heading north

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more pics up on flickr - check them out.

extended write up some time this week as i try to catch up on some sleep. tomorrow, early AM ride in charolette.

tuesday - back to the grind.

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last post before race day

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in town - robbie, harlan and harvey. going to be a fast one tomorrow.

more pics uploaded - check them out.

that's it - time to rest up.

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next up - santos

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it's dumping snow in ohio as i am soaking up some early season rays in florida - next up, the 12 hours of santos.

pre-rode the vortex - first section felt like a twisty vortex as you flowed with speed through the santos trails. roughly 40 minutes in, you hit what is dubbed the 'red' trails and you are in for a lot of steep ups and downs, rocks and some other silliness. reminds me a lot of the old trails at mikey's in ohio, only 5 times more packed with short steep climbs.

roughly 55 minutes or so at a moderate pace - guessing around 40-45 minutes at race pace.

check out flickr for some more pics.

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the commute and the reward

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2010 Big Bear 24 Hours

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or should i say nationals?

check it here

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ripping flvs and thinking of warmer weather

Nathan Spear's Euro Cross Video website has been sucking up a ton of my time lately.


FREE: sign up on his website
FREE: downloads of hella cool euro cross video

files are huge, they are speaking german, and it gets a little pixelated when converted to dvd, but it's worth it. tons of videos, awesome coverage.

and if you only check out one of the videos - have to download and rip the 2009 worlds mens high def file. it's a whopping 1 gig file, but man is it clear and awesome.

shouldn't need the video this weekend - temps above 40 degrees are going to seem like july 80 degree weather this weekend.

some updates from pivot - the frames are on the way. will be running mostly the same setup overall as last year, few tweaks here and there. pivots will be running mostly xtr, fox forks, conti tires, ritchey stems, carbon post/bas, ergons, san marco saddle, crankbrothers, chris king headsets, king cages.

gotta shout out to jim, dan and the rest of the speedgoat gang for once again for all the work involved in getting me riding the trails with some killer bikes for another season.

that's it - gotta roll.



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was the high today in ohio - glad to see the windchill factor higher then 15 and to see the snow mostly gone from the roads.

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