Two 2's and OH states mention in CX mag

This past weekend was the latest of NEO cross race series, a double weekend hosted by Brett Davis.

This was the "mandatory" Halloween costume day - show up without a costume and you get a 30 minute penalty. Needless to say, everybody came in some sort of costume. I opted for the Green Lantern.

Got there early and decided to take a spin around the course and check it out - like I have done every year for the past 5 years.


Alas, according the official who apparently knows a lot of rules, I was not allowed to pre-ride when a race was going on. Must of been friends with the guy at the Cincy 3 day cross weekend a few years back that I saw going around checking pit bikes for bar end plugs because he was getting ready to not allow the bike in the pit if he found one missing.

So I continued to warm on the parts that he couldn't see - I mean the road - and I prepared for a muddy and slick'ish cross race.

Gun went off and we all went a blazing through a short lap loop.

At the garage door stream crossing, Phatty and Steve went down.

I slowed and made it, others did not.


Gaps went out immediately. I got around Phatty and joined up with John P.

I was able to ride the barriers which was good as I didn't want to deal with possible mud issues with remounting.


I soon parted ways with John and then tried to get back time on Steve. Things were slick and muddy, but I had some pretty awesome lines and I started to grab back seconds from him.


With the laps closing, I was running out of time. With about a lap and a half to go, I bobbled and lost about 10 seconds. I lost the chase to catch Steve, but rode in steady for the next 10 minutes to hold on for second.

The course was the same only reversed this day and the sun had come out somewhat and had dried things up a bit. Brett added a bridge to save us from the mud and with things tacky it was going make some corners slippy but most of them grippy.

With a smaller field the gun went off and I somehow got the hole shot for once in my life. Immediately I was off with John and Ross.


I pulled for most of the first lap, John got around me and pulled on the second and Ross was hanging in with us riding a 29er.

Pace was hot as we went back and fourth with strong pulls, then Ross slowed a bit and dropped from our group of two.


John and I would go back and fourth, pulling and sprinting as hard as we could out of the corners and on the straights trying to drop each other. John ended whacking his head off a tree in the pine section (which I think was the same one I hit really hard last year) and got cut a bit, but it was merely a flesh wound and we continued on.

Gaps were holding, but Dan creeped up on us a bit, then we upped the pace a bit as we tried to drop each other some more. I was saving a move for the last lap as the person going into the single track on the last lap would be hard to pass at the finish.


John lead in the field heading into the triple barrier that we had been jumping the whole day. Right before it, I got in front of him and ran over the barriers and remounted - and nailed it. I had a gap, but then ended up loosing it in the left hand turn by the garage. John got around me.


Through the twisty stuff, I got right back on him. Over the garage door bridge he slowed a bit thinking that the line was closer - we sprinted and he got the win by about a wheel'ish length or so. Good hard racing, congrats to John as I took home 2nd for the 2nd day.


Ohio State cross coverage:
And, in case you missed it - the Ohio State cross race got some coverage in CX magazine which has a nice article and some great pics.

You can check it out HERE

Ernesto out


Ohio State Cyclocross Championships

This past weekend was the Ohio State Cross championships, and here's how things went down.

Saturday - Single Speed:

I signed up for both the Single Speed and Masters age group, but things were going to be tight between the races as the Masters race was right after the Single Speed race. It sounded good in theory thinking about it earlier in the week.

Field was about 20'ish or so riders, some of whom I know, most of the others I did not.

Course was flat and twisty and the rains from the previous days had left the course soft and muddy in some spots. Things were drying out a bit from the little bit of sun peeking out from the clouds, but not much.

Gun went off and I started spinning out the 39x18 I had on my old Indy Fab single speed cross bike. Soon, I found myself with Nate Z and another rider off the front of the race with one lap down.

On the second lap, I put the pressure on and got a little bit of a gap but I was pushing the heart rate limits hard so I eased it back a bit to see what was going on with the rest of the field.

Nate and the other rider come back and I let them take some pulls for the next few laps. The other rider is strong, but keeps taking consistent foot dabs and bad lines so I bide my time.

Two laps later on the back straight with no wind protection and a head wind, I let the rider take a nice long pull. Right before the 3 soft corners before the 3 tight corners before the straight, I jump around him and nail all the corners as fast as I could go. I got out of the last corner and onto the finish straight with a good 7-10 second gap.

I pushed on.

Now clear of my mini lead pack, I start riding my good lines that I was hiding in the first few laps and I slowly start building a gap.


I was feeling good and the gap grew. I stayed steady with the effort and took home the Single Speed Title for 2011.


Afterwards, thinking about the effort, my trashed and dirty bike and coughing from my asthma, I decided to bag the Masters race to save all efforts for the Elite race on Sunday. In hind site, it was a great decision.

Sunday - Elite Men:

Can to the start line on the first row, with a field of about 30'ish riders. Most notable riders were John Proppy, Steve T, Paul M and Shawn A. Not doing much of the OVCX series, I did not know the majority of the others, but the Cleveland contingent was mucho strongo and a serious amount of pain was about to go down.

