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check out my flickr account dawgs and click on the "sets" - got a "4 sale" set of a bunch o' stuff i am clearing out. i don't have prices or fine details up yet, but the pics are up.

taking no trades on anything unless you have a moots (29er or cross) or some high end road wheels that i can use for cross season. trades only for local yocals.

got two old lighting systems with 2 spare batteries and one backup bar light - will make a package deal if interested. if you are a fellow enduro freak, i'll make you a deal.

check it out!

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sunday - first corner

ah, the only picture i can find of me on last sunday's race.

15 seconds in, i am slamming my brakes and come to a complete stop... NICE....

note - you can see brent and nate escaping the left...

been reading some interesting articles on cross tire selections - seems like a lot of the top dawgs are all running tubulars and some have even gone to the extent of having their sponsors clinchers made up in custom tubulars. sweetness.

speaking of which, anybody out there running the new reynolds attack wheels? wondering how they would hold up for cross...

sponsorship news coming up in the next few days along with a garage sale of bike parts and a few bikes. stay tuned.

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kentucky uci quick update

saturday - start on the next to last row, at least 10 rows back.

sunday - ditto.

saturday, legs felt hellishly slow. got pulled with 3 laps to go, 70th place. ouch.

sunday, legs felt better. on the first corner, some dork crashes himself. i lock the brakes up and come to a complete stop and immediately shoot to the last 5 or six guys in the field of 90.

i make up some ground, finish around 60th and got pulled with one lap to go. i felt better, legs felt faster and i was (from what i could tell) the lead ohio rider from the pack i was in (nate, brent, etc).

additional kick in the teeth - they didn't even put me on the finishing list. nice job officals.

gotta run - next up, local cross races this coming weekend. pardon me if i pick up some bad habits and cut you off in the corner while throwing you an elbow and kicking you over at the same time so i can get a better line.

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cough cough

rick adams - cross vegas 02
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is the sound i've been making for over a week now. sore throat, coughing and runny nose - not fun.

resumes are still being sent out, a few more to go. news on that later on, maybe saturday night as i'll be heading out to...

kentucky for the double UCI weekend. i'll be heading out solo. pretty pumped up that i just got in my last little shipment from maxxis in the form of cross tires and some tubes. i ran maxxis at vegas and found that they gripped really well on the off chamber stuff which i tend to have issues on as i like to go into corners a little hot on the speed.

and, i'm thinking that i can get away with running clinchers - tubulars are sweet, but they are making me paranoid as it seems like everybody is rolling them. so, i'm thinking maybe a pair of reynolds carbon clinchers are in my future...

with that, gotta roll. some work to do, emails to send. and i need to find a new digitial camera as moab killed my camera.

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weekend off

as i try to recover from a year of enduro racing, get rid of this cold i've had since monday and try to get out some resumes and proposals for next year.

next up for me is the UCI double weekend in kentucky as i debate wheels - i've got a set of reynolds cross tubulars, but it seems like everybody and their brother has been rolling them weekend after weekend.

debating some carbon clinchers.

that's it - not mucho going on today. if anybody wants to share a ride down to kentucky this weekend, send me an email send a reply to this post.

sologoat out


consolation prize

from grannygear just came in the mail in the form of a fourth place overall check in the 24 hour series. nice to get a little extra cashola for the cross season.

this week has been one of me being sick since monday, updating and sending out sponsorship resumes and proposals, and somehow figuring out how to clone my pc hard drive as my old drive is starting to die....

i think i need a vacation from my vacation.

gotta run, proposals to get out - if anybody has any ideas/suggestions on sponsors for the year, send 'em along. interested sponsors, send me an email.

with that, going out for my third 29er single speed ride this week in a short bit. with all of the hours and rides in this year, it's nice to get back to the basics.


sologoat out

(photo courtesy of Adam Lisonbee epicriding.blogspot.com )


moab - the write up

Start my final prep’s of the day, last minute instructions on my food for the day and all the little things to get me through the next 24 hours.

Get up to the start line and make my way to the front of the line where I exchange a hand shake with Chris E and Josh Tostado.

Gun goes off and the craziness begins – elbows and dust are flying everywhere and I soon get shuffled back as at least two guys get totally run over in the run. Somehow, I am still near Chris but this soon changes as the group immediately bottle necks onto the course entrance.

