11.30.05 - word up

i am about to go completely nutty - this whole house buying adventure is slowly turning into a nightmare. counter this, counter that, we'll pay for this, you pay that - all this garbage and frustration for what is supposed to be the american dream? i guess one is not supposed to take things personal, but this is just getting out of hand.

so.... at this point, the sellers have said "no" about 10 times too many and i made my last offer and told my real estate agent that if they say "no" at this point, so do we... what a nightmare.

oh well, on to biking news.

not much of it. it's cold in ohio, but we don't have too much snow so that is a good thing. this weekend is the last cleveland cross race (which is double points) and i have a slight lead over 2nd place. i don't have a choice this weekend, got to race well.

next year, i see there is a potential conflict with the wilderness 101 and the NORBA 24 hour national. all yin's wanting to hit them both up may want to contact chris scott (organizer of the 101, and fellow enduro freak who used to race with schwinn). don't everybody hit him up at once as i am sure he is aware of it by now. i hope to do both, but with nationals being on the east coast, there really is no choice to make should the dates stay the same.

i did see the NORBA series made a change to their schedule (they moved the date of the first race) but wish they would move the date of the NORBA on the east coast so that it doesn't have a conflict with the big bear 24 hour.

and for you TRANSIOWA freaks, more mileage with no support. mike curiak must be loving this format.

and - no race pics from last weekend. was hoping to get some good mud shots as i was covered from head to toe. and as a side note, i must say i am surprised my how good the ritchey cross tires are hooking up this year. pretty nice tire.

that's it - gotta run.

may your day be filled with happy biking memories.

sologoat out.


11.27.05 - belated turkey day and race updates

what up? holiday week was super busy with family stuff so sorry for missing a few days of posting - have to catch up with everybody when i can and it seems like this is the only time of year i really have some time to catch up on everything.

turkey day was good - got to see my family. and jennifer made her world famous chocolate cake, not to be topped the pumpkin and apple pie. mmmm... yummy.

ok - cleveland cross race updates at ya now..

november 25th
winds at 40 miles per hour, temps in low 20's and about 10 inches of snow was enough to have the race cancelled for the day.

november 26th
temps warmed up to the mid 30's and the winds died down, allowing us to race. i was 2 points down on zak from bike authority in the series at the begining of the race, with myself in 3rd, zak in second and paul martin in 1rst.

jerry pfluge turned up from pittsburgh (old buddy from my days down in pittsburgh) with a cross single speed and took off from the gun never to be caught. paul would get second MINUTES down on jerry.

i battled on through the mud and melting snow and managed a 3rd place - zak had a little bit of a rough day and ended up 5th on the day, thus putting us in a tie for second after the race.

november 27th
temps in the low 40's melted the snow and made the course a total mud pit in some sections, and thus must of been a factor for some people not showing up today. with only 9 racers, the most noteable "no-show" was paul martin.

gun went off, and i got a good start. i was first into the woods of what would be a 12 lap race (with a total race time at one hour two minutes). i was careful not to show my good lines in the technical areas and stomped down hard on the gravel and road climb sections.

soon, i was off the front with a good gap with another rider. we would switch the lead back and forth for about 6 laps, but i sensed he was not climbing well as i kept on catching him on the climbs.

on about the 7th lap, there was only one dismount on the course and that is where i made my move. i dismounted, ran and jumped back on the bike with a little gap. with this gap, i then showed my good lines and put more time into before the first little gravel climb where i put more time into him.

the gap stayed steady at that point and we were never out of eye sight of one another, but i was holding the gap. i lapped a few riders, won the race and now have the lead in the series with one race to go.

that's it for race updates - just one to go in the cleveland series. for the last race, we are back down in the akron area for the flat cross course that i always seem to have issues with. the course is rough and with all this snow/rain, is sure to be muddy.

also wanted to say thanks to brett and his crew this weekend - they stuck around after their race on saturday and were screaming their heads off on the gravely/ice covered climb. made the climb a little easier...

that's it - gotta run. hope you had a good turkey day, and for all you guys heading out to cross nationals, rest up -- i hear there are a CRAZY field sizes already.

sologoat out.


11.22.05 - hammer on

HAMMER GEL will once again be sponsoring ernesto for the upcoming 2006 season. many details to come on this, but thanks to the good folks over at hammer gel/e-caps for getting me through a successful 2005 season.

one detail to note - they will be on the "ernesto" asylum jersey for next year. this jersey is still a big secret, but the jersey will be available only to yours truely and will be sporting my main sponsors of the year.

