group ride

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went down this past saturday headed up by shawn - other saturday rides will continue through whenever, depending on weather.

rides and house work are rolling right along as i eek out my last vacation days to concentrate on house work, resting and getting some early season miles in.

2009 calander not set in stone yet as i haven't had the time to plan things out - same rough schedule, though i may switch things up and try to get out to a few more of the hundred milers.

gotta run - need to ride and paint.

sologoat out


merry festivus

off to see the family in little while after i sneak in a christmas eve ride.

not mucho going on, planning out 2009, taking some much needed time off and getting in a little r&r before i start logging the miles.

roughly two weeks of unscheduled workouts for me, then it is time to get back to the schedule.

rough schedule is basically the same, but with more enduro's and less 24's out there, should be interesting to see how things pan out.

with that, gotta ride - and then rest up for some feats of stregnth.

sologoat out


ernesto speedgoat socks

will soon be up at Speedgoat.com so be on the lookout to not only look stylish, but to also help Speedgoat in their effort to support me during my 2009 racing season.

sologoat out


odd weekend

in the sense that i don't really have anything that i am specifically training for - probably the first weekend i can say that since... about this time last year.

so it's my offtime for the year - two weeks of riding without looking at the calendar or without a specific workout. and, it's also two weeks of getting house stuff done as after january 1, i probably won't have the time.

mas o menos for 2009 - need to contemplate that and the rest of the goals for the year.

in my holiday gift search, i did pick something up for myself - the Park Tool RK-41 Portable Race/Ride Kit.

there's a few options out there for tool sets, but for traveling and going out to races, this seems like the best tool/tool case option out there.

that's it - time to drink some java, put away cross bikes, and plan out 2009.

sologoat out


cross nationals - sunday

masters start - 45 to 49
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9am - 60 degrees

1:30pm - 21 degrees

clear but friggin cold day - ligned up in approximately the 5th row and had a good start, but went downhill from there.

felt good overall but just lacked the speed - would eventually end up getting pulled, but had enough laps to get placed. made it to the top 70 riders.

kind of disappointing, but the game plan going in was just to stay on the same lap. goal next year will be the same.

overall, had a blast - glad i stayed around for both races. and for all you fellow cross freaks that cheered me on - thanks.

sologoat out


cross nationals - saturday

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update: i came in 18th and andy came in 20th.

gerry got 9th and fellow ohio rider andy applegate came in 11th in the masters 40-44 group.

got about 60'ish pics or so up on flickr - mostly of gerry's race. this is one pic is pretty classic - tuba player in the background.

two years ago during the elite race, i caught a glimpse of a hula girl playing a ukulele.

sologoat out

cross nationals - saturday

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conditions were super windy today, mud was dry, tacky and slow.

lined up in the 3rd row, right next to andy.

gun went off, and all hell broke loose. held my position for the entire race, made up a few more. course layout was tough, you were either going up or going down.

one run at the top of the climb, one barrier at the bottom and one more little run up at the end.

finished up somewhere around 15th, results will be up soon. andy finished a spot or two behind me.

gerry had a great race - finished in 8th in his race.

now, rest and some coffee. tomorrow, the elite race and then the drive back. both will be painful.

sologoat out


cross nationals - friday

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arrived into town today around 2'ish, right before gerry and andy got in.

was able to do about 7'ish laps - conditions at time of riding was tacky mud. kind of stuff you can ride real fast, hold off the brakes and let the tacky mud act as brakes. nothing too crazy, wide open stuff.

will say though, the preview i posted last week is a bit deceptive - there is a lot more going "up" then you would think and the layout is not exactly as it was in the preview.

but, overall the vibe is positive, the course is good and i think everybody is pumped up about racing.

first race up tomorrow - masters. then sunday, the big show is on. it's a racers race - people screaming, lungs burning and it's the last race of the year. hells ya.

sologoat out


the packing is almost done

but somehow i have managed to a pretty decent write up on cross tire choices on the speedgoat blog - you can check it out here

race conditions - i'm not jinkxing them or anything, but it's looking better then it was last year.

head out tomorrow, get there for a pre-ride and registration on friday.

masters event for me is around 2'ish where i will line up 3rd row, 2nd person in next to my man andy. we'll race, give the race course secrets to gerry who will be lining up for his race right after we finish up.

with that - gotta roll. 2 more to go then i get some rest.

sologoat out


cleveland cross final

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not mucho to say here, going into the final race, the battle was up for the overall.

for me to tie for the win with paul, basically both shawn and paul would not both have to not show with how the points worked out. with probably only a few good races in me left, i decided to go safe and stay upright as my 3rd place was basically already ensured at the start line.

stuck it out for the first laps, but the 2.0 tires on my salsa were no match to the speed of the cross bikes. ended up on the day way back, but finished out 3rd overall in the series.