Gun went, all guns were a blazing and I think I either got chopped off, cut off, or bumped by at least a half dozen or so of my closest friends going for the first corner.

Through the first corners, and over the barriers, I moved into the top 4-6 riders with the pace still a little hot.

Over the small barrier, into the sand, onto the straight. Paul comes flying by and comes straight to the front to show his presence. The pace goes up even faster.

Second lap and we are stringing things out. Gaps start to grow, and I try to concentrate on my lines, the barriers and in staying on the front. That back straight will hurt big time if I didn't stay with the front group.

3 laps in things have dwindled down and I am in all out pace group containing myself, Paul and Bike Authority teammates Steve and John.

KurtisFraley_2011OHCXCrossChamps_ (4)

I immediately thinking that John and Steve are going to try to one-two us as for a few laps, one would up the pace and the other would sit back a bit and let a small go. The gaps would close as I don't think any of us wanted to miss out on the win.

Bad luck would happen for John first as he slipped out and then immediately dropped his chain. The pace was hot and immediately we got a gap.

KurtisFraley_2011OHCXCrossChamps_ (8)

Now a group of 3, we all had digs at each other.

JulieLewis_2011OHCXCrossChamps_ (18)

Paul and Steve both took good strong pulls on the straights as I hung tight to their wheels on the tight sections.

JulieLewis_2011OHCXCrossChamps_ (17)

Paul took a small spill at one point, and then came right back to us - even with Steve taking some pretty clean lines and good pulls.

JulieLewis_2011OHCXCrossChamps_ (3)

The course was technical, lots of good hard turns for me and Steve to show our stuff, and with a long straight for Paul to show his hella power. It seemed like we were even and it was going to come down to the last few corners as the straight was to short for a real sprint.

JulieLewis_2011OHCXCrossChamps_ (2)

So, we started watching each other after attacking each other for the past 55 or so minutes. Going through the start/finish, I knew it would come down to the long back straight and I had to stay close to them.

JulieLewis_2011OHCXCrossChamps_ (10)

Over the barrier, into the sand and Paul and Steve lite it up and got a gap on me immediately, but I closed in on them right before the first soft left hand corner after the straight.

Paul narrowly got ahead of Steve, but Steve didn't give up and going into the tight corners before the straight, Steve tried to take to inside line.

I was directly behind them, but I thought for a second they would both crash each other out. Paul held his line and disaster struck for Steve as he rolled his front tubular off and fell down.

I got by, still going pretty hot myself. I closed the gap to Paul as he fought to stay upright. Going out of the last corner he jumped hard and had a good 10-15 gap on me coming onto the straight.

Paul would take the win, I would finish second and Steve would run in and place 3rd.

KurtisFraley_2011OHCXCrossChamps_ (1)

Great day of racing and rubbing elbows, happy with my finish and overall weekend and pretty stoked to see 3 Cleveland area riders take all 3 top spots at the State Championships.


Ernesto Out

photo credits:
Julie Lewis, Lisa Martin, Blair Fraley, Kurtis Fraley


10.20.11 update


After two weeks out west, I am finally getting somewhat settled, but not really.

Bikes and gear to sort out from the trip, work has piled up and projects are coming due, and sponsorship proposals to get out. I think I need another vacation.

But, the end of the madness is coming closer to an end and I am getting pumped up for this weekend's Ohio State Cross Championships. It will be a good battle, and it may end up being a battle of Cleveland Cross racers for the state title in the 1/2/3 class.

Sponsorship proposals going out the door, hope to have most of my stuff done by this weekend. Good to see some of them confirm already for 2012 as I have already laid out some of my races for the upcoming year already and I want to thank them for their support.

With that, better run - busy day today getting the bikes tuned up and ready for the trip down south for the weekend.

Hmmm.... What gear to run Saturday?

Ernesto out


2nd at the 24 Hours of Moab


Field was about 30 or so deep, the weather the week before was rained filled and patted down the typically dusty conditions. After not sleeping much the night before the race and waking up to misty rain conditions, I made my way out to the venue.

As race time neared, the conditions bettered. The clouds cleared the dust gun and the field lined up on the start line for the Le Mans style running start. ¼ mile round trip around the sage brush and to your bike, down the road aways and onto the course.


Gun goes off, everybody starts running and I have my typical horrible run but quickly make up some ground once on my bike.


I am in the top 15-20 riders going into the first section of single track. Not many riders are near me and I pick off a few here and there along the miles and a few catch me. I log in my first lap and am somewhat surprised to find out I am sitting in 3rd after having what I thought was a decent lap.

I make a quick stop for refueling and made my way out for my second lap.

Chasing and chasing, I was staying steady but not gaining much. As I came through on my 2nd lap I overheard the announcer saying that the two solo leaders were together. It was going to be tough to pull back one rider, let alone two working as one.