For the first lap only, we rip down the service road that enters the venue and then shoot straight up the first climb of the day. I put in a decent effort to make it up to the back end of the group where Chris is at the front of the pack. I figure at that point, I have to be in the top 5 – later, when I check in on my first lap, I discover that I was in 3rd.

The first climb is going well, but things start to string out immediately. I pick off a few riders here and there, and the line of riders behind me is very sparse.

Things are rolling good, until I hit the 13 mile mark.

This year we switched out to Shimano chains – one of the pins popped out and bent the hell out of one of the links badly. Since I could see the venue, I started to run the last ½ mile.

Bad choice. I ran for what seemed forever, long enough that I thought I should have fixed the chain. Looking back, I question as to whether or not this effort may have caused my breathing issues later on during the race as running is not something I normally do or practice.

Nonetheless, I still manage to come in roughly 8 minutes down on the leaders and I am in 5th place, only minutes behind 3rd and 4th.

Second lap
By the top of the first climb, I am back in 3rd place.

I keep up a good pace and I am putting time on the solo field.

Third and Fourth lap
Same pace as the previous laps, I continue to hold my pace, but it seems like I’m starting to have some issues taking food down and I feel that I’m not getting enough calories in.

Fifth through Sixth laps –
Power is now starting to slowly sap out of my legs as I can't seem to push a hard pace, but more importantly, when I breathe in deeply, I start to cough uncontrollably. This for me is a sign of sports induced asthma – and once I get it, the only thing I can really do is either back off of my efforts or stop.

Dave Harris catches me and I slip back to 4th place. Technically though, I’m in 3rd place though as Josh Tostado pulls out on the 6th lap.

This condition goes away, but usually not until the next day. I push on.

Last lap –
My chest is now feeling more restricted and I’m having increasing difficulty eating anything. My legs and body feel fine, but the situation was not getting better.

On the final descent into pit row, I decide to pull out.

In retrospect, I don’t know if it was the run on the first lap, the dust, too hard of an effort too early. You think about anything long enough, you can analyze everything you did in the last 2 weeks and find something wrong with it.

Moab – you’ll have to wait another year.

Sologoat out


moab and a case of exercise-induced asthma

quick update.

lap 1, at mile 13 of 13.5 mile course, my chain snaps and i run in. i was only 3 minutes'is behind josh and chris, but i still manage to come in 4th.

i soon make it up to 3rd.

soon, my power seems to be dwindling, i can't eat and my deep breathing is causing me to cough uncontrollably. i've gotten this before, but never during a race.

could of been the dust, could of been the run, could of been one too many 24's late in the season....

had to bag it. and it looks like josh and dave had to do so too...

gotta run - more later. for now, i am heading back east.

sologoat out


Friday Moab update

Sunny Moab
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last lap on the course before saturday's race start.

some sections of sand have been cleared out, but for the most part, it's the same as yesterday. you are either going to have a good day or bad day out there...

last downhill is classic - you should be going about 25mph plus, but due to the wind blowing in your face and the sand all over, you have to pedal your arse off to hit 20mph.

chris e, tostado, chris g, rob l, dave harris - it's going to be a tough day. nat ross is in town, watch for him in the duo pro.

that's it - time to rest up and charge up the princeton tec's.

wish me good luck and good legs -

sologoat out


moab - thursday update

moab - 1rst climb
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all my pics are now uploaded on flickr - check them out as i dropped my camera yesterday and probably can't take any more.

conditions are super dry, super sandy. early AM ride was good and the trail crew was out - brushing away the sand. it can be around 3-4 inches in some spots, so go full speed and sit back for the ride.

trek and fisher boys are in town, and i have a sneaky idea that tinker is going to show as there is the huge cannondale truck here. so, watch for tinker, nat and josh tostado to join the race in moab by saturday AM.

course is classic dessert, go along minding your own business, then all of a sudden, either 3 inches or sand or a rock field that better have you picking the right line or you'll going down.

that's it for tonight - one more pre-ride tomorrow, race pick up and a little trip out to arches national park.

that's it -
sologoat out


moab trip - day 3

6pm at moab
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got into town today and got in a lap on the course - sorry, no pics today of the course as i forgot it in my rush to get in a lap before nightfall.

all i got to say is, you better like sandy conditions or you gonna have a bad weekend on this course.

dry conditions has left a lot of sections deep in soft sand - especially in the first mile and a half or so.

after that, it's typical west coast desert riding - you are riding along having a good time in the sand, when all of a sudden rocks and a drop off are 12 inches away from your front wheel. goes from "ho-hum" one second to death defying rock sections the next.

sure not in ohio anymore.

gotta run - pics of the course up tomorrow.

sologoat out

8am at vail colorado

8am at vail colorado
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and i am sooooooooooooo glad i am not working today. damn it is beautiful out here. i may just stay here..

but i gotta date with moab.