TIFOSI OPTICS, Schwalbe Tires, and Light & Motion are the others that are pretty much 100% at this time.

still working on helmets/shoes and clothing. major clothing (jerseys/shorts) i am good on, but i would like to maybe get some other sponsors for base layers, gloves, knee/arm warmers.... don't know how far i'll get with them though..

24 Hour MTB Nationals move to Wisconsin? dates on this is july 29th-30th. i am pumped that is on the east coast for once, BUT i hope that chris scott notices this and moves the date for the wilderness 101 because i would really like to do both.

and speaking of wishing, i wish NORBA or grannygear would switch their dates for the NC NORBA or the Big Bear 24 hour race so i can do both of those too. man, don't they know i am trying to put together a good race schedule? jeez....

bike maintenace day at ernesto's - the k monkey has a new chainring, rear derailler, tires and cables to get me through the winter. trying to get all bike maintenace stuff done soon as the house move is going to suck all my time away from my girlfriends.

i mean bikes.

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out.


11.20.05 - cleveland cross race update

what up?

quick update from saturday's cleveland cross race. small field for the a's, but fast as always. dry conditions made this course fast when the wind was blowing you around. one runup, one double barrier, tons of switchbacks to take your speed down to zero.

i got the lead quick, then paul came up and put the hammer down. i tried to stay within myself as i have been coughing up stuff and had a sore throat since wendesday.

zak and rudy stayed with me, zak pulled ahead and then rudy stayed with me for awhile. i lost rudy in a switchback area and tried to catch zak, but my lungs were not going for it. they felt like they were burning, so i turned off my attempt to catch zak and just rode conservative to the end. next week there is 3 races in a row, so i need to be healthy. i'm hoping that the points that i am down on zak will be erased next weekend as i hope my enduro riding during the year gets me through the 3 back/back/back races.

that's it - gotta run. ton's o stuff to do and no time to do it.

sologoat out.

11.19.05 - cleveland cross race #3 - pic 01

11.19.05 - cleveland cross race #3 - pic 01
Originally uploaded by solo_goat.

first lap at the cleveland cross race this weekend.

in front is paul martin, behind me is rudy and zak from bike authority.

rudy would place 4th, me 3rd, zak 2nd and paul first.

11.19.05 - cleveland cross race #3 - pic 03

11.19.05 - cleveland cross race #3 - pic 03
Originally uploaded by solo_goat.

riding the new moots.

had a little spill early in the race and i had to ride the race with my handlebars slightly turned to the right.

otherwise, the bike handles like a dream.

11.19.05 - cleveland cross race #3 - pic 02

11.19.05 - cleveland cross race #3 - pic 02
Originally uploaded by solo_goat.

first lap. lead rider is paul martin, former pro for the navigators and cat 1 road champ from a few years back.

seriously, the nicest guy to

race against. but...

if paul shows up, paul usually wins.

one side note - what bike shop did paul buy his tufo tires and his spooky brakes from?

hmmm.. one guess... speedgoat.com


11.17.05 - 20 degrees

yep, it's cold. so i rode the rollers tonight and watched the some of the 2005 tour dvd. here is some of the freaky things i saw when watching:

1. two different guys on the same mountain wearing full bunny suites
2. one guy wearing a superman outfit, complete with cape
3. one guy wearing a spiderman outfit, complete with mask
4. too many euro's wearing speedo's

the dvd seems pretty good so far - they really skip through the flat stages pretty quick and concentrate more on the mountain stages.

interstingly enough, paul and phil mentioned that the average tour rider is 5 foot 9 inches, 70 kilograms in weight (about 154 pounds) and has a resting heart rate of 50. so that would make sologoat about 15 pounds lighter then the average rider of the tour (to note - i am 5 foot 9 and resting heart rate is 50). thought that was an interesting factoid.

another intersting fact - you know how paul and phil seem to know everything about where the riders are racing through? well silly, the tour puts out a book before the start of the race for the commentators. it is sort of like those trip ticket things that AAA gives out that shows the map, where you are and interesting facts about the cities you are driving through.

enough of tour talk (my favorites for the 2006 tour - basso and rasmussen)

i have made some more blog entries at the SPEEDGOAT.COM BLOG. these are way back from the vegas show, but i 3 recent posts (with pics) of the 29er/26er mixed up castellano (got to see it!), and crazy carbon from control tech and san marco. go carbon, go carbon.. i like carbon, but it should be on road bikes only...

that's it - early night tonight for me.

sologoat out.


