pure beauty

sven bunnyhop, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

reasons why this is so badass:

1. he's bunnyhopping. that's badass period. two bunnyhops = 2x as badass

2. it is 3 degrees outside - and he's not wearing gloves.

sologoat out

pivot heading west

pivot heading west, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

trip time - first race of the year coming up in a few weeks as i head out to race duo at the old pueblo. it's a race i have always wanted to hit up but always felt like a 24 hour solo event in february for some dude in ohio that has been freezing his arse off in the snow is probably not a wise choice.

so, 12 doesn't seem so bad.

parts all about in, minus a few things here and there - when i get to the shop and let dan the man work his magic, pics will be up. really looking forward to riding the mugura brakes and wipperman chains this year.

that's it - gotta roll. my bike has a date with fed ex.

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pre-race video from cross worlds

hells ya - worlds coming to the US in 2013. i'm predicting tons of racing, big fields and people taking cross a whole lot more seriously.

i'm hoping longer, earlier and later seasons.

i'm also hoping the manufactures will more a ton more way kewl cross stuff for me to test out.

with that - some new video coming out from the other side of the world, at worlds. i've got my fingers crossed for jonathon page - i think his form is on and the weather is on his side.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

also - don't forget that big tall dude that goes really fast on a cross bike too.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

ah, now time to rest up - early day tomorrow. 5am wake up call to watch the juniors light it up in tabor.

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TRP euroX carbon canti review

let the attack of cross stuff blog entries roll on.

trp euroX canti review is now up at the 'goat.

check it: HERE

blog entry a day until cross x-mas day on sunday (cross worlds) which will wrap up with a review of my focus marres pro.

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pauls chain guide review

is now up at the 'goat.

check it: HERE

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jp 8th at Hoogerheide

give 'em hell on sunday jp

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mucho hours

was the theme the past few days as it warmed up past 25 degrees the first time in what seems like weeks. it was great to get out and get some miles in the legs but i swear for some dumb reason drivers seem to get closer to you in the winter months.

bike gear and setups are getting close to getting all together - i'll be rocking the pivot 429's again this year and they'll be built up with some new XTR drivetrains and nokon cables which i am pretty excited about. i'm going back to a classic light speedgoat setup and running a twist shifter on the front and an XTR pod for the back.

i'll also be sporting the 2010 northwave razers which has all kind of support but most important to me is the carbon sole which helps eliminate the hot spots my feet used to get after about 20 hours in the saddle. never had hot spots? try putting a match under your foot and then holding it there for awhile.

and also new to 2010 is a new event for me next month which i'll be racing DUO - should be a good way to get in some miles and start the year.

see you in tuscon

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hideous but warm

Witness the only product I have ever bought from Bass Pro Shops - the ATV Handlebar Mitt.

With about 30 gloves to choose from in my bike stash, my hands always freeze and it seems like I can never grip the bar too good or even attempt to move my fingers all that well.

$25 bucks later, all i wore today while riding was a thin glove liner and my hands were toasty.

oh ya, and if you don't already look like a fruitcake for running these, don't forget the $29 version of the same thing - only in camo.

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my best friends name is kreitler

now that the temps have gone into stupid cold wind chill factors, time to hit the rollers. living in the north, it's just something you force yourself to get used to. very odd riding hours and hours with no place to go, but here's a few items to get you through the monotony and to make the time go a little better.

1. world cycling dvd's

2. ipod dock station of some type. every once in awhile, you just need to crank up the tunes and rock out.

3. Nathan Spear full length cross video streams. formatted in FLV, but still pretty good once converted. hope you are bi-lingual.

4. tv's - i actually have two of them hooked up. actually, one tv and one old computer monitor hooked up to an old DVD player. do a search on "V2VPro Video to VGA Converter /Video Switcher" and you can find them pretty cheap - like 30 bucks.

5. have bottles/fuel and coffee, all ready to go and within hands reach.

6. other options are netflicks streaming video and straight up good old tv. only problem with TV is all those danged commercials, so next years "upgrade" to my training room will be TIVO.

any other suggestions from others out there freeze your arse off, post 'em up!

now - a cold to get over and some hours to get in.

sologoat out