30 degree temps this early am, the coffee was awesome and so was the breakfast. this afternoon i'll be riding in moab.

wish you were here - this week is going to be epic.

sologoat out

moab trip - day 1 and 2 recap

lock ness monster in colorado!
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day 1 - drive to iowa and sleep in a hotel next to the mississippi.

day 2 - drive all day, get into vail colorado.

day 3 (tomorrow) - drive the last 250'ish miles to moab.

day 2 big excitement was that i ran into one of chris e's mechanics at a very random small gas station in the middle of nowhere nebraska. what's the chances of that?

vail is 30 degrees and clear - can't wait to see what it looks like during the day.

gotta run -
sologoat out


head west young man

in roughly 12 hours, i start my journey west to moab. should be an epic just getting there as i will be driving out with my dad, getting to moab on tuesday and then meeting up with dan the man on thursday.

will full gear in tow, i'll be a little less freaked out about not having something when i get to there - except now the freak out is happening a full week before the race.

jeff from ergon will be at the big dance in utah along with justin from princeton tec.

solo men's field is looking pretty stacked, over 30 riders or so when i last looked at it.

weather is calling for temps in the low 80's for the high and the mid 40's for the night. hmmm... just like conyers!

pretty much sticking to the same game plan i ran at out in california - with the longer laps of moab, water and food need to be planned out to a "t". hammer gel and caps, heed and perpetuem for fuel.

i pretty much stick to their recomended doses, but i tend to run the mixes a little lighter. i usually weigh in around 135-140 at race day, so i usually run the hammer mixes at around the mix strength of 120 pound rider.

gotta run - still got some more packing to do.

watch for some good blogging this week - should be an epic journey to a race i've been dreaming about for years and an awesome way to wrap up the enduro season.

sologoat ot


Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp

Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp
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New to the Princeton Tec headlamp series is the Fuel.

Running on 3 AAA's, this sweet little light can burn forever and has a light that you can adjust veritcally.

Why review a headlamp - a few reasons. As an enduro 24 hour freak, i need to eventually ride during night hours. (duh!) so that means my pit crew needs lighting too as they are working on bikes, prepping my food. they need light in tight places and need to be able to hand me a water bottle in one hand and food with the other.

hence - headlamps to the rescue....

and, i also run an "ernesto custom" version of their apex headlamp on my bars for my main backup. i've found the strengths of headlamps (very wide side to side beam) seem to complement the strengths of the bike specific lights like the swithback 2 which strength is the very bright beam that goes a far distance.

additionally - the burn times are just unreal with headlamps, you can get batteries anwhere, and it's a lighting option that won't set you back over 200-300 bucks.

sologoat out

2008 Mamasita

2008 Mamasita
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ah, we all love our mamasita's.

for 2008, salsa has spiced things up a little bit was a cool new new metal flake red.

some changes for the 2008 complete model is a different crank and a wtb saddle embrodered with the salsa logo on it - and some newly designed stickers.

all steel salsa frames will be available as completes and the casarole comes in either a geared version or single speed version running a flip flop surly rear wheel.

i have loved their designs and frame options - salsa always seems to have nice options out there without breaking the bank.

some softgoods are going away, and the price of wool is crazy freaking high, so wool salsa sweaters are a thing of the past for now.

and, i know a salsa secret - but you're going to have to wait until frostbike.. ah, ha, ha.. (that was an evil laugh)

sologoat out


one more 24

ernesto moab registration
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the picture says it all - will be heading out this sunday.

see you in utah.

sologoat out



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not to be confused with the iPod, the iRaq or the iRan.

this computer uses sensors located at the front of the unit to measure wind speed and ties in with elevation and grade to calculate wattage.

this product is now in it's second generation and is available now in a wireless setup.

price tag was hefty - over 600 retail, but is an option for the mountain bikers out there.