11.16.05 - my thoughts on TUFO's

hey all - got a request for comment on tufo tires, so i thought i'd post for all ye to see.

tufo's - i have been running the tubular clincher version of the tire ever since they came out a few years back as my main cross racing tire. a lot guys will switch tires out due to dry/muddy conditions, but i got sick of taking them on/off so i ended up just running them for the entire year.

as far as rolling them, i have heard of people rolling the tires using both the tubular and the clincher tubular -- but both were because of incorrrect installation. the tubular incident happened because the guy had some old tubular glue around and glued the tires on less then 12 hours before the race... dah.. the clincher incident happened because the rider didn't check the bead and it was never was on the rim good in the first place.

if you use the tubulars, use the tufo tape. if you use the clincher, make sure you have a good rim that can hold the clincher properly.

i haved used the following tufo cross tires:

Tufo C Prestige Tubeless Clincher Cross Tire

Tufo C Elite Tubeless Clincher Cross Tire

sologoat out.

11.16.05 - brrrrrrrrrrr.....

it's cold here in ohio - snowing today. slight temperture change compared to the 65 degrees it was yesterday. ah, the cleveland cross race this saturday is going to be epic.

got a new post up on the SPEEDGOAT.COM BLOG. it's a little write up on the asylums, 29ers, etc. got a cool pic from last nights ride too - if you check it out, you can see the full moon in the background.


no speedgoat cross race this year - guess the only weekend that was open to have it at the college conflicted with some major MAC series races so they decided not to have it.

and speaking of which - talked to gary dugovich about his cross race that he had a few weeks back. a TOTAL of 31 riders showed up. what the heck? i just don't know what people don't show up to his races. thinking about helping him out next year with his event, so if you are reading this and race cross you are hereby obligated to race it. just joking...

own an asylum? well i got a cool part for you - it's a Sterling Silver Asylum Headbadge! check them out - they are pretty sweet. and just to note - these were made by the same designer who did the custom head badges for single speed worlds. and further to note, if you look through some of the old bike builds that speedgoat has done, you will see another example of her work on a custom single speed moots. yowza.

and since everything happens in 3's, i got to mention this cool frame up for sale...

i forget the whole story about how chris at speedgoat actually aquired this sweet ride, but we got one of Steve Larsen's Custom Titanium Frames. the shop only has one frame and it comes complete with his autograph.

that's it - gotta run. check out the goat stuff, while i sign away my life at the bank to buy a house.

sologoat out.


11.13.05 - cleveland cross race update and such

hey all...

just got done with the 2nd race of the cleveland cross series - it was at a farm near akron ohio. this course has historically been not a good one for me as it is very NON technical and has very long straights and usually heavy winds. the course usually favors the roadies because of this, as i can't use my mad cross skillz to get good gaps.

race started hectic as usual, was in 3rd place for awhile and then was caught by two bike authority guys. i thought i could ride them off my wheel, so i kept the pace high and led them around for two laps. then they both attacked me - one guy i would catch, the other i would not. i ended up 4th behind paul martin, jerry pfluge (pittsburgh rider who i used to race a lot with years back), a bike authority guy who's name i always forget, and then myself.

key to these races is at about 45 minutes into the one hour race, the roadies usually crack a little bit. if i can ramp up the pace at the moment they are having difficulty, then i have a chance to catch them. the third place guy was cracking, but i ran out of time - just as i got the gap down to under 10 seconds, the race was over. oh well... good race though...

the new moots - wow. all i can say is that the combo of the oversized salsa bell lap cross bars and the new all carbon alpha q cross fork not only lightens the bike up, but is also hella stiff. within 2 minutes of getting the new bike on the road i was already thinking that i am going to switch out forks/bar/stem on my other moots for next year.

in other news, i see the NORBA schedule is up and that the series is cut down from 8 races to 6 - and no news on nationals or the marathon races yet unless they posted something recently. snowshoe is no more, and there is two races out in utah. i think the snowshoe race was moved to a new location further south. and... i guess one of the races is on the same weekend as big bear.

wow.... news update as i was just checking the NORBA web site.

holy cow, road nationals is at SEVEN SPRINGS IN PA!

WOW, i really can't believe it. that's cool - too bad mountain bike nationals are stil out at mammoth... looks like the date is july 20th through 23rd. dad and dan, get your bags ready to head to cali next year.

and - 24 hour nationals, dates are not set yet... hmm....