1. paul
2. shawn
3. ernesto
4. tony
5. brett

with it's 10 year under it's belt, congrat go out to bike authority and team lake effect for putting on the series. first race ever 10 years back had a total of 9 riders - they had a race this year that had over 200. awesome.

with no work having to be done to my cross bikes, i am ready to roll out on thursday with trailer in tow, hauling out 4 bikes, 2 extra wheelsets and a bunch of other stuff i probably won't need but will take anyway.

and thanks go to my man shawn who let me borrow his dugast tubulars...

sologoat out


snowy saturday

snow hitting ohio today, so i hit up the local hike and bike path to get in a ride. little did i know, i literally would hit the trail twice as i bagged it early due to black ice all over the trails.

tomorrow, last cleveland cross race for the year up, then nationals. looking forward to wrapping things up for the year and getting some house work done.

and - a few new items on my Solo Goat Garage blogsite.

gotta roll - sologoat out


cross on my mind

this time next week, the adventure of cross nationals begins as my dad and i journey out to kansas so i can attempt to cough my lungs out - twice.

check out the preview - and imagine it covered with snow with 30 degree temps.

could be worse - you could NOT be there.

sologoat out


murrysville cross

heading out to the state where i started racing, it was good to be seeing some old friends, but not good. temps in the mid 30's and a cold steady light rain was going to make things hellish.

small field, but things got strung out pretty quickly. mike, steve-o, joe, gerry, andy and myself soon gapped the field in super sloppy conditions.

steve-o and joe cheked out pretty quick, and i got in a group with andy, gerry and we slowly brought back mike. that's when all hell broke loose.

rain started coming in heavily and the course gradually got worse. on the backside of the course, i took a spectacular header over the double barriers allowing gerry and andy to catch back up and mike to make a gap into a big gap. my hands drenched in mud and water, they would soon start to freeze.

bars turned, hands going numb, i get back up to gerry and andy. gerry powers through for 4th, i come in 5th and andy comes in 6th (after winning the earlier masters race).

hands stinging in pain, it was a good race to get through. these are the types of races that make you savor the days when it's 80 degrees and sunny and makes you tougher in the later hours of an enduro when nothing seems to be going right.

as the saying goes, that which does not kill you only makes you stronger.

sologoat out


turkey day week


been nice to actually get out this week on the road as the trainer was starting to drive me nutty already.

next up, murrysville cross this sunday - looking to be a pretty fast race already, lots of schwag and some of the speedgoat crew are coming out to rally on the speedgoat troops through the 1 hour battle.

knee is coming around, it's still a little tender so i haven't been doing any major efforts on it all week. 4 more races, then that's it for 2008 - 2009 will not be that far away.

2009 schedule is still all tentative, hoping to get to the majority of them by car as to some cashola on shipping bikes/etc. bikes will be rolling in soon, along with a slightly re-vamped 'ernesto/speedgoat kit'. the speedgoat crew loved the colors of my kits, so most of the team/shop guys will be rolling in green kits next year.

that's it, going to sneak in a ride, eat some turkey, drink some brews, try to find a wii on-line and relax. i don't get too many days like this.

rock out - sologoat


sologoat crankskin bottlewrap

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will be posting more on their stuff once i get a chance - but here is a shot of the super limited edition sologoat bottle wrap.

drop ej at crankskin.com an email if interested in these botttlewraps or his crank, fork and frame covers. some pretty nice options out there to save your paint.

sologoat out


whats a girl to do

by the band bats for lashes - found off a facebook post. way too freaky cool to not post.

sologoat out


state cross champs

i'll keep it brief as i am pretty bummed out about it...

first laps went well, just as i was catching onto the main group i got chopped and taken down. levers turned, i got back trying to salvage what i could.

3 or 4 laps later, i wash myself out super hard whacking my right knee about as hard as one possibly could right into my bars - so hard i nearly puked right there. barely able to limp off the course, i laid down for about 4 minutes before i could actually stand on it.

i bagged it at that point - was so far back that i wasn't going to catch on and with nationals a few weeks out it seemed kind of silly to keep pedaling just to finish and then end up doing more damage then good.

card ended up taking the win - he looked super strong. gerry came in 4th after winning his masters race earlier in the day.

so today i am taking the day off and trying to keep off the knee.

next up - freddie fu/speedgoat cross race this sunday in the 'burgh.

sologoat out


read all about it

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photo from the local paper in NC where the oktoberfest race was at - thanks to race organizer taylor for sending it out.

full cover, showing the I9's off.

gots to pack - ohio state cross champs tomorrow and i have about 10 different tire selections and 3 bikes to pick from.

sologoat out


The aftermath

The aftermath
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pics from last weeks aftermath.

i have a feeling sunday is going to see the same conditions.

gotta pack - sologoat out


everything in its right place

listening to a live radiohead broadcast on the trainer yesterday and this song came up and kind of sums up the year.

everything in its right place - phrase alone sums up what you need to do to get through your season, your racing goals, etc, etc.

with the end of the year coming up, few more races coming up...

