cross and some vegas

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sunday was the first stop in the cleveland cross series and the first race since the payson 24 hour. typically, legs take a race or two to get the speed back in them.

quickly found myself in a small group with mike, paul and shawn. we quickly made a gap and my rear tire slowly went down. with two laps to go, should of switched the bikes out, but i stuck it out on the moots. 4th place.

next week, i think there is a local race in cleveland area - the following week i'll be hitting up the cinci 3 day cross extravaganza UCI event.

redline cross bike now complete - rides really nice (soon will see a write on the 'goat blog) but is super stiff. a little too stiff for me on the sunday course - especially when you got a moots cross to soak up the bumps.

and don't forget to checkout the speedgoat blog - tons of vegas write ups are now getting posted.

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interbike pics

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now all up - sorry, with only one day under my belt at the show, pics are somewhat limited. think i got about 150'ish pics up.

reviews will be up on the speedgoat.com blog in a day or two for:

ergon, princeton tec, tifosi, trp, i9, northwave and a few others.

stay tuned - need to catch up with work and unpack a few bikes.

thanks to the speedgoat crew for letting me tag along for another wild adventure out at vegas. i have said it before and i'll say it again - without a shop like them around to support me, it would 150% be a lot more difficult to race at this level.

thanks guys - see you in PA

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interbike ernesto update

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whew - one day whirlwind at interbike.

first up - roughly 30 pics up so far, about another 100 to go up in the next 12 hours or so. vegas internet connection is going wacky.

crossvegas - legs were dead, did not race. thanks to the salsa boyz for offering up one of their show bikes. i've actually been dying to ride one, but the legs were burning too much.

congrats to nat ross - now a mountain bike hall of fame inductee.

sponsors - little too early to nail everything down, but tifosi and princeton tec are 100% back, and also picked up a new frame/bike and helmet sponsor within the first hour of being at interbike. needless to say, something i was sweating about for months was resolved in minutes, all thanks to the speedgoat crew -- again.

for more blog entries, check out the speedgoat blog as chris takes apart all the new releases - like the king bottom bracket and the new parlee with the super cool paint. sweetness.

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payson stampede - short write up

gun went off, i chased nat with dave harris a few minutes back.

would basically stay that way until nightfall, then asthma hit me pretty bad from the dust. power went way down.

dave caught me, i stopped for awhile until my lungs decided to let me breathe again.

rode until daylight and around 10'ish we all came up with a gentleman's agreement to stop - nat had lapped dave once and me twice, dave lapped me and the way my lungs felt, i wasn't going to pull back any time.

3rd place - now, a brief stop in sedonna arizona and then out to vegas.

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last post before race day

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today's course markings were a little better - actual arrows on the course.

nat, rebecca, dave harris are in town - toastman may be showing up as the points in the USA cycling enduro series is tight.

more pics up on flickr.

gots to run - see you on the flip side of 24 hours.

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next up - 24 hour payson stampede.

weather is looking perfect, temps in the low mid 50's, highs in the mid 80's.

course - from what i can make of it, seems to be typical west coast rough jeep trail kind of stuff. very similar to what was out in cali last year at worlds, but more rocks.

course markings were nowhere to be seen - no comment in general about this, but needless to say i wasn't too happy. in general, it's nice to know where i'm going.

more updates tomorrow, a few pics up on flickr before my batery died.

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how long to grow to a toenail

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the "experiment" continues.

first, start by smashing your big toe off a rock about 19 hours in a 24 hour race (big bear).

then, proceed to loose your toenail completely about a week after.

then start the countdown of how long does it take to grow a toenail. it's take waaaaaaay longer then i ever thought. jeez.

for you cross nuts out there, nationals registration goes on-line tonight at midnight central time. i would like to personally kick the person who thought this up. seriously - why couldn't it wait 12 hours until most people are actually awake?

looks like the same type of schedule going on - thursday non-championship race, then friday starts the real deal.

my masters race would be saturday, elite race is on sunday. thinking ahead and may have my dad drive down with the thule trailer with bikes in tow.

stay tuned - got a trip coming up.

