to the top, the last 20 feet being the steepest.

The course was typical, a double barrier, some wide twisty turns, then up the hella climb, a screaming downhill into some more fast turns, onto the road, up short climb to dismount over a log, some more twisty’s, more road, a few more turns, dismount for the double barriers and then through the start/finish.


Start would cut the first lap in half and shoot you straight through a field and right up the hella climb.

Gun went off, Cameron got the hole shot and all the rest followed. I was sitting in 6th on the screamer of a downhill. A few others got around me on the road section, and a few laps and hella climbs later, I was sitting in 4th, chasing down Jason.


Chase and chase, my gaps got closer to 3rd, as the gap to 5th place rider behind me grew.

2010 Cascade Cross (16)

Gearing was becoming increasing important on the hella climb and my compact gearing allowed me to carry my speed a little better up the climb. Eventually, I caught 4th with about 5 laps to go.

Jason and I duked it out. He would try to pull away, and then I would return the favor.

With 2 ½ laps to go, I ride beside him and tell him that we call a short term truce and take even pulls until the last lap.

2010 Cascade Cross (17)

On the last lap, Jason leads the beginning portions and onto the start of the hella climb. I put down an all out effort and open a gap. Down the climb, through some corners and a few minutes later, I pull off 3rd place.

Great new venue – hope it sticks around for the 2011 series.

sologoat out


dead legs and a twisty one

10/16/10 - physco cross in chicago
ah, just a mere 6 days after moab, i am racing again. not a good idea on paper or in my mind, but my heart was telling me to go. so i headed out towards the new home of speedgoat, chicago, on a late friday.

venue was great, the man-made run over and through obstacle was awesome, but the wind was nutty and my legs felt like rocks. had it my mind to go faster, but the legs were not there.

thanks for brendan carting me around for the day and hosting me for the night.

10/17/10 - NE ohio series - cross creek
with a small venue brings tight corners, no wind and no power straights. my legs were still feeling like rocks, but with so many corners, maybe i could fake it for a little bit.

this was a first ever for me, and brought same flashes of horror.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (3)

what the hell? a le mans style start in a cross race? somehow, i manage a good start, but john and matt sneak in front. paul is nowhere in sight.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (6)

i charge on, chasing and concentrating on the corners.

for two laps, i wonder what is going on behind me, things are still tight. eventually gaps creep out, but not in these starting laps.

my rear wheel gets tapped a few times.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (5)

ah, paul comes ripping around me and charges off towards the lead.

gaps grow, i chase. i stay close to the top 3, my power is there, but my legs are not feeling too snappy. i overshoot a corner and tape gets wrapped up on the back of my bike and somehow i don't break my hand as i reach back and grab the tape off and for a second, i stick my hand in my rear spokes. ouch.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (2)

laps come down, only a few more to go and gaps stretch out. i finish out the day in 4th, 7 days after moab.

Cross Creek CX 2010 (1)

next up - double cross weekend.

sologoat out


24 Hour Nationals


Race Course and Condition:
Moab, Utah. The land of rocks and sand. Rain early in the week before the race had left the typical dusty conditions padded down and perfect to ride, but the sun came out late on Thursday to dry up the course again by Saturday.

The course is a roughly 14.5 mile loop on mostly desert jeep trails that is packed with short little climbs, littered with rock sections with very little flat sections.

With a course this long, and in the desert, one has more to take into consideration as far as fuel and emergency trail side repairs go. Most 24 hour race courses take about 50 minutes to an hour, this lap easily takes over an hour and fifteen minutes late in the race.


The Start:
Saturday, noon. Seconds before the start, I realize I didn’t take my asthma medication and that I didn’t have anything covering my mouth to protect me from the dust I was getting ready to inhale during the Le Mans style running start.


The gun goes off, and a guy wearing a full gorilla suit takes the lead in the run, I get to my bike and make fast work up to the top 40 or so guys. Josh Tostado and Kelly Magelky are already in full flight.

Things soon clear out and I am making my way through traffic slowly but surely. Game plan was to ride steady, not max things out too early in the game.

Lap Two
I soon catch up to solo riders both wearing the same white kits. I pass them, they pass me. This goes on and on for several hours and laps. I decide to back off just a bit, let them go and save my full out effort for later.

7pm – 10pm
Things are going south for me real fast at this point. My legs and body feel great, but my asthma has kicked in full force and my stomach is not feeling that great and it is throwing my fuel plan way off. I stop in the pits, contemplate what is going on, take my asthma medication and have some coffee.


At around 8:30pm, I pit and contemplate stopping. I was about 2 minutes away from pulling the plug when everybody around me was telling me to go on despite me looking cross eyed. (They later tell me that they have seen me look a lot worse).

I pedal on through the lap, not feeling super duper great, but my condition is not getting worse, which seemed like a good thing at the time.


I stop in the pit again, put on some warm clothing, eat some food, drink some strong coffee and take some Pepto to settle my stomach.