ohio state cross - coming up this weekend and i am obsessing about parts, setup, etc, etc. should get a good start position as they are doing call ups for the cleveland series.

murrsyville cross - put on by speedgoat sponsored freddie fu team. should be a good showing of speedgoat sponsored riders near the 'burgh. (go steelers!)

cleveland cross - last of the series race, at boughton farm. this course has somehow cursed me into having bad races. this time i am hoping to get that monkey off my back. should wrap up the overall in at least the top 3.

cross nats - masters and the elite race. in the masters race, i am ligning up in the 3rd row, right on the outside. about 150 guys are behind me. that should be good.

elite - about 150 are going to be in front of me. i registered early, but will be behind everybody who has points. will be a crap shoot, hopefully make up some spots quickly before it gets too strung out. fighting to stay on the lead lap will be a challenge. by far probably the race i most look forward to all year. pain, screaming fans, fun course...

should be loads of fun at cross nats - and i will be heading out with my dad and it's his first time ever seeing the spectacle.

sologoat out


ohio state cross FYI

next up - ohio state cross race this weekend.

just a word out to my fellow ohio riders - if you are going down, may want to register as they will ding you another $10 if you don't pre-register... last day to pre-register is tomorrow dawg, so get on it.

gots to roll.

sologoat out


speedgoat one two

a speedgoat one two went down at broadview today, gerry took first, i rolled in second.

condtions were cruddy - 33 degrees, snow blowing around, wetness and mud all around.

gun went off and 5 guys were duking it out for first place by the backside of the course - gerry, myself, tony, zak and brett.

soon, gerry myself and tony were away - and tony was catching me. seemed to be not finding my groove to well and tony soon caught me and opened up a gap.

half way point of any cross race is at 45 minutes - tony cracked and flatted around the same time. when he switched bikes, i caught him and he would finish in 3rd.

tough race - more mentally then physically. conditions were bad and it's just a thing of riding through it.

hats off to tony today - think it's the best finish for him in the "a" group to date and he rode really well.

sologoat out


2009 sologoat frame is..

the pivot 429 will be the frames i will be riding next year - colors, parts, etc are not 150% nailed down at this point, but will more then likely be similar to years past.

thanks to jim at speedgoat and chris at pivot - without sponsors like these guys, working and racing full time would be an impossibility.

thanks for keeping me rolling in 2009.

sologoat out


winter bike build up

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new stuff:
- 2008 niner emd (still some left at speedgoat- light frames!)
- white brothers carbon fork
- xt front derailleur
- titec 3 degree bar
- salsa seat collar

old stuff from my santa cruz frames
- xt crank/bb
- nokon cables
- sram half pipe shifters/sram rear derailleur
- thompson stem
- king headset

old stuff from my asylums:
- easton e90 carbon post
- san marco ti saddle
- avid mechanicals - from the very first asylum ever
- crank brothers pedals

off my salsa mariachi:
- xt wheelset
- sram rear cassette
- king stainless cages

should be considerably lighter then any other winter bike i've had to date.

mechanical brakes chosen to save me (or should i say dan) the effort and time into getting brakes setup. i actually prefer my mountain training bikes to be fully rigid as it saves a little cash/maintenance in the end and i think it adds a little bit extra skill training to each ride with no shock to soak up bad lines.

and - no - niner is not the 2009 frame sponsor. keep guessing.

sologoat out


sologoat garage updates

the Sologoat Garage is now updated with a few items. any interest in items, put a comment on the post with your email.

this weekend, off from racing - full throttle on the house projects as i try to get caught up with them before winter hits.

got some sponsorship news coming up, gonna make you guys wait it out a few more days as i try to get old parts sold for 2009 racing fundage.

also, need to get together the new winter bike - looking pretty sweet in all black and few old retro parts off my old race bikes.

that's it - gotta roll.

sologoat out


linn run ride

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ah - my favorite climb in the speedgoat area... this week, not much going on other then getting in some training, cleaning up the basement bike mess, some house work and figuring out what i need and don't need (part-wise) to get me through the start of the 2009 season.

first to go was one of my el mariachi's - that was yesterday. other one will be parted out and sold as a frame/fork/stem/headset possibly to go over to a salsa selma build up next year. figured out that the mariachi frames geometry did not work out to well for my fits and that i am used to more race specific geometry.

so - got a 2008 niner emd to replace it as my winter trainer. nice, light, race specific geometry. pics up later this weekend, but bike looks hella stealthy all in black and carbon. thanks to dan the man for frame prep.

that's it - gotta do the work thing.

sologoat out


speedgoat one two

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a potential speedgoat one two with ernesto and gerry was formed with a group containing us and paul martin in the very opening of todays cleveland cross race.

that one two finished was sent ablaze when we were skooled by paul martin on the last lap.

course was awesome. lot of twists and turns, three run ups - great for riders like myself and gerry who relish on the techy areas and hope we have the watts to out power riders like paul.

