01.16.05 - lights in...

not much exciting going on today - 3.5 hours outside yesterday in the cold ohio area has left me a little tired and no too excited about outdoor riding in 20 degree weather, so roller sesions it will be today.

up on ebay today is my two superlights from 2004 - one new, one older. both are great bikes - the 2004 is brandy new, hate to see her go, but the asylum's are calling my name. got to get those discs...

in 29'r news today, guess there are some hot tires coming out this year - seems like the industry is somewhat catching on to some niche market. not too many people are making the bigger tires, so it should be interesting to see what the market comes up with this year.

and - on a personal point today, i worked 5 1/2 hours - which is about 6 hours too long for me today, as it is sunday and all.

but - in good news, have some things finally organized - and finally got some lights. looks like lights in motion are hooking me up with a sweeeeeeet deal on their arc system - think the plan will be to run the arc system as my main unit, then run the solo logic as my backup.

gotta roll -


01.13.05 - hammer on

or should i say, HAMMER GEL?

yep, i finally picked up a food sponosor - better late then never. one of the biggest cost items for me during a year is food as it takes plenty o' testing to see what works with my sensitive stomach.

sweetness is a "no-no" for me - and picking up hammer gel is ah, sweet, because i have actually been using their gel for the past 4 years. two gels in a flask, mixed up with water and slam it down. mmm, mmm, delicious!

protein shakes/electrolites seem to be right in lign with what i use, along with a HUGE (did i say HUGE) assortment of pills and powders to make my 24 hour adventures go like clock work.

in other news:

the wheel delima is on-going and is very evil. my close buddy ej has dared me to build up the lightest 29'r wheel out there. he'll beat me for lightness, but i need lightness and durability. he has chosed the american classic hubs with bontrager 29'r tubeless rims. interesting....

tubeless is not cool with me - hands are not the greatest at getting the tires off and all that sealant seems like an annoyance if i would have to change something at 2am.

my top notch mechanic is coming up with some super duper secrets to lighten up an xtr hub, and we are getting some prelimary wheel weight tests with ej's set and my kings with salsa cross rims.

should be interesting...

and yet in other news:

i am offical - i am offically registered at these races:
06.25 - holiday mass
09.03 - worlds - BC Again!
10.15 - conyers, GA

and for all those interested, please contact me regarding discount referrals for hammer gel! yo - 15% off!

rock on-


01.05.05 - the night has come to hold us young

hmmmmmm.... smashing pumpkins rule - especially listening to them during a three hour training ride last night that started at 8pm. oh joy.

a friend asked me what i think about during a 24 hour race. here are some of them, in random order:

1. i'm hungry/cold/thirsty/wet/hurting/etc

2. try to memorize the line so you can hit the same sweet spot at night when you can't see two feet in front of you

3. i think i would like a hamburger when i am done

4. is that a snowflake?

5. have to stay consistant

6. fast transitions!

7. i wish others could see this (the moon during whistler 2004 solo worlds was friggin' cool!)

8. gotta speed up

all i have to say is that the type of racing i enjoy is an emotional rollercoaster. i have equated it to PMS for men because one second you are on top of the world, and the next second you are upset to the point of tears.

i enjoy every 86400 seconds of it...

in other news - my schedule is still not set, though i think i am going to hit up as many races that actually PAY OUT. so, NORBA enduros (other then snowshoe) are probably not on the list this year, though i would love to do them because they seem to get a lot of press for some odd reason. hmmmmm, no money but yet it cost me a thousand dollars to get here and race...

not a hard decision to make...

what is on the "list": Trans Iowa, Andrenaline (Georgia/Mass/Worlds), Granny Gear (Big Bear/NE/SE), Pando (8/12 hour races), Snowshoe NORBA enduro, Wilderness 101 and maybe a few others. If i can drive there, i will do it. but - this "list" may change. i change my mind like the wind, and i am having "issues" deciding which race to go/not to go to. race course features, cost of getting there, timing in relation to other races - it's giving me a headache thinking about it...

looking forward to the season - starts really early this year for me, much earlier than in previous years. should be fun!

ride your bike.

sologoat out...


