cohutta quick recap

2009 cohutta 01
2009 cohutta 01,
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hot in both pace and temps. 7:12 was my finish time, 21 minutes faster then last years. i placed top 15 but not 100% sure of exact placing as i took off for the drive home.

pace was hot, temps were even higher. i and most of the 100 field were dealing with cramps as early as 50 miles in.

gerry won single speed, andy came in 15 minutes behind me.

sorry for the lack of pics - been a hectic work week and i was soaking in the sun time which has not come often this year for this ohio rider.

full write up coming in the next day or two on the speedgoat site.

sologoat out


i like latte's so much, i run it in my tires

just in...

CaffeLatex will be now running in my tires. as a replacement to running stan's seaslant, caffelatex foams up within you tire to make for effective sealant.

stay tuned for install instructions and how to replace your current stans setup with caffelatex.

now - time to sleep. cohutta in the AM - fast and dry. pain train to commence at 7am.

all aboard!

sologoat out


RATL race 1 video

Race At the Lakes #1 from Mark Gorman on Vimeo.

video shot from a camera mounted to my bar at last weeks RATL - a lot of butt shots and it's a bit jumpy as the course is kind of rough. thanks for mark over at ohio outside for letting me borrow his camera and for the editing.

for video junkies out there, it was shot on an oregon scientific ATC5K camera - runs about $250'ish or so.

next race, we are going to try running it on the helmet to see if it steadies out.

check back friday - may put up some video later in the day going up the opening climb at the cohutta course.

sologoat out

bike work 101

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the past 4 days have been a long excercise in my bike wrenching skills. never fails - always when i am putting in big hours, something is bound to break. in an effort to save cash, i run things into the ground.

this past week - had a chain/cassette go out, snapped a spoke nipple (but luckily the spoke and rim are OK) and had a mavic rim sidewall wear out. nice.

that - and i somehow managed to get the pivot together - but i am missing a few parts here and there, so no full blown pics until i got the complete package together.

last week - my "suprise" attack at the local crit did not go un-noticed and i somehow managed to find 2 other partners in crime with me on my attack from the gun. about 50 guys started, about half got lapped. average speed for the first 45 minutes was around 26-27mph - finished up lucky number 13.

this weekend - slower and waaaaaaaaaay longer. the cohutta 100.

sologoat out



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ride, work, ride, eat, sleep, repeat.

mucho thanks going out to the speedgoat gang and the following new sponsors...

Setting me up with HyFlow housing and disc brake pads to help me stop when I need to stop (which is always a good thing).

Will be setting up the bikes with ProLite post and stems and the XROC 3 degree oversized bar.

will soon be running the lazer genesis road helmet which runs their new Rollsys fit system for a super snug helmet that fits super nice.

build up pics and possible video coming soon!

sologoat out


pivot build up number 1

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is now complete - somewhat.

few parts to be finalized after i get my wobblenaught fit and we are waiting for a few others to come in. final parts and full coverage of the build ups by dan the man will soon be up on the speedgoat blog after frame #2 arrives in a short bit.

i9's, king ti cage xtr, foxl are just a few of the brands you'll see on the final builds - weight is actually around the same area as the asylums.

thanks for dan the man, jim, don and the whole speedgoat crew for pulling together a great build up for 2009.

now - off to sneak in a long ride before sunday dinner with the family.

sologoat out


long days

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last night ride ended at 9:45pm as i snuck in both a long day at work and on the trail.

not mucho to report on these days as the meat of the season is fast approaching, but i am really looking forward to heading out to speedgoat shop to build up and pick up pivot #1, meet up with the guys and then get a good ride up linn run to hit up some of the local 'goat trails that i don't get to see enough of.

local road races are starting soon - hope to hit a few of those up to remind all of those roadies how mountain bike races start.

120% effort at the gun.

with that in mind - i'm out. possibility i may actually get a long ride in without having to use my lights.

sologoat out