gun went off, we were immediately in a group with the 3 of us. we rode together for all the laps and i had the notion that we would pull off the win as gerry was killing it with the power on the flats and on the re-mounts. he only fumbled once the whole time.

one lap to go, paul made his move and came around me - a minute later he attacked gerry and a gap opened between all us. i washed out soon after and that was that - 3rd overall, 2nd in the class.

great race - had fun duking it out with paul and gerry -

sologoat out


about 200 pics uploaded to flickr from brett's chagrin valley cross race - dead legs, 2 beer hand ups and a 5th place. good times.

gotta run - next race up in a 3 hours and counting...

sologoat out


cleveland cross weekend

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will be served in just a few hours now, need to get out the door...

rest of the season will be spent maintaining my fitness, hitting up cross races until mid december and trying to figure out how to get my house projects done before winter.

another part of the winter clean up project will be clearing out some of my stash of bike parts (stay tuned) so i have room for some new additions next year.

gotta run - off the brett's halloween cross race. feeling kind of lame i didn't get my act together for a costume but at least i'm getting out there to support his race. (all profit today will go towards the cleveland velodrome project)

sologoat out


oktoberfest write up

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Noon Start –
Line up with the rest of the solo freaks – with Harlan, Tinker, Nat and Jeremiah around, it was going to be a fight from the beginning to the end.

Lead pack is formed almost immediately, and all the favorites and a few locals form the main group. I’m in a small pack of 3 or so, just trailing the main pack about 10 seconds in front of us.

Second lap and things are starting to break apart, gaps are getting bigger.

Third lap, I can now see Harlan and Jeremiah have broken away and Nat and Tinker are together. Course conditions are bad as rain hit the night before and left everything really slick. This was working to my advantage and I was closing the gap to Nat and Tinker.

By the fifth lap, I am on their heels and I can see that I am riding the slick trails a little better – but it is starting to dry out and the slickness is going away.

As soon as I catch up to Nat and Tinker, Tinker bolts away. I ride with Nat for a little while, then go off to chase Tinker for the next 5 or so hours.

Gap to Tinker went up to about 5 minutes at one point, then I got my second wind and shut it down to about a minute and half. It was enough that I was starting to catch glimpses of him now and then.

Lights come on, I continue chasing. I’m feeling good, but running out of daylight.

Last lap, I decide to ride conservatively. At this point, the slick roots are harder to pick up on in the darkness and I didn’t feel like going down (for about the 7th time) as I wanted to ensure a finish as well as top 5 in the USA Cycling Endurance calendar.

4th place, 5 minutes down on Tinker for 3rd.

Overall – Jeremiah took the win over Harlan in second who came in about 12 seconds later. Tinker third, Ernesto 4th, Nat in fifth (who took the win in the overall USA cycling Endurance series), and Andy Applegate in 6th.

Tough battle for all of us, great way to end the mountain bike season.

Sologoat out
(check out the additional pics on my flickr account)


next up - oktoberfest

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tomorrow, noon start time, last enduro of the year.

course has changed somewhat from the 12 hour cowbell - flows a lot better. steep sections and parts that brought speed down were re-routed or changed to bring the speed and flow back.

nat, tinker, pua and a bunch of others are here so it should be a good way to finish out the year - and the $2 micro brews will surely be a treat tomorrow night.

with that - gotta rest up.

sologoat out


parting is such sweet sorrow

national mountain bike oktoberfest is the next and final stop in my enduro adventures for the year and it's shaping up to be a tough race. nat, tinker, jeremiah and others are all coming down so i am sure it's going to be everything but a slow race.

also in question is the weather - possible rain and mid 50 temps could be the dish we are served come noon on saturday.

also, this will be the last endurance race that my main bikes will Asylums. I've been racing on them for so many years now that it's going to seem odd to be not racing them anymore. with so many of my bikes, i tend to obsess about them a lot - how they are setup, what parts we are running, etc, etc. seems almost as if i am loosing a best friend.

but - things are a changing.

new bike sponsor is already lined up and is in the works as we now switch focus to 2009 and important things like what color the frame will be and how light we can build it up.

just want to give a huge thanks to all my sponsors and all the people who have helped me along the way. couldn't of done it without you.

sologoat out.


oh how i want you

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the much talked about chris king bottom bracket is now finally on the market and no longer at the butt end of a cruel joke that happens every year at interbike when somebody would randomly ask "when is the chris king bottom bracket coming out"...

rejoice my fellow chris king freak, you can now get them at the 'goat.

sologoat out


hope to die

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well, not really.

