long time, no post

2010_1210, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

sorry for the long lapse of posting, took an extended break from it as i was taking some wind down time from the end of the year cross season and i just needed a little mental break of sorts.

cross season has wrapped up, sorry to have bailed on the last two pittsburgh area races but i was not feeling too swell and the weather here has been keeping me kind of cooped up.

new man cave trainer area is almost to a completion as it has been a work in progress for several weeks. seems that my obsessiveness for training went into ways to configure my trainer room as i thought and re-thought ways to make your trainer room set up perfectly. i usually hit up some hella long trainer rides during the winter as i am not a fan of wind chills below 20 degrees. at some point cold weather riding becomes just too dangerous with wind chills and cars really not looking for you.

first races of 2010 scheduled already, looking forward to them already - and the NUE 100 miler series is looking pretty awesome with some new additions.

some new sponsor updates will be upcoming in the next week or so, but my main sponsors of Speedgoat.com and Pivot Cycles will continue into the 2011 season.

with that, stay tuned for a few year end wrap up posts coming later this week and next.

sologoat out