I chase and chase, and finally I catch one of the riders as he bobbled on one of the rock sections on the 4th or 5th lap. He’s looking a little fatigued from the pace and I push on but the lead rider still eludes me. He would eventually finish 3rd on the day.

Temperature was cooler all during the raced hitting maybe in the mid 60’s during the day, but the night was setting in and temperature would start dropping. Little did I know it would go as low as it did.


Lights came on and the gap to the lead rider was going in the wrong direction as he was putting time into me on each lap. The remaining pack of riders were in our wake and by about 8pm’ish or so, we had lapped most of the field – only 4 rider remained on the same lap as us.


The laps ticked off, we made battery changes and put on extra clothing, but at about 2am and 30 degrees I was freezing my arse, hands and feet off. Duct tape on my shoes, neoprene on my hands, thicker hat on my head and a windstopper vest went on.


On the next lap, I find out the lead rider stopped. I later find out his light burned out and he was going hypothermic and stopped.


I continue on, now in the lead.

I push on, riding at the same effort but my back is hurting me and my wrists are in bad shape all from some earlier falls as I stuff some heater packs into my back pocket for warmth and to loosen up my tightening back muscles.


Two laps later, the rider I was chasing previously now catches me and regains the lead from me. After warming up and getting some new batteries, he rides past me at a fast pace that I cannot match.


Only a lap two later and the lights came off – which feels like a huge lift off my back. By this time I had lapped the entire field except the lead rider and had locked up 2nd.

I pushed on in chase of 1st, but the gap was staying steady. I was starting to count down the laps.


As the laps rolled on and the finish time neared, the gap to first was nearing 11am and the gap back to 3rd was nearing the lap and ½ mark. As I came in at near 11am after 23 hours, I called it a day and would finish out 2nd on the day.


Not the result I had hoped, but my nutrition was dead on and the asthma meds were awesome as I had no breathing issues at all for the first time in 4 years at Moab.

Huge thanks goes out to my support crew for getting me through the event and for my 2011 sponsors – could not have done it without you!

Ernesto out


14 hours to 24


Last post before the start of the 24 Hours of Moab.

Rain has been hitting town all week, pushing down the dust and the temperature. Last night saw some frost on the cars in the AM, so I am sure it's going to be a little chilly at night and my pit crew will have their double burners propane heater going on high.

Sand is not so bad this year, areas have been brushed away by the course helpers but the rain has padded the sand down a ton. And, unbelievably, the sport trucks that roam most of the course we ride on has helped packed it down even more.

A lot of teams and riders have rolled in today, solo men field is up to about 30'ish riders. Men's sport and expert classes are getting some decent sized fields, along with the just for fun class.

That's it, time to rest up. I'll try to get a post up on Sunday.

Ernesto out


Moab update

2011_Moab24 (181)

Thursday here in Moab, and the weather has been a little on the cold side with some doses of rain. Tuesday saw me split town early from Fruita as the temps got cold and the rain rolled in, so I opted to stay dry and head 2 hours to Moab.

2011_Moab24 (175)

First day in Moab saw me hitting up the roads as the skies were overcast and it looked like it was going to rain. Opting not to clean the bike for an hour, I went out and got blown around on the road.

2011_Moab24 (189)

Hit up a couple of laps on the Moab course yesterday and as was expected, the course is pretty much the same layout as all the years past. It's pretty packed down from the recent rains, but the sand and wind is still there in sections to rob you of speed and mess with your head. Think of it as riding in powder snow in the winter with all the wind but no totally freezing weather. Put it like that, it seems like heaven compared to a cold February Ohio ride.

2011_Moab24 (196)

Does not seem to be as many riders rolling in this year, not sure if 24 Hour Nationals had an effect on the turnout - but the solo men field is nearing around 30'ish riders, so we are looking at a decent sized field. A possibility of no Moab 24 hour race next year will add a little bonus dynamic to the event.

AM rain and high temps of only 60 degrees for Saturday will play well for me to keep down the dust which seems to inflame my asthma. Let's hope the wind dies down a bit so it does not blow me or my pit tent off course.

That's it for now - one last post tomorrow before the race, and hopefully an update on Sunday assuming I can feel my fingers.

Ernesto out


I am seeing a therapist

And her name is Fruita Colorado.

2011_Moab24 (55)

Sorry for the minimal blog postings, but work has been nutty as of late and the Pivots needed some TLC before I headed west again to Moab - but not before stopping at one of my favorite little towns in Colorado, Fruita.

Next up on the schedule for me is 24 Hours of Moab, my last endurance race of the year. After Moab I will "taper down" and race a full cross season. Ohio State championships is two weeks after I get back, so that should be interesting.

Today saw my first day of riding here in Fruita, and I am happy to say that the trails still kick arse and that there has been some trail work here and there on some sketchy sections.

More on that later - time to grab some food and hit the sack.

Ernesto out.