5th at the spin cross your heart and hope to die race this past saturday.

course was pretty standard, but had one hellish of a hellishly long step run up climb that proved to be a killer to the field.

split came fast and i was in a group with gerry and shawn, rear tire started feeling flat so i switched bikes and the gap grew on those two. paul and an inferno rider caught me, so i rolled in for fifth.

kind of disappointing after the race as i realized my back tire was OK - been running lower pressure this year to help with traction and i guess i am not used to the feel.

congrats to fellow speedgoat rider gerry for the win and shawn for rolling in at second place and then having to immediately leave to go back to work.

next up, i head south.

sologoat out


cross my heart

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next up - spin city cross my heart in my neck of the woods. missed this one last year, so it's good to stay home and support the local series.

rest of the year, i'm net set in stone in regards to cross schedule other then state and national championships. trying to hit up a few other uci's - right now debating toronto and some out east.

one more enduro coming up, then that's it until 2009 as far as endurance goes.

congrats goes out to the toastman for taking maob - looking forward to that write up as i was hearing stories of 30-40mph sustained winds throughout most of the event, with gusts up to 70mph. i don't which one would of got of me - either being blown off of the course or the mental fatigue from that constant wind. jeez, that would drive somebody nutz.

with that - gotta run and contemplate tire selection and pressure for tomorrow.

sologoat out


catching up

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cinci has come and gone -

friday - 20th, relagated to the usual back row at the start line. felt really good over the rough course.

saturday - at the back at the start, 6 seconds later i'm on my back, a few seconds later a photo is taken of me that makes it on cycling news. ticked off at the idiots in front of me, i fight to get in the top 25 to get my entry fee back. i finish 28th.

sunday - at the back, but i get a good start. immediately my legs don't feel to great, i started fading quickly as i was not finding any type of groove on the course. i couldn't find my rythmn, and soon the front end of the field found me. 38th on the day.

very frustrating end to the weekend. next up - spin city cross on saturday.

sologoat out


2 down

quick recap - first day, back row start, about 60 riders.

finished out about 20th on the day - no points, but got back my entry fee as they pay back 25 spots.

yesterday - same spot, more riders. thought i would have a good start, but some dork crashes and i am on my back about 5 seconds into the race. very frustrating.

thought about stopping and saving it for today, but i thought i could get in the top 25 due to attrition. got from 60th to about 30th.

that's it - gotta roll. 1 more to go.

sologoat out


3 in cinci

leroy township cross 01
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the chase for uci points officially starts today at 5:00:01pm today as i head down to cinci with shawn and a buddy.

bikes are tuned up, ready to roll - even got the superlight carbon cross wheels cleaned up and looking hella sweet.

not sure on course layouts, but all the UCI's tend to be all out in the open, super fast, and you are almost 100% certain of catching a few elbows in the first few corners.

with that, gotta roll - need to get in some work before i head out.

sologoat out


2nd at stark velo cross

made the trip north today to the stark velo cross. as i glanced at paul martin and shawn at the line i knew this was going to be a pain train for an hour.

gun went off, immediately we were all in a group. shawn was pulling.

i put in a brief attack and it shed a few guys, then shawn went again. paul was reeling us back in and i was wondering when he would pounce.

paul threw down and the group broke up. i chased, got a few seconds behind him with three to go and had to back off a little as i was on my limit.

two laps to go, i held my own and the gap didn't get any bigger. i was going to make my last effort on the 2nd half of the last lap where the mud and ditch crossings favored my mountain bike skillz.

i closed the gap to about 3 seconds before we got to the flat section before the finish and that's when paul kicked in his after burners and pulled out the win with me about 4-5 seconds behind him. shawn would finish out 3rd on the day.

next slice of pain coming up - the cinci 3 day UCI cross weekend.

sologoat out


friday rambling

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not mucho going on this week, other then catching up on work and posting some blog entries up on the speedgoat blog. gots to check it out, should be about 2 or 3 new postings daily until we run out of pics and stuff to post about the whole vegas thing.

and, the sponsorship proposals should be going out soon - vegas and payson left me a little behind this year. most are not due until later in the month, so i'm good to go.

speedgoat bicycles will continue on with their support into the 2009 season - a few of my 2008 sponsors have already confirmed for next year so thanks out to them as i won't have to get a whole proposal and resume together. saves me a ton of time.

this weekend, laying somewhat low and local - heading up to the stark vello cross race this sunday, then next week the cinci 3 day uci weekend. and, one more enduro.

with that, gotta work. check out the speedgoat blog for some cross bike posts and another one on the trp canti's.

sologoat out


cross and some vegas

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sunday was the first stop in the cleveland cross series and the first race since the payson 24 hour. typically, legs take a race or two to get the speed back in them.

quickly found myself in a small group with mike, paul and shawn. we quickly made a gap and my rear tire slowly went down. with two laps to go, should of switched the bikes out, but i stuck it out on the moots. 4th place.

next week, i think there is a local race in cleveland area - the following week i'll be hitting up the cinci 3 day cross extravaganza UCI event.

redline cross bike now complete - rides really nice (soon will see a write on the 'goat blog) but is super stiff. a little too stiff for me on the sunday course - especially when you got a moots cross to soak up the bumps.

