oktoberfest write up

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Noon Start –
Line up with the rest of the solo freaks – with Harlan, Tinker, Nat and Jeremiah around, it was going to be a fight from the beginning to the end.

Lead pack is formed almost immediately, and all the favorites and a few locals form the main group. I’m in a small pack of 3 or so, just trailing the main pack about 10 seconds in front of us.

Second lap and things are starting to break apart, gaps are getting bigger.

Third lap, I can now see Harlan and Jeremiah have broken away and Nat and Tinker are together. Course conditions are bad as rain hit the night before and left everything really slick. This was working to my advantage and I was closing the gap to Nat and Tinker.

By the fifth lap, I am on their heels and I can see that I am riding the slick trails a little better – but it is starting to dry out and the slickness is going away.

As soon as I catch up to Nat and Tinker, Tinker bolts away. I ride with Nat for a little while, then go off to chase Tinker for the next 5 or so hours.

Gap to Tinker went up to about 5 minutes at one point, then I got my second wind and shut it down to about a minute and half. It was enough that I was starting to catch glimpses of him now and then.

Lights come on, I continue chasing. I’m feeling good, but running out of daylight.

Last lap, I decide to ride conservatively. At this point, the slick roots are harder to pick up on in the darkness and I didn’t feel like going down (for about the 7th time) as I wanted to ensure a finish as well as top 5 in the USA Cycling Endurance calendar.

4th place, 5 minutes down on Tinker for 3rd.

Overall – Jeremiah took the win over Harlan in second who came in about 12 seconds later. Tinker third, Ernesto 4th, Nat in fifth (who took the win in the overall USA cycling Endurance series), and Andy Applegate in 6th.

Tough battle for all of us, great way to end the mountain bike season.

Sologoat out
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next up - oktoberfest

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tomorrow, noon start time, last enduro of the year.

course has changed somewhat from the 12 hour cowbell - flows a lot better. steep sections and parts that brought speed down were re-routed or changed to bring the speed and flow back.

nat, tinker, pua and a bunch of others are here so it should be a good way to finish out the year - and the $2 micro brews will surely be a treat tomorrow night.

with that - gotta rest up.

sologoat out


parting is such sweet sorrow

national mountain bike oktoberfest is the next and final stop in my enduro adventures for the year and it's shaping up to be a tough race. nat, tinker, jeremiah and others are all coming down so i am sure it's going to be everything but a slow race.

also in question is the weather - possible rain and mid 50 temps could be the dish we are served come noon on saturday.

also, this will be the last endurance race that my main bikes will Asylums. I've been racing on them for so many years now that it's going to seem odd to be not racing them anymore. with so many of my bikes, i tend to obsess about them a lot - how they are setup, what parts we are running, etc, etc. seems almost as if i am loosing a best friend.

but - things are a changing.

new bike sponsor is already lined up and is in the works as we now switch focus to 2009 and important things like what color the frame will be and how light we can build it up.

just want to give a huge thanks to all my sponsors and all the people who have helped me along the way. couldn't of done it without you.

sologoat out.


oh how i want you

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the much talked about chris king bottom bracket is now finally on the market and no longer at the butt end of a cruel joke that happens every year at interbike when somebody would randomly ask "when is the chris king bottom bracket coming out"...

rejoice my fellow chris king freak, you can now get them at the 'goat.

sologoat out


hope to die

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well, not really.

5th at the spin cross your heart and hope to die race this past saturday.

course was pretty standard, but had one hellish of a hellishly long step run up climb that proved to be a killer to the field.

split came fast and i was in a group with gerry and shawn, rear tire started feeling flat so i switched bikes and the gap grew on those two. paul and an inferno rider caught me, so i rolled in for fifth.

kind of disappointing after the race as i realized my back tire was OK - been running lower pressure this year to help with traction and i guess i am not used to the feel.

congrats to fellow speedgoat rider gerry for the win and shawn for rolling in at second place and then having to immediately leave to go back to work.

next up, i head south.