still very un-impressed overall at the lack of consideration of the "wattage market" to the entire mountain bike market. wattage info comes with a price (as you have to buy a TON of stuff to get anything to work worth a damn) and the power tap unit actually seems like it would be the solution - they just need to build it in a disc hub.

sologoat out

Pashley 3 speed

Pashley 3 speed
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they say all things happen in 3's.

years ago, when i busted up my shoulder, i was forced to go on marathon hikes to keep up my fitness. on one of these hikes in the columbus ohio area, i came across an old huffy 3 speed.

that same basic type of hub on my basically new old school huffy 3 speed is the same type of hub you will see on the pashley coming out of good ol' england.

check out the flickr picks - they make some very kewl looking bikes. this one in particular caught my eye - 3 speed with a HUGE front headlight and fenders - all in glorious chrome plating.

for about 2 grand, you can ride in style and gain cool points at the same time.

sologoat out

Ergon Grips

Ergon Grips
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check 'em out - the new updated version of the ergon grips are soon to be out.

the rubber on the grip has been slightly changed - but where most of the weight comes into play is on the actual clamp.

the next version will have a newer/lighter clamp saving me and my other fellow ergon freaks some weight.

stay tuned for more updates from ergon in the glove department as well. current versions of both the full finger and the cut off glove has been used by yours truely since the big bear 24 hour and this is how many blisters i have had since switching gloves:

0 (zero, zero, zero!)

sologoat out

DT/Pace 29er rigid

DT/Pace 29er rigid
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dt recently made an aquisition of pace - so the old pace fork is the new dt fork.

aquisitions, aquisitions...

also, DT has made improvements in their 29er fork - better seals, more durability and weights around that of the new fox 29er fork.

in REBA/Rock shox news, nothing new for 2008 - but according to greg h (the mountain bike legend who tests their stuff), the REBA will get some upgrades for next years show.

sologoat out

Steve & Jeff Jones bike

Steve & Jeff Jones bike
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voted the best in show a few years back (2005, I believe) by speedgoat chris, Jeff Jones produces one hell of a cool bike.

if you run his frame, you gotta run his fork - so you are riding full rigid ti.

not too long ago, jeff jones hand made each and every one and it would set you back a very hefty ammount - pretty much DOUBLE or TRIPLE the price of you standard high end ti frame.

you still have that option - but now, Jeff has teamed up with MERLIN to speed up production times and availability, and save you some cash.

steve and i both got to "test ride" the bike at the show - all i can say is that the bike feels like it would float over anything.

sologoat out


TRP magnesium canti

TRP magnesium canti
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trp is new to the cross market, coming out with some carbon canti's a few months back.

new to their line up will be the magnesium version of their aluminum brake. but you'll have to wait..

they won't be available to next year - duh!

sologoat out

I9 road wheelsets

I9 road wheelsets
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industry 9 will be offering up 3 road wheelsets next year.

they will use less pawls and will engage around 13-15 degrees or so. why? roadies don't want to be slowed down by those extra pawls and want to carry more speed.

one will run a standard aluminum rim coming in at around $1000 bucks.

one will weigh in at a little under 1100 grams running a carbon rim, the other higher end will run a LEW rim with ceramic bearings.

if you want the LEW, be prepared to have a hella sweet light wheelset and to have you set back well over three grand for these "pimp my ride" wheels.

sologoat out

Felt rear drop out

Felt rear drop out
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i'm slowing fading away from my love of horizontal drops as eccentric bottom brackets have taken away my pain.

but - here's a great way felt came up with to solve the issue of crushing your rear drop the first time you crank down on that rear hub.

sologoat out

Ritchey Mtn Breakaway

Ritchey Mtn Breakaway
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as it was rumored, ritchey is now offering up the newest addition to the breakaway lineup - the mountain frame.

hmm.. too bad it has the wrong sized wheel on it.

sologoat out

Interbike - Moots

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all my interbike photo's are now posted on my flickr account, so check them out if you have a second. i'll be updating the blog with a few of my favorites..

starting with one of my favorites, moots.

69'er ti, 29er full suspended ti and here - the owners only Moots jersey. starting in 2008, any owner that sends in their registration card will get a jersey. only requirement - you gots to own a moots.

pre-2008 owners can send in your serial number and for 25 bucks, you can add this jersey to your collection.

and - also new, gotta check out the new seatpost

and - stay tuned. sl frames are now a thing of the past, but there is a "new superlight' frame coming out soon.

sologoat out