off to nationals

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in my new "goat moblie" version 3 - the vibe with the "sticking it to the gas guzzling man" thule cargo trailer.

version 1 was an old van - very cool in that this ride was "pimped" well before pimping your ride was kewl (that's at least twice as "cool" as the normal "cool"). pimped features - shag blue rug throughout, metal shelving to hold my hammer gel bottles, and a panel you could take off from within the van to squirt some stuff in the engine to make it start up. sweet.

version 2 - my sister and brother in law's SUV. back 100 years ago, when gas was $2.00 a gallon and didn't raise on a daily occasion when some dude in some foreign country slipped on a bannana peel and it somehow caused an oil shortage because he couldn't get to work that day, it was great. but, the times, they have a changed.

so, now version 3 - the vibe getting around 30 miles to the gallon with the 5x7 foot thule cargo trailer with extended side rails. hells ya.

that's how the goat posse will roll going out to 24 nationals.

stay tuned for pics/updates later tomorrow.

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check it out

check out TWIN SIX and you can catch my first shot at a digital photography career.

pictured: josh "the toastman" tostado at 11,000 feet.

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6 hours of power

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35 pics now uploaded on flickr - check it out.

course: 10 miles of up and downs. one huge open climb at the begining, tight and twisty single track that somehow seemed to go up as much as it went down. my kind of course and still one of my favorites.

conditions: rain left it really damp during the week and rain the night before left a lot of the single track slick with some slight peanut buttery type of mud. conditions would get better later in the event, but go too fast and your on your face.

gun went off, i had an OK start - somebody clipped a heel of another rider and there was a spectacular fall during the run.

by the top of the climb, i was in the lead and going into the single track, a dirty hary's team rider got past me.

about half way through, ross caught me along with a young dirty hary's solo rider. they would open up a gap on me as i held my steady pace with 5 1/2 hours to go.

two laps in the books, i am ready steady - going hard on the uphills, big ringing the entire first climb until the last little steep pitch. i could see the two solo's in front of me in the distance.

3/4's of the way through, i am maybe 40-50 seconds back.

on the begining of the 3rd lap, ross is about 300-400 yards in front of me. big ring it up to him, and 1rst place is in my sights. put the hammer down again and i am right on the dirty hary's rider.

put the hammer down a third time right as i catch the leading rider and before we get into the first section of singletrack.

by the time i get out of the singletrack, the gap is opened.

i slowly build on my lead throughout the race, and finally the gap opens to roughly 15-20 minutes on the 6th lap.

i head out on my last on 7th lap, ross would take the 2nd overall spot.

great event, glad i can make it back to one of the races where i started my enduro racing.

thanks to all my sponsors and my pit crew - as always, couldn't of done it without you.

next up - 24 hour nationals. got my posse heading out with my new thule cargo trailer to pick me up at the airport just outside of wassau.

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2008 6 HOP

2008 6 HOP
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quick post - need to get to bed.

trip up to new york to race the 6 hours of power - finished off the day eating a lot of mud and pulling off the win.

full recap tomorrow.

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no rain is good rain

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yesterday was the first day this week that i didn't ride in the rain. guess at least it was warm and i had the lighting to inspire my efforts.

off to a 24 hour nationals warm up race this weekend... there's a few to pick from - i'll let you guess which one i'll be at.

other then getting in the miles, not mucho going on other then planning a few trips that includes possibly hitting up the interbike/crossvegas fiasco again this year. beer handups are always a good thing, hopefully those attending crossvegas will not disappoint and will share their beverages.

better run - packing and that work thing to do.

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lazy day monday

back to the grind after a friday off - family has been in town all week. good to see everybody and take the weekend off from racing.

nationals coming up, will be running a decent sized pit crew who will pick me up at the airport mid-week. should be good times.

this week, more or less the same for training, will be heading out for some off road training -- which is always a good thing since most of my local riding area is all off limits to trail riding.

updates - not too many, other then i'll be doing some more racing with shawn later on this year and will more then likely hit up the titus demo day coming up at the 'goat.

with that - back to the work thing.