2006 NORBA schedule is up as well. bummed out that they are having a national race in NC the same weekend as big bear...

that's it - gotta run. looking like the schedule for next year will be pretty cool. looking forward to it already.

ride your bike at night - sologoat out.


11.10.05 - sologoat hears from tifosi

just wanted to give a quick update:

has come on for my optics sponsor for the 2006 season. you'll see me running the new Q3's and Quams in some crazy bright colors (which may even include pink!). been running these glasses for years and i love them. inexpensive and functional at a price that won't set you back a ton of cash.

Schwalbe Tires
i've said it before, i'll say it again - if it doesn't work, i won't use them. i am very particular about my tires and all i can say is that Schwalbe has come up with an awesome tire for 29er's with their LITTLE ALBERT tire. i've run them in all kinds of soil conditions and they have performed flawlessly.

that's it for the sponsor updates - gotta go ride.

see the lineup of Schwable tires at Speedgoat HERE

see the Tifosi lineup at Speedgoat HERE

sologoat out.

11.10.05 - my new stock moots compact

11.10.05 - my new stock moots compact
Originally uploaded by solo_goat.

looking at a stock 53.5 compact moots, standard tubing.

parts not on - thompson post, san marco saddle, crank brother pedals.

thompson stem, salsa bars, ultegra shifters, king heaset and hubs. alpha q fork, ultegra crank/bb, sram chain, ultegra 9 speed cassette, new dura ace rear derailler.

ultegra front derailler, king stainless cages, ultegra brakes.

11.10.05 - my new custom moots cross

11.10.05 - my new custom moots cross
Originally uploaded by solo_goat.

stock 53.5 moots cross with two exceptions:

1. 135mm rear spacing
2. NO water bottle mounts

running single 42 ring up front, 12x26 9 speed rear cassette, single ultegra rear shifter, cane creek front brake hood, no front derailler.

spooky brakes, alpha q cross fork, king headset, salsa skewers. san marco saddle, thompson stem and post and salsa cross bars.

dura ace rear derailler and ritchey tires. old school square taper race face cranks with race face ti bottom bracket and eventually, crank brother pedals.


11.08.05 - 3 hours

on the bike tonight. had to get out and ride, but it was all in the dark so i ran my lights in motion lithium ions again. funny - i think i counted 5 cars that actually stopped to see what the hell i was. hella bright light, yo.

not much going on lately, just trying to get things organized for next year, get out some last minute resumes and what not.

speaking of which - looks like schwalbe is going to be a new sponsor for next year as we are hammering out details with them, and hammer gel is on as well. lights in motion and tifosi proposals just were sent out and i am pretty sure they will be a "go" for next year as well.

few others are in the works, michael over at the shop is working his magic on them. we are tying to get things better organized for next year and i am hoping that the added support from the sponsors will help me get to the bigger races. i would really like to get to a few more races and maybe get to a few more of the NORBA's. i have a tentative schedule set in my mind, but i don't want to jinx things at this point.

house hunting is for the birds - this whole offer and counter offer stuff is so not fun. made an offer last week on a house and it's gone back and fourth 3 times now - i made my final offer on it this morning and i am still waiting to hear back.

and tomorrow i am off to the 'goat to pick up the moots and do some work on them. for me, christmas comes a few months early this year.

and - the asylums are going in to the shop for some maintenance and updating. yahoo!

that's it - gotta run.

sologoat out.


11.06.05 - weekend cleveland cross recap

click the title for a link to the offical resuls at the team lake effect web page.

raced on saturday at the cahoon park venue in the series on what was to be a very long and fast course. for some reason on friday night, i decided to drink some wine. and more wine. and a little more.

tummy didn't like this for the first half hour of the one hour race.

paul martin and shawn adams set a pretty furious pace at the begining. i was able to hold them real close, but my stomach was getting all notted up. for some reason during some cross races, my stomach gets really upset - especially if i had certain types of food/beverage within the last 24'ish hours or so. (for example - beer, soda pop, wine, coffee, etc...)

well, my stomach took a turn and i couldn't hold their wheels. so i rode on, until one of the lake effect guys named zak caught me. i pulled for one lap thinking i would just pop him off my wheel, but he didn't budge. so we went back and forth taking pulls - the wind was pretty bad, so this gave me a little break. zak looked pretty good, but i could hear him breathing really hard. when i took pulls, i would try some of my mountain bike skills to gap him through the corners. it hurt him, but he kept up with me.