Pushing on through the lap, I start feeling a lot better. I am concentrating more on my lines and thinking about the sunrise then I am about my stomach. Things seem to be getting better.

Night Laps
I focus on being fueled, not crashing my brains out on the rocks and making an effort in the early morning. Strong coffee and the thought of daylight and closure to the endurance season was my motivation to finish out the race.

I was now sitting in 11th spot, far back from the 5th spot I was battling for early in the race. I was thinking more about getting to the finish line then I was at a podium spot at this point.

Day Light:
I always love seeing the sun come up in the morning during a 24 hour race as it seems like the end is so near and it gives me an extra kick in my pedal stroke.


Passing through the pits I grab some food and a warmer vest. As I am leaving, I hear a random person in the pit say something to the effect of “he is really slowing down and loosing positions.” I was sitting in 9th at the time and to be honest, I don’t know if he was talking about me or not, but it sent a spark of rage through me. I was going to go all out for this. My lungs felt clear of the asthma and I felt good.

I am soon catching riders here and there, their plate numbers are low, so I know I am making up spots. I don’t make chit chat, I pedal as hard as I can past them and don't look back.


Last lap:
Going out for what I thought was my next to last lap, I was now up to 7th place, only 5 minutes behind 5th spot. I strip off my warm clothing, shout instructions to my pit crew and I am out of my tent and soon in a full sprint towards the first rocky climb of the day.

Just before I hit the climb, I catch 6th spot which happened to be one of the riders I was dooking it out with 22 hours earlier. With an all out effort, I sprint as far as I could all the way up the climb not allowing myself to look back until I got over the short climb. When I turned around, he was not in sight.

Continuing the same pace, I pedal on and soon catch his teammate for 5th. I waited for a section of little roller climbs and a clear section of trail. I jumped hard, pedaled through the short climbs and looked back 10 minutes later. Not in sight.

Full out effort at this point, I wanted my 5th spot to stick. Thinking I still had another lap to go, I was somewhat confused by all the happy screaming faces coming down pit row as I came near the start finish.


When I swiped my card for the last time they said “great job!” and I had to ask them twice if it was over as I was somewhat confused by fact that it was over.


Tough day on the bike. Would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed with my asthma situation hitting me so early putting a damper on a chance at a top 3, but happy at how things worked out at the end. 5th at 24 Hour Nationals.



5th at 24 nationals

100_4896, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

had to fight off asthma and the field to take 5th at 24 nationals at moab.

more later - legs are cramping like crazy and i need to go eat a house. and some brews.

long post up tomorrow night.

sologoat out


last post before 24 nats

IMG_4859, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

rain is out, dryness is back along with some of the sand and dust. rain has been keeping most of it down, so i am hoping the moisture holds some of it down and the locals are not out there ripping the hell out of the course as i type.

more riders are rolling in today and the skies have cleared and the wind has died down. looking to be a fast course with good weather, which is always a good thing during a 24 hour.

bikes prepped, pit setup, and all rested up. just got to race.

check my flickr pics for some more Moab pics i put up, next post up (hopefully) sunday.

sologoat out


arrived in moab

IMG_4835, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

and pre-ride complete. won't go too much into details as too many race day enemies are scoping out the blog for hints of course conditions, but check out the moab weather and you'll get the basic idea.

not too many riders in town yet, think i was the first solo to setup camp, with a few teams coming into town a little later in the day.

course is the same as years past, think it's roughly 16 miles if i am not mistaken.

pivot will also be around since outerbike in moab just finished up last weekend, so more help is always needed at 24 hour events. cool thing too is that 2 other pivot sponsored riders will be racing.

for now, time to relax after a short drive through arches national park. check out my flickr account for the latest and greatest pics, will also try to get out 2 more blog posts before saturday.

sologoat out


fruita, day 3

IMG_4737, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

when in colorado, carry a rain jacket.

todays ride was cut a little short due to the hella short and fierce storm that brought in rain, lighting and some hail for fun.

tomorrow, one more fruita ride then off to the land of moab.

weather looks hit or miss depending on the rain this week, but to be honest, i don't care so much as the dust gives my asthma a little extra boost. more rain, less the chance of asthma - so i tend to cheerish the crappy weather should it so happen.

looking like rain will hit this week, so dust should not be an issue - and then the rain goes away for saturday and sunday.

field at this point is looking pretty slim in the championship division, but the talent is there. toastman and kelly are back, so it's going to be a battle to the end.

after 24 nats, a double cross weekend. going to be some fun going down in the next few weeks.

check out flickr for all my pic updates - 3 sets of fruita pics up already.

with that - some rest and movies in store tonight.

sologoat out


fruita pics...

IMG_4717, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

now up on flickr - check them out.

hanging out here a few days, then out to 24 nats at moab. got to ride a few more trails today that i didn't get a chance to ride last time i was out here.

trails have been packed over the weekend, nice and hot.

trails hit up - marys, steve's, horsethief, lions, kokopelli.

sologoat out