and don't forget to checkout the speedgoat blog - tons of vegas write ups are now getting posted.

sologoat out


interbike pics

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now all up - sorry, with only one day under my belt at the show, pics are somewhat limited. think i got about 150'ish pics up.

reviews will be up on the speedgoat.com blog in a day or two for:

ergon, princeton tec, tifosi, trp, i9, northwave and a few others.

stay tuned - need to catch up with work and unpack a few bikes.

thanks to the speedgoat crew for letting me tag along for another wild adventure out at vegas. i have said it before and i'll say it again - without a shop like them around to support me, it would 150% be a lot more difficult to race at this level.

thanks guys - see you in PA

sologoat out


interbike ernesto update

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whew - one day whirlwind at interbike.

first up - roughly 30 pics up so far, about another 100 to go up in the next 12 hours or so. vegas internet connection is going wacky.

crossvegas - legs were dead, did not race. thanks to the salsa boyz for offering up one of their show bikes. i've actually been dying to ride one, but the legs were burning too much.

congrats to nat ross - now a mountain bike hall of fame inductee.

sponsors - little too early to nail everything down, but tifosi and princeton tec are 100% back, and also picked up a new frame/bike and helmet sponsor within the first hour of being at interbike. needless to say, something i was sweating about for months was resolved in minutes, all thanks to the speedgoat crew -- again.

for more blog entries, check out the speedgoat blog as chris takes apart all the new releases - like the king bottom bracket and the new parlee with the super cool paint. sweetness.

sologoat out.


payson stampede - short write up

gun went off, i chased nat with dave harris a few minutes back.

would basically stay that way until nightfall, then asthma hit me pretty bad from the dust. power went way down.

dave caught me, i stopped for awhile until my lungs decided to let me breathe again.

rode until daylight and around 10'ish we all came up with a gentleman's agreement to stop - nat had lapped dave once and me twice, dave lapped me and the way my lungs felt, i wasn't going to pull back any time.

3rd place - now, a brief stop in sedonna arizona and then out to vegas.

sologoat out


last post before race day

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today's course markings were a little better - actual arrows on the course.

nat, rebecca, dave harris are in town - toastman may be showing up as the points in the USA cycling enduro series is tight.

more pics up on flickr.

gots to run - see you on the flip side of 24 hours.

sologoat out


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next up - 24 hour payson stampede.

weather is looking perfect, temps in the low mid 50's, highs in the mid 80's.

course - from what i can make of it, seems to be typical west coast rough jeep trail kind of stuff. very similar to what was out in cali last year at worlds, but more rocks.

course markings were nowhere to be seen - no comment in general about this, but needless to say i wasn't too happy. in general, it's nice to know where i'm going.

more updates tomorrow, a few pics up on flickr before my batery died.

sologoat out


how long to grow to a toenail

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the "experiment" continues.

first, start by smashing your big toe off a rock about 19 hours in a 24 hour race (big bear).

then, proceed to loose your toenail completely about a week after.

then start the countdown of how long does it take to grow a toenail. it's take waaaaaaay longer then i ever thought. jeez.

for you cross nuts out there, nationals registration goes on-line tonight at midnight central time. i would like to personally kick the person who thought this up. seriously - why couldn't it wait 12 hours until most people are actually awake?

looks like the same type of schedule going on - thursday non-championship race, then friday starts the real deal.

my masters race would be saturday, elite race is on sunday. thinking ahead and may have my dad drive down with the thule trailer with bikes in tow.

stay tuned - got a trip coming up.

sologoat out


thinking about cross

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it's a sad wednesday - spin city wednesday night cross series has come to an abrupt end after one race. they are working on a new venue, if i hear any news i'll post it ASAP.

redline cross is now built up, just got to adjust the saddle up a little and she's ready to roll.

TRP - damn, i wish i had these brakes last year. they took everything that is wrong with spooky's and made it 100% better. spooky's are still nice for light build ups, but the TRP's have way better ease of setting the brake itself up (and actually come with both regular and carbon pads!) and have a super nice hanger and hanger cable.

hanger itself looks like the old school avid hangers, only beefier... and the hanger cable comes with these nice little bolts that connect down at the end of the brake - the one end that holds the cable end on the hanger cable actually is drilled out a little bit so the head on the cable is hidden. just a little detail that i think is a nice touch.

build up came in pretty light (no actual weight) even running full scale skinny 29er tires. (this was going to be my secret weapon setup at the spin series due to the rocks all over).

few more enduro's, then a full on cross season - will be hitting up some of the bigger events with shawn on his new carbon cross rig that qualifies as hella cool.

vegas coming too - should be pretty sweet, still looking like probably no crossvegas for me unless a miracle cross bike appearance makes itself to me when i am out there.

gotta run - actually will be riding single track tomorrow down in the colombus area. nice.

sologoat out


joe's 24 hour write up

hats off to joe from freddie fu (speedgoat's road team) for finishing up his first 24 hour race this past weekend.