01.02.05 - 2005 Endurance Races


01.22.05 The Dirty Dozen 12 Hour Mountain Bike Race Warda, Texas

02.18.05 12 Hours of Razorback Reddick, FL

03.04.05 NORBA National #1 - Tapatio Springs Resort - Boerne, Texas
03.18.05 NORBA National #2 - McDowell Mountain Regional Park
03.25.05 12 hour MTB Spring Series, TX

04.08.05 12 hour MTB Spring Series, TX
04.23.05 Trans Iowa
04.30.05 Calvin’s 12 Hour

05.07.05 12 HOURS AT SUGAR CREEK - WEM Series Wisconsin
05.13.05 NORBA National #3 - Snow Summit Resort - Big Bear Lake, Calif. 05.14.05 Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA 24 Hours of Adrenalin US Nationals
05.14.05 8 Hours of Pando, Rockford, MI
05.14.05 Pisgah MTB Adventure, Pisgah Forest, NC
05.14.05 7th annual 12 hours of Lodi Farm, Fredericksburg, VA
05.21.04 24 Hours of Southeast (TENTATIVE) - GRANNYGEAR
05.21.05 12 hours of Tsali Tsali, NC
05.21.05 12 HOURS OF DIRT Bluff Creek Ranch Warda, Texas
05.27.05 12 hour MTB Spring Series, TX
05.28.05 METRO 12 CHALLENGE - WEM Series,Wisconsin

06.11.05 Stump Farm 12 WEM Series, Wisconsin
06.11.05 24 Hours of Adrenalin, TBD, Ontario
06.11.05 12 hour event at Wawayanda, NJ
06.11.05 Southern Lights 24-7, Athens, GA
06.18.05 NORBA #3 - Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec,CAN (MA)
06.18.05 24 Hours of Summer Solstice (1 hour from Toronto)
06.18.05 24 Hours of Big Bear Lake (Snowshoe)
06.25.05 LEVIS/TROW MOUND 12 Hour WEM Series, Wisconsin
06.25.05 Holiday Farm, Dalton, Mass 24 Hours of Adrenalin
June TBA 12 Hours of Drummond Island, MI

07.09.05 12 Hours of Winter - WEM Series
07.10.05 6 Hours of Power
07.15.05 NORBA #5 - Schweitzer Mountain Resort - Sandpoint, Idaho (MA, XC)
07.16.05 24 Hours of Adrenalin, Canmore, ALberta, Canada
07.22.05 NORBA #6 - Snowmass Village - Aspen, Colo. (MA, XC)
07.23.05 12 hour event at Ringwood, NJ
07.30.05 24 Hours of Northeast (TENTATIVE) - GRANNYGEAR
07.30.05 24 Hours of 9 Mile Wausau, WI
07.30.05 12 Hours of Ithaca, Ithaca, MI

08.06.05 Durango MTB 100 Durango, CO
08.06.05 12 Hours of Gears, WEM Series, Wisconsin
08.13.05 12 Hour Pando
08.19.05 NORBA #7 - Snowshoe Mountain Resort, W. Va. (MA, XC)
08.20.05 24 Hours in the Sage, Gunnison, CO
08.20.05 August 20 - 21, 2005 - 24 Hours at Albion (1 hour from Toronto)

09.03.05 Solo Worlds
09.10.05 Kona Sleepless in the Saddle 24 hour Denver, CO (Snow Mountain Ranch)
09.15.05 USA Cycling National MTB championships NORBA 24 HR– Mammoth, CA
09.17.05 24 Hours of the Ozarks (TENTATIVE) - GRANNYGEAR
09.24.05 HOURS OF Rocky Hill Smithville, Texas - Rocky Hill Ranch

10.01.05 The E100/12 hours of Park City
10.01.05 12 HOURS AT BLUE MOUND - WEM Series
10.15.05 24 Hours of Moab
10.15.05 Georgia International Horse Park, Conyers, GA 24 Hours of Adrenalin
10.29.05 McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Fountain Hills, Arizona

01.02.05 - Secret Revealed

here it is folks - the long awaited secret.

it is in the form of a number - 29.

staight from speedgoat bicycles comes a magic creation from the mind of chris currie. his love of 29r's has created this beauty and up until now, could only be found in a large. now, with the inspiration in the form of a top 10 finish at solo worlds and a win at the 24 hours of snowshoe (from yours truely), comes a medium asylum.


specs can be found here:

gotta run - pics and more tomorrow!