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long week at an end

just finished up a big week and i'm looking forward to some downtime to catch up on some rest and some random housework that always seems to elude me.

this weekend off of racing, then a warm up race before 24 nationals which will surely be more stacked this year with the likes of josh tostado and brandon adding to the likes of the usual suspects.

course will more then likely be the same one they have used in previous years, maybe with a few slight changed turns here and there. i'm just hoping that the sections that they had with all fresh wood chips that slowed us down to a crawl are not there.

in 2009, nationals will move dates and location as it moves to september and arizona - what is now the payson stampede, will be 24 hour nationals. i'm personally looking forward to the change of venue.

that should open up the mid-season 24 hour calendar a bit, so it should be interesting to see who picks what races next year.

in speedgoat news...

1. sweet pake bass boat green track frames are in - very cool looking machines comparted to their usual flat black paint jobs. been thinking of picking one up for years, now may be the time.

2. bh demo rides - up this weekend and it looks to be all filled up. call the shop if interested in riding one their new full suspended 29er's.

that's it - must do the work thing.

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catching up on life

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very odd traveling - one day your in colorado at 12,000 feet, the next day you are riding in rain in ohio.

since getting back, i've been reaping the benefits of being at altitude and have been getting in some decent rides. other then that, not mucho been going on.

in speedgoat news chris from BH will be out at the 'goat this weekend, and seven springs got a free weekend lift ticket thing going on with a of free demo bike stuff going on - check with bill at the new 'goat shop out there for all the details.

that's it - gotta run and possibly figure out a new heart rate monitor as the ohio rain possibly did some damage to my current cateye.

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getting toasted

yesterdays tour of breck was hosted by none other by local super enduro freak josh "the toastman" tostado.

i'll keep it short as i need to pack up to head back east, but check out the full write up on Jeff's Blog.

needless to say, today was epic.

perfect weather at the start, sweet singletrack, hellishly long climbs, beautiful sights as far as the eye can see, rain, hail, josh almost knocking his teeth out...


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where did you ride today?

firecracker 50 write up

45 starters, 32 finishers - came in at 18th place.

1rst Lap:
Parade start and 5 minutes later, a crash in the main pack and then shortly afterward, the main split in the pack.

I was sitting in the lower back end of a group of riders caught in the back, feeling the full effects of the altitude and the pace.

course was mostly climbing, a few sections of technical and road, and then more climbing on top of that.

First lap went pretty uneventful, as I tried to maintain a 160-175 heart rate to avoid blowing up and maybe trying to pick up a few riders on the 2nd lap.

2nd Lap:
Heat was now kicking in, and a lot of riders were already pulling out. I made up a few more spots moving further up in the field and I was not getting caught.

maintained my place, Finished up 18th overall.

Overall, the course was great, the venue was awesome and without a doubt, colorado has some of the best riding in the country.

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course pre-ride

Jeff at Breck
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short ride with jeff today on the first opening miles of the course.

short single track section, shoot straight up a climb and into some single track. elevation - 150% a factor. go out too hard and your day is going to be over quickly.

11am parade start, field is stacked.. going to be a hellish start for my 4th of july festivities.

if you are in town, stop by the ergon tent.

gots to sleep - more pics up on flickr

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in colorado

colorado springs
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just a quick post - need to get up to breck.

yesterday's travels were pretty uneventful - always a good thing with your bike packed up in the bottom of an airplane.

weather has been hit/miss - nice all day, rain comes in and blows out, then it's nice again. very odd compared to ohio.

more pics up later today - going out for a short ride with jeff later this AM.

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off to breck

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with the decision to head out with the asylum, i just got packed up and in less then 12'ish hours, i'll be in colorado.

field is getting more stacked by the minute..

random updates when i can as this trip as much business/prep for 24 hour nationals as it rest and vacation.

thanks to dan the man - had a late night shout out to figure out how to take xtr cranks off. thanks dan...

colorado springs tomorrow, up to higher elevation and breck on thursday, race on friday, saturday and sunday long rides on a guided tour with jeff kerkove. i do recall he said he was going to carry spare bottles for me..

if you're around breck on friday, check out the ergon booth...

gotta run - i know i forgot to pack something....

sologoat out