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thinking about cross

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it's a sad wednesday - spin city wednesday night cross series has come to an abrupt end after one race. they are working on a new venue, if i hear any news i'll post it ASAP.

redline cross is now built up, just got to adjust the saddle up a little and she's ready to roll.

TRP - damn, i wish i had these brakes last year. they took everything that is wrong with spooky's and made it 100% better. spooky's are still nice for light build ups, but the TRP's have way better ease of setting the brake itself up (and actually come with both regular and carbon pads!) and have a super nice hanger and hanger cable.

hanger itself looks like the old school avid hangers, only beefier... and the hanger cable comes with these nice little bolts that connect down at the end of the brake - the one end that holds the cable end on the hanger cable actually is drilled out a little bit so the head on the cable is hidden. just a little detail that i think is a nice touch.

build up came in pretty light (no actual weight) even running full scale skinny 29er tires. (this was going to be my secret weapon setup at the spin series due to the rocks all over).

few more enduro's, then a full on cross season - will be hitting up some of the bigger events with shawn on his new carbon cross rig that qualifies as hella cool.

vegas coming too - should be pretty sweet, still looking like probably no crossvegas for me unless a miracle cross bike appearance makes itself to me when i am out there.

gotta run - actually will be riding single track tomorrow down in the colombus area. nice.

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joe's 24 hour write up

hats off to joe from freddie fu (speedgoat's road team) for finishing up his first 24 hour race this past weekend.

and hats off to joe for using it as a fund raiser for a friend with cancer.

his write up seems a lot like my first ever solo 24 race - it didn't go so well either. did 100 things wrong, but somehow i managed to finish.

check it out here

sologoat out


wednesday spin city cross

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ah, good legs last night - got a gap opened up and was cruising, but it was not to be - got a flat. had a spare bike, but i feared the skinny tires would leave me either crashing my brains out or flatting again.

probably a good thing - was supposed to be a rest week. rest is not something to do in a cross race.

enduro season winding down, cross season starting up.

really doesn't do too much to my overall training plan - in general, i don't stray too much from my normal until all my enduro type of events are over.

at that point, i switch over to shorter type rides (maybe a max of 4 hours or so) - but i kick up the intensity about 10 notches. last year i learned that any of the bigger cross events you either go 150% or nothing. it's a crit race on dirt - elbows are gonna fly, tempers will flare, lungs will be coughed out and you will be doing two wheeled slides through the corners.

and that is just the first lap.

i actually look forward to it - i see it as a nice change up on training, racing, venues, race vibe, equipment..

in the spirit of randomness, had a question in regards to what i eat in a typical day... it specifically asked about calories, but i'll let you guys do that calculation...

oatmeal with blueberries and a bannana, glass of OJ. by the end of the day, i've usually finished off a pot of freshly ground starbucks coffee.

typically either a subway 6 inch turkey sub with a coke and 3 choclate chip cookies - or - (the option my wife prefers) a big fresh made salad with veggies and some tuna.

pre-ride snack:
usually a bannana with some crunchy peanut butter

typically 1 or 2 bottles of heed, maybe 1 or two gels. typically go kind of low on calories on the bike. i pretty much stick with the hammer nutrition recomended doses on the heed/gels/etc - but i go on the lower side of calories. i'm running around 135-140 pounds and find that if i go with recomendations for 150 pound rider, it's a little too much for me.

couple pieces of fish and some veggies is typical - maybe once a week, a big steak and veggies.

that's about it - don't really snack too much at all any more. if i do, it's usually something boring like some soy nut mix or some fruit.

chips, pop tarts and an occasional can of coke makes it in the mix - but that's typically on the weekend.

other junk food (potatoe chips, nutty bars, etc) used to be common for me to eat. now i don't buy them at all - it's a little bit easier to avoid the temptation to eat bad things if you don't have them around. helps to keep off the extra weight too.

bad food favorites - anything with choclate in it (reese's cups are my favorite) and anything cold and refreshing (a good brew, an ice cold coca cola, and sometimes choclate milk)

that's it - gotta get some peanut butter m&m's

sologoat out


got some extra ti bolts?

if so, steve schwartz can use some extras. steve rolled his ankle on the second lap at 24 hour nationals.

best of recoveries out to steve

sologoat out