not mucho

has been going down in the white covered ohio area i call home so not much to report on other then ice, snow, cold temps and roller sessions from hell.

schedule is tentatively planned out, now i am just waiting out for better weather which is coming this weekend. should be exciting - temps are going to hit 30 degrees.

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it's a 'burgh thing

hell of a game last night - for you fellow steelers fans.

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passing time at 10 degrees

not much is moving here in the state of ohio these days - woke up to negative 5 degree temps this morning.

2009 schedule is panning out to be an interesting one - one thing that really spices things up is the move of 24 hour nationals by a month to late october, the week after the 8 hour cowbell on the USA cycling enduro calendar. with a few other big name races late in the year, you got to pick your poison and decide what races to hit up.

me - i'll be busy. i'll be at a few races that i need to get back to and a few that i've been wanting to hit up but was not able to in the past.

and cross - more UCI's too. cinci triple weekend, michigan double weekend, wrapping up the season with the portland cup and cross nats. and don't forget the best one (if it's still a UCI based event) - cross vegas.

that's it - gotta roll.

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trying not to freeze

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has been the main objective in ohio the last few days as i have been subject to monster hours on the trainer, work and my new house obsession which is a new furnace.

dvd collection has been growing quite a bit lately, but i must say that so far the 2008 dvds of the tour, tour of ireland and the 2007 tour of ireland are pretty good.

also picked up the 9 ball diaries - definite must get for any cross freaks out there. the footage from portland has me thinking about 2009 cross nats already.

schedule is getting hammered out, can't wait to go south to warmer weather.

with that in mind, i gotta book some flights.

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adiós to 2008, hola to 2009

sunday ride 02
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another year down, another starting up - here's some of my "best of" 2008 times...

Best Ride Buddy:
Would have to be my Ipod. no more talking to myself for 6 hours.

Best clothing purchase:
Craft windstopper base layers. Wish I would of bought these products 4 years ago. Nice for riding when you don't want to wear a ton of bulky clothing and nice for cross season to wear under the skinsuit when you decide to race in 20 degrees instead of staying home and sipping hot coffee.

Best Ernesto kit to date:
Hats go off to Jeremy and Speedgoat for hooking me up with Pactimo clothing for 2008. Nice winter long sleeved jerseys, the vests and jackets rule and the jerseys are racer cut. Awesome. Glad to see they will be back for 2009.

Best Bike shop of 2009:
Wild guess - Speedgoat.com. A lot goes into getting my s*it together every year from clothing to sponsors to wrenching - and everything inbetween. I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again - I couldn't do all of this without Speedgoat.

Best Bike component:
Is a no brainer - Ergon grips. I race many a season trying different grip and glove combo's and none of them ever worked. Now I run Ergons and thin full fingered gloves with no padding - hand issues are gone.

Best Bike ride of 2008:
Jeff and the Toastman in Breck - wish the rain would of stayed away though.

Best race location of 2008:
Would have to be the Mas o Menos. A tiny town in Texas 100 miles away from anything. The atmosphere and silence was golden.

Race you have to go to in 2009:
Cross nationals - you need to get there at least once at some point, even to spectate. Atmosphere is nutty, the racing is awesome - overall great vibe and awesome way to end the season.

Best "what the hell" look of the year:
Was on the faces of a lot of riders one day in Brian Head at the AMC stage race when Pua and myself rode and pulled together for most of the stage, catching and dropping riders all along the way.

Best I think I almost died on my bike today moment of 2008:
Happened ripping down one of the local bike paths when a 50 pound beaver (about the size of a small dog) decided to run across the trail - I bunny hopped over the huge fatso of an animal with my rear wheel actually hitting his fur.

That's it to 2008 - see you in 2009.

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