and hats off to joe for using it as a fund raiser for a friend with cancer.

his write up seems a lot like my first ever solo 24 race - it didn't go so well either. did 100 things wrong, but somehow i managed to finish.

check it out here

sologoat out


wednesday spin city cross

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ah, good legs last night - got a gap opened up and was cruising, but it was not to be - got a flat. had a spare bike, but i feared the skinny tires would leave me either crashing my brains out or flatting again.

probably a good thing - was supposed to be a rest week. rest is not something to do in a cross race.

enduro season winding down, cross season starting up.

really doesn't do too much to my overall training plan - in general, i don't stray too much from my normal until all my enduro type of events are over.

at that point, i switch over to shorter type rides (maybe a max of 4 hours or so) - but i kick up the intensity about 10 notches. last year i learned that any of the bigger cross events you either go 150% or nothing. it's a crit race on dirt - elbows are gonna fly, tempers will flare, lungs will be coughed out and you will be doing two wheeled slides through the corners.

and that is just the first lap.

i actually look forward to it - i see it as a nice change up on training, racing, venues, race vibe, equipment..

in the spirit of randomness, had a question in regards to what i eat in a typical day... it specifically asked about calories, but i'll let you guys do that calculation...

oatmeal with blueberries and a bannana, glass of OJ. by the end of the day, i've usually finished off a pot of freshly ground starbucks coffee.

typically either a subway 6 inch turkey sub with a coke and 3 choclate chip cookies - or - (the option my wife prefers) a big fresh made salad with veggies and some tuna.

pre-ride snack:
usually a bannana with some crunchy peanut butter

typically 1 or 2 bottles of heed, maybe 1 or two gels. typically go kind of low on calories on the bike. i pretty much stick with the hammer nutrition recomended doses on the heed/gels/etc - but i go on the lower side of calories. i'm running around 135-140 pounds and find that if i go with recomendations for 150 pound rider, it's a little too much for me.

couple pieces of fish and some veggies is typical - maybe once a week, a big steak and veggies.

that's about it - don't really snack too much at all any more. if i do, it's usually something boring like some soy nut mix or some fruit.

chips, pop tarts and an occasional can of coke makes it in the mix - but that's typically on the weekend.

other junk food (potatoe chips, nutty bars, etc) used to be common for me to eat. now i don't buy them at all - it's a little bit easier to avoid the temptation to eat bad things if you don't have them around. helps to keep off the extra weight too.

bad food favorites - anything with choclate in it (reese's cups are my favorite) and anything cold and refreshing (a good brew, an ice cold coca cola, and sometimes choclate milk)

that's it - gotta get some peanut butter m&m's

sologoat out


got some extra ti bolts?

if so, steve schwartz can use some extras. steve rolled his ankle on the second lap at 24 hour nationals.

best of recoveries out to steve

sologoat out


it's starting to smell like cross season

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ah, the first smells of cross season is upon us - dead leaves. let the pain begin.

more on this later, but in my extreme coffee drinking and web browsing efforts this early AM, i've stumbled upon some great news for the cleveland area.

the cleveland cross series is back in style - 6 races in total. will be tied in with the cross my heart race of team spin and the chagrin race put on by brett.

hat's off to brett - he's having a beer sponsor, a halloween themed cross event and all the proceeds are going towards fast track cycling's effort to get a velodrome in the cleveland area.

i'm strongly suggesting it be in akron - but that's my 2 cents.

and - watch out for a press release coming from them on the build location for the velodrome. should be coming up soon.

also up - my dream mid-week training race - team spin is going to be putting on a wednesday night cross race up in cleveland. 8 races of fun.

and - in a never ending search - if anybody in the cleveland area is willing to part ways with any road tubular wheelsets, drop me a post on the blog.

with that - gotta ride.

sologoat out


long week

lining up
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sorry for the lack of content the last few days - been quite a hectic week of work and riding.

no NUE for me this weekend - passing on it to rest up for few more enduro events this year, then hitting up cross races the rest of the year until mid-december.

vegas is on for me, will be heading out with the speedgoat guys. crossvegas, though i am registered may not happen unless somebody out there loans me a bike to ride for the event - moots, redline, bh - can you help a brotha out?