the last corner was very sharp, and the sprint to the line from there was only about 50 feet. basically, the first man into that corner would get third. zak actually was taking a pull on an earlier lap when he made a really good line through it and went through it a lot faster then i was making it.

so, on the last lap, coming into the straight before the last corner, i jumped really hard and got a gap. (i would later learn that i surprised him and he didn't think i would go from so far out). i held the gap, took his line in the corner and beat him to the line for 3rd. tough day.

so, today i ended up riding in the 30-60mph gusts that hit the kent ohio area. really wasn't that bad as i stayed to the trails and got some protection from the trees.

ebay items all sold pretty well, so the cashola will go to the new moots which i am hoping to pick up this week -- and that's when the asylums will go in for their updates for next year, more than likely.

that's it for today - next race is this sunday, another cleveland cross series race. thinking of heading out east for some of the month of mud series races, but we'll have to see. i wish they would bring back the moraine state park race in PA. that race was hella cool. climbing, rocks, a little mix of everything. I hear they got some new trails there in the last couple of years, but i haven't ridden on them yet so i would like to go out some day and check them out.

gotta run - thanks for checking out the blog. keep the rubber side down.

sologoat out.


11.04.05 - quick post

a few quick updates for ya, as i am going to see a show that is being held by the cleveland art museum.

you can see the show HERE got to check out the venue. it's in this huge church with all this crazy stained glassed windows.

and - you may want to check out the SPEEDGOAT.COM BLOG for a picture of how i train in the winter and also another rider winning a 12 hour on his asylum. sweet.

oh, and also new to SPEEDGOAT.COM is the fact that they are now a dealer for maverick frames/forks. they don't have them up on the site yet, but you can call in and tell the guys to order one up for you. and if you don't dig the frames - got to check out the forks. could it be that the owner of the famous speedgoat shop currently has one on his bike? hmmmm....

gotta go - update on the cross race tomorrow late sunday.

sologoat out.

10.04.05 - back in ohio

just got back, must ride... looks like a nice day out, going out for a spin before jennifer gets back from columbus.

the goat called this morning, BOTH moots are there, now i just need to go out and pick them up/work on them. i usually get the help from dan the man, so i need to figure out when i can get out there, when he will be there....

which this is all good as my ebay auctions are coming to a close within the next day or so. selling off a bunch of old stuff and the wheels i won at georgia. need to fun the moots frames and this whole house buying adventure i am going on tomorrow.

speaking of which, i got to pay my late rent and run to the bank.

cross race this weekend - on saturday. just got my new TUFO's, so i am going to be able to corner a lot better this weekend.

gotta run - gotta ride - gotta drink my latte

sologoat out


11.03.05 - having a blast in waterford

ya, having a swell time in some cornfields in waterford WI. don't know how i picked this place, but at least it has some bike paths around. here for work and can't wait to get home.

went to get some 'grub last night and nothing was open, so i went down to the local tavern (yep, they don't have bars 'round here) and open entry, turned right around and went up the street to get something to eat. locals were totally hammered and i had to find a place that i felt like i wasn't going to get my arse kicked when i walked in.


cleveland cross race this weekend - right after i meet with the real estate guy joe. should be an interesting day to say the least.

got the word on my moots frames - road frame is on the way, cross frame is another week and half out. hmmm... seem i ordered the cross frame perfectly in time for the season to be over. BUT i do have some new TUFO's coming, so that will be cool - got the blue/black ones.

no word on sponsors yet - still sending out a few. speedgoat/asylum are 150% though we haven't come up with a color yet on the new frames. mostly looking for some clothing sponsors at this point. 3 changes during a race, cold/wet/hot condtions to deal with.... to be set up perfectly with clothes, you have to have at least 3 sets of all types of clothing and that can get expensive as all hell.

especially when you gotta have the bling bling italian mountain bike shoes.

gotta run - must sleep.

sologoat out


11.01.05 - work, work, work

sorry for the lack o' posts - been super busy getting out the resumes, selling off old stuff on ebay, doing work stuff. it's been pretty hectic, and i am trying to figure out buying a house. it's friggin' nerve racking.

other than that, been getting in rides pretty much every day, trying to stay fit for the cleveland cross series and get in as much riding as i can before the white stuff hits the ground.

gotta run - my class starts in a little bit. job cost and service management software class for the next 8 hours. should be fun. hope that it ends a little bit early again so i can sneak in another ride on the karate monkey.

later -
sologoat out.