sologoat out


cross my heart

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next up - spin city cross my heart in my neck of the woods. missed this one last year, so it's good to stay home and support the local series.

rest of the year, i'm net set in stone in regards to cross schedule other then state and national championships. trying to hit up a few other uci's - right now debating toronto and some out east.

one more enduro coming up, then that's it until 2009 as far as endurance goes.

congrats goes out to the toastman for taking maob - looking forward to that write up as i was hearing stories of 30-40mph sustained winds throughout most of the event, with gusts up to 70mph. i don't which one would of got of me - either being blown off of the course or the mental fatigue from that constant wind. jeez, that would drive somebody nutz.

with that - gotta run and contemplate tire selection and pressure for tomorrow.

sologoat out


catching up

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cinci has come and gone -

friday - 20th, relagated to the usual back row at the start line. felt really good over the rough course.

saturday - at the back at the start, 6 seconds later i'm on my back, a few seconds later a photo is taken of me that makes it on cycling news. ticked off at the idiots in front of me, i fight to get in the top 25 to get my entry fee back. i finish 28th.

sunday - at the back, but i get a good start. immediately my legs don't feel to great, i started fading quickly as i was not finding any type of groove on the course. i couldn't find my rythmn, and soon the front end of the field found me. 38th on the day.

very frustrating end to the weekend. next up - spin city cross on saturday.

sologoat out


2 down

quick recap - first day, back row start, about 60 riders.

finished out about 20th on the day - no points, but got back my entry fee as they pay back 25 spots.

yesterday - same spot, more riders. thought i would have a good start, but some dork crashes and i am on my back about 5 seconds into the race. very frustrating.

thought about stopping and saving it for today, but i thought i could get in the top 25 due to attrition. got from 60th to about 30th.

that's it - gotta roll. 1 more to go.

sologoat out


3 in cinci

leroy township cross 01
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the chase for uci points officially starts today at 5:00:01pm today as i head down to cinci with shawn and a buddy.

bikes are tuned up, ready to roll - even got the superlight carbon cross wheels cleaned up and looking hella sweet.

not sure on course layouts, but all the UCI's tend to be all out in the open, super fast, and you are almost 100% certain of catching a few elbows in the first few corners.

with that, gotta roll - need to get in some work before i head out.

sologoat out


2nd at stark velo cross

made the trip north today to the stark velo cross. as i glanced at paul martin and shawn at the line i knew this was going to be a pain train for an hour.

gun went off, immediately we were all in a group. shawn was pulling.

i put in a brief attack and it shed a few guys, then shawn went again. paul was reeling us back in and i was wondering when he would pounce.

paul threw down and the group broke up. i chased, got a few seconds behind him with three to go and had to back off a little as i was on my limit.

two laps to go, i held my own and the gap didn't get any bigger. i was going to make my last effort on the 2nd half of the last lap where the mud and ditch crossings favored my mountain bike skillz.

i closed the gap to about 3 seconds before we got to the flat section before the finish and that's when paul kicked in his after burners and pulled out the win with me about 4-5 seconds behind him. shawn would finish out 3rd on the day.

next slice of pain coming up - the cinci 3 day UCI cross weekend.

sologoat out


friday rambling

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not mucho going on this week, other then catching up on work and posting some blog entries up on the speedgoat blog. gots to check it out, should be about 2 or 3 new postings daily until we run out of pics and stuff to post about the whole vegas thing.

and, the sponsorship proposals should be going out soon - vegas and payson left me a little behind this year. most are not due until later in the month, so i'm good to go.

speedgoat bicycles will continue on with their support into the 2009 season - a few of my 2008 sponsors have already confirmed for next year so thanks out to them as i won't have to get a whole proposal and resume together. saves me a ton of time.

this weekend, laying somewhat low and local - heading up to the stark vello cross race this sunday, then next week the cinci 3 day uci weekend. and, one more enduro.

with that, gotta work. check out the speedgoat blog for some cross bike posts and another one on the trp canti's.

sologoat out