03.31.05 - busy as hell

whew - been a long week already.

things are changing for me at work (for the better) but i am running around like a madman getting things set up for the next phase of my work career. it is slightly chaotic considering i work 40-50 hours a week and still need to train.

but - i think i couldn't have it any other way. i have found that i do better in life in general when i have a thousand things going on at once. tell me i can't do it and it is suddenly my goal in life to proove you wrong.


training - my super secret training schedule has me doing a TON of hours this week. workouts/rides are pretty much scheduled all the way to october for me. when work gets hectic, i already know my workout plan weeks ahead of time and can plan accordingly and adjust for it. otherwise, if you wait until last minute, it is too easy to skip one or two.

well enduro freak - you can't skip a lap or two during a race. no options - gotta train.

big excitement of the week will be this sunday as it is the first race for me of the year. it's a road race (yucky), but it is so close that i can ride to it, race and then ride some more. i often call my rides before and after as "bonus" rides - have to trick yourself sometimes. akron is great for these type of races - there will be about 5-6 of these types of days before any of my major races which is way cool. i go into these races with no expectations. if i do well, that is cool. if i don't, that is cool too. if you train for enduro's, then you have to live with the fact that your training schedule rules the world and often times you will have to train through a race. sacrifice the little races and reap the benefits of placing well at the big races.

gotta have goals. lemond once wrote down in a training diary when he was in high school that he wanted to win worlds. you and i are are no different than lemond, armstrong. diffferent goals, different people.

funny how life works out sometimes.

now go ride - it's above 50 degrees! yeah!

sologoat out


03.27.05 - 2005 Light in Motion Vega

2005 Light in Motion Vega
Originally uploaded by solo_goat.

Newest to the Light and Motion light selection comes the Vega. Here is the review.

1. 219 grams/256 with mount
3. 4 watt burn time - 2 hours
4. 2 watt burn time - 4 hours
5. 1 watt burn time - 8 hours
6. Recharge at 1.75 hours
7. Breakaway mounts

Here is a breakdown of the watt settings:

Full on race light with this wattage, though it may not have quite the beam width/length of some the higher end systems.

At this setting, the light output is a little too low to run for riding anything technical. Would be great for a long climb where you need to see your line, but you don't have to worry about something technical coming up on you.

I call this setting "just get me home" as this setting is just enough to light what is about 30-40 feet in front of your front tire. Great for paved bike trail riding, probably not the best for anything technical.

This setting is actually pretty bright - not bad to use when the battery is just about to go, but it is pretty hard on the eyes to ride at length with.

Very impressed with this lighting system. Finally, a LED light that provides a bright enough light where one could realistically use this as their main lighting system.

Basically, there is not a whole lot to this system as the entire setup contents consisted of the light itself, the mount and the charger. And when they say that this light is as simple as plugging in your cell phone, they speak the truth. The charger is actually within the lighting unit itself and the charge unit resembles your typical cell phone charger. Simply plug in the charger to the back of the unit and when it is no longer blinking, it is fully charged. And donĂ¢€™t worry about forgetting to unplug it after the charge is complete - it WILL NOT cause any harm to leave it plugged in overnight.

Charge time took about 1.5 hours (a little faster than what the specs say) and burn times seem to be pretty close. Only detriment to this lighting system that I see is that it only contains a bar mount.

Overall, this is a great light and will be used as a backup to my main lighting system as I race enduro's and need longer burn times (I also prefer head mounted units). With that being said, I would SERIOUSLY consider this my main lighting system if I were racing team 24 hour events as the quick charge times (would not have to take them to the charging stations) and light weight are a huge bonus with this system - but I would try to rig up a head mount to run the Vega on my helmet, and possibly run another on the bar.

Additionally, this is a great lighting system where one only needs an hour of two of light or are just getting into the night riding scene and don't want to break the bank. As added bonuses, it is small and easy to pack up and mount. Basically a no-brainer overall setup.

Cheap price, super light and reliable are all the things I like in a lighting system. In my mind, Light in Motion pulled off a stage win with the Vega.

03.27.05 - sologoat went solo

solo ride today - no passengers were in tow for a 6+ hour ride today. got in some good mileage during the week, so my legs were a little tight this morning as i dragged my carcass out of bed.

got a late start - didn't start until almost 10:30am. legs felt tight when getting ready but as soon as i got them turning over on the k monkey, the loosened up pretty quick to the extent that they actually felt better today then the did yesterday.

pretty much rode steady, no efforts like i was doing yesterday, just trying to get in the hours today. rain hit at about 5 hours, so i picked it up a little as i was getting a little cold. walked in the door feeling i finally got a good solid week of training in.

rode the hike/bike trails today and i was surprised they were so dry this time of year. i can actually ride these trails from kent ohio all the way up to cleveland and only ride about 15-20 minutes of road. it's lame - it is a path, but one thing about a path -- no cars and the ego's that go along with them. earlier this week, a car was beeping at me like crazy when i was pretty much on the berm, and passed me on this little road with a tight corner -- the car was actually sliding all four wheels through the corner. i thought "crazy kids." i caught up to the car and it was two adults, probably in their early 50's.

guess my point here - people are stupid. be careful out there because people are not paying attention to a silly cyclist.

and now - i'll attempt a review of the vega....

gotta run - sologoat out.

03.27.05 - another enduro freak and some links

found this on the cnn website this morning - an enduro freak with shoes. article states he "seeks happiness through pain." i think we can relate to this one...

as a huge pumpkins fan, check it out. all things pumpkins - related split off bands, tour dates, lyrics to every single song billy corgan and his associates have ever written down.

blog related to doping in many 'o sport, but tends to be more cycling specific. gotta see the sight to see the whole concept of why he started it up. check it out.

blogspot for transiowa founder jeff kerkove. he rides a giant, reviews a ton of products and is a fellow enduro nut.

dj famous for mixing up the grey album - a dj mix of the beatles white album and jay'z's the black album. though, to be honest, i didn't know he sometimes actually wears a mouse get-up. i find that wierd and hope he doesn't turn up on some late night hbo special on real sex.


03.26.05 - double up

two rides in today - little over 6 hours.

first one was with jim b and he must of been frisky because we set steady tempo for the entire day. rollers hit us immediately and overcast skies cleared later and i actually saw the sun. thank heaven for my tifosi's, or i may have had to squint my eyes. food was right on today, so i think i have my race food down pretty good.

ride two was about an hour after getting back from ride one - tried out the hardtail asylum. about 4 adjustments to bars/seat height and position later, i was on my way. kind of bummed though, went tubeless with this bike and the front keeps loosing air. dang. won't run tubeless for the race bikes, don't like the hassle and i have issues taking the tires off when my hands have taken a beating, along with the body. for some odd reason, sometimes one does not think clearly after riding for extended periods of time.... (i once thought i saw a kