next up - dsg 12 hour

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whew, short week of work, then off to the races again - heading south again, down to the dsg 12 hour.

will be heading out early tomorrow AM - hopefully will send some updates, depending on the wireless connection and the local yocal hotel.

it's the kind of race you look forward to all year - got a low key feel to it, great course, tough competition, great payouts, tons of prizes, free beer.... and all done in a day. it's the way races should be put on.

word is, tinker, nat, josh are all back this year - sorry to hear that eddie and nam won't be down as some bad things are going down with a fellow enduro freak. send my thoughts to harvey...

sologoat out


2008 greenbriar marathon

2008 greenbriar marathon 01
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short updates as i got back late - more pics and write up later...

"slightly" muddy course, got away with steve s and mike k early on the first lap.

mike dropped off the pace around the begining of the 4th lap, i caught steve and we rode together for awhile, then steve slipped on a log and i put the pressure on.

at the end of the day, the three of us would finish in that order - me, steve and mike.

other speedgoat rider updates - gerry took 2nd in his race, andy took 8th in the semi-pro.

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next up - greenbriar challenge

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will be pakcing up and heading a little south to my brothers neck of the woods, maryland.

i'll be hitting up the marathon event - possible update on sunday, depending on when i get back.

and - want to send a quick thanks to jeff at i9 for building me up two sets of wheels. super light with fast cassette engagement - it's no wonder mountain bikers as well as bmx riders love these wheels.

that's it - gotta pack up.

sologoat out


more cohutta updates...

and bear with me as i make a few changes to the blog layout. html is definetely not my thing...

random cohutta rider updates, and don't quote me on these...

speedgoat andy - 13th. burped a rear tire mid-way.

garth - somewhere around 15th. flatted early on.

deejay - pretty sure he took the single speed win.

tim d - cannondale single speeder, fellow i9 rider, came in the top 3/4/5 spot? not sure, but i know he was up there...

steve s - not sure of his placing, think he came in around garth's position.

floyd - rumor on the street is he is on the down-low as far as fitness goes until after things quite down later on this year with the 2 year ban. then, it's a full go with plans to race next year.

eddie o and nam - both got write ups, check out their sites...

shawn a - should have a write up coming soon..

that's it - gotta eat lunch.

sologoat out


cohutta 100

cohutta 100 036
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satuday 7am - race starts with showers and a first climb vicious attack that split the group immediately.

with my legs not feeling too superly awesome, i sit back and immediately decide to race my own race as it seemed like my legs were bloated with lactic acid. it was going to be a long day.

that was evident - on the second major climb, i am caught by the lead singlespeed riders and pua. hmmmm... this was going to be a longer day.

soon after the first feed, the lactic acid is out of legs and i am catching riders. i reel them all back and start chasing. i am now caught inbetween the 2nd group on the road and everybody else.

i proceed to ride the next 40'ish miles by myself, the only rider i catch is floyd landis around the 2nd feed stop.

around mile 55'ish, i can see a group with a few orange jerseys in it - it has to be fellow speedgoat riders andy and gerry or possibly shawn. soon, they are out of sight again, but i ended up catching andy who was dropped and had lost some air in the rear tire.

we ride together for the next 30 miles or so and soon after the 4th feed, andy says farwell and i ride off, eventually coming in 11th.

overall awesome event - great way to start up full racing again and it was good to see all the fellow enduro freaks out there.

now it's offical as the season has started: game on

sologoat out


2nd stop - cohutta 100

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tomorrow i'll venture out again to the cohutta with shawn. without saying, the field looks more packed with some of the top enduro freaks around this year as compared to last.

course is an out and back on mostly fire roads with a hellishly long climb in the middle and sweet single track sprinkled thorughout.

start/finish area is super cool to hang out as it was a previous location for olympic kayak events - what seems to be kind of very scenic low key stream can be turned into hells furry with mans creative use of dams.

pics and updates possibly late saturday night, otherwise up late on sunday.

also, gotta give a shout out to my old irma street posse members tris for hooking me up with some new tunes for the ride and for a possible wobblenaught fit from my man jim.. if you are in the cleveland'ish area and need a killer fit, drop me a line and i'll fire off his email to you...

that's it gotta pack -
sologoat out


new kit

new kit
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sneak peak pic of the new "ernesto" speedgoat kit in a shade of ergon green - which gave me new kit power to throw down a new best time for my one hour out of the front door interval.

more pics and stuff later - house work, riding and got to my taxes done for the man.

sologoat out


speedgoat visit

how many 29ers?
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went well.

1. new road parts on moots - done
2. redline cross - done
3. king cross wheels - picked up
4. linn run - beautiful as ever. ride completed with ZERO cars passing me the entire way up the 20 minute + climb. i need more of that.

also picked up the new 'ernesto' speedgoat kit - got to throw a shout out to my man jeremy for all the work he put into both my kit and the new orange speedgoat kit.

that's it - more pics up later tonight as i piece together the moots and reline. for now - gotta ride.

sologoat out


boggin' 101...

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bear with me as i make a very feable attempt to have a rotating picture header.... will be a slight miracle if i can get it to work... i can work magic with thousands of lines transcations and hundreds of tables within a SQL database, but i can't get my blog header picture thingy to work...

think i'll just ride...

updates coming soon:
1. first asylum rides of the year
2. new fox 29er fork rocks out
3. northwave's carbon soles are super stiff
4. dan's tune up on the 2008 bikes = awesome
5. house work = never done. force ernie villa (dad) to stay until done.

sologoat out


group ride

saturday group ride: 1 crash (not me), 3 bottles, 1 flask, 2 bars and 115+ miles plus. temps hit around 60 or so by the end.

it's ohio and finally the snow is almost gone.

gotta ride - sologoat out


2008 Granny Gear Conyers Flyer

pain train

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will be in session tomorrow AM as i head out on shawn's ride. should be lots of painful fun. stop by his blog for info, but we are meeting around 9am'ish in the valley.

cross commuter update - redline team f/f, sram s300 cranks/bb (890 grams!), trp canti's, thompson stem/post. wheelset.... to be decided.. possibly another set of reynolds clinchers.

and - the word from my man justin at princeton tec is that the new blinker light should be available mid year. and.... i could tell you more, but that's top secret and i may have to kill you...

sologoat out