AMC - somebody asked if it was a cool event and if i would go back. location was really cool, but didn't have too much to offer as far as food/restaurant's/etc goes. if you were taking a family, they may get a little bored if you stay in town.

hiking/etc is all around, though i am not sure if you want to be doing all that when you are trying to race - at elevation.

elevation was a bit extreme, but the views and scenery were spectacular. thought they could of used more trails, but seeing it through the eyes of promoter, that could be a nightmare to figure out logistically for 4 days of racing.

beer - better get it before you get in town. that 3.2% beer is just wrong in so many ways.

would i go back - yep. i think it can only get better with time - you just need to set realistic expectations based on the altitude... you also need to consider that the elevation will defintely help your fitness - i just build it into my training program and go from there.

would also suggest you go out with extra time and check out the parks.

now - need to finish up some work.

looking forward to a long weekend of riding, catching up on house work, a drinking a few cold brews.

sologoat out


amc - day 4

just a quickie - need to catch a flight.

pace started a little easier and then picked up on the course that they will be using for nationals.

on the most technical section of the course, i burped my front tire. i'll spare the details, but i got it fixed and lost at least 20 minutes or so.

after that, i started picking off riders again and ended up riding the tech section on the second lap pretty conservatively since i was out of c02's, my pump was no longer in pocket, i left my saddle bag open and lost my multi tool and i gave my only tube to a stranded rider.

ended up in the top 20 or so for the day, think i finished overall 15th or 16th.

sologoat out


amc - day 3

amc - day 3
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tough day to say the least.

throw downs began on the first climb and i just tried to maintain a steady heart rate. tricky thing with elevation is that once you blow up, it takes a lot longer time to ride through it then it at a course lower then 7k feet.

i get in a group, make up some ground. repeat for the next 45'ish or so miles.

on the last climb, i somewhat crack probably due to lack of calories. at that point, i was within a minute of pulling back a group of 4 or so riders.

and to top off the final climb, my front wheel washes out leaving me some nasty cuts to bring back home.

next up - 2 laps of 24 miles with tons of climbing and then pack up the bikes and off to the airport.

sologoat out


AMC - day 2

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9am start, 9:05 the throw down begins and the group splits.

i'm around 10-15 seconds back of the second group.

i catch another rider just before the first sections of single track and we make up some ground, but he drops me on the first single track climb of the day.

up down and all around, two feed zones and i end up catching around 4 or 5 guys. for roughly 85-90% day i ride alone.

finish out the day somewhere in the top 20 or so, not too shaby for an east coaster. should be interesting to see how things pan out the rest of the weekend.

tomorrow - roughly the same distance, less total climbing.

sunday - short, but hellish. the shortest of the stages also has the most climbing.

sologoat out

(photo credit out to sager)


AMC - day 1

AMC - day 1
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short track specialists got their grove on - jerimiah took the win.

very short course with a few techy single track sections.

tomorrow starts the hellish elevation - most of the climbing will come on the first part of the course.

other then the short race only other thing going on today was a brief riders meeting. there's always a fair share of stupid questions.

most classic one today - "will the foods stations have sunscreen?"

heckling started immediately.

gotta rest up - sologoat out

american mountain classic

brian head
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got in brian head utah yesterday for the american mountain classic.

field is small but stacked and the elevation starts at around 10k feet. should be two contributing factors to coughing out a lung before the end of the stage race.

today, short prologue, then 3 55 mile'ish stages wrapping up on sunday.

prologue is 7 miles - about half road, half serious single track. has a few sections of rocks you need to watch out for or else you will be on your head in a second.

gotta run - stay tuned.

sologoat out


thule cargo trailer

got a ton of questions on my trailer at nationals and through the blog - thought i'd pass along some info on it...

trailer is attached to my vibe via a trailer hitch i picked up at etrailer.com. hooked right up to my vibe with two bolts. ran about $150'ish.

this one uses an inch and quarter reciever - believe the bigger sized ones are for trucks/suv's.

the thule N1205 with the optional double aluminum side rails.

size is 4 foot wide, 7 foot long, 14 inches high. mine has the double rails, so it is 28 inches high. then throw on the clamshell top - adds probably another 6-8 inches at least.

weight is around 285 pounds with nothing in it, the max you can put in it is around 1400 pounds.

vibe's towing capacity is something like 1500 pounds - but don't quote me on that. look at your car manual.

also needed to get a ball hitch for it - think it was a 2 inch. double check that, i don't remember if it was 2 inch or 2 1/4.

would HIGHLY suggest getting a wiring harness - etrailer carries them. use the harness and you don't have to figure out the brake/turn signal wires. otherwise, watch your father try to figure it out for 3 hours. ran around $40.

as far as driving goes, can't really tell your even pulling anything. car handled same as if it wasn't on, but with the other rails on it, the trialer blocks your view in the rear view mirror.

also, if you are thinking that your local THULE dealer/bike shop can get you this trailer, you may be disappointed. THULE cargo split off from the bike carrier side a few years ago - so forget your pro deals bike geeks as this bike geek tried the same thing.

gas took a little hit - think my dad said it was averaging around 25 to 27 miles to gallon with it fully loaded and two bikes on the top racks. much better then the 10-12 of my sisters SUV.

rough figures, at 650 miles at $4/gallon gas:
sisters SUV one way cost: $260
vibe with trailer cost: $100

so, roughly speaking again - it will pay for itself travel wise in less then 10 trips.

worth it - definetely. fits in my garage with both our cars - that way it will last longer and i can keep it about 1/2 way packed up. may even end up using it during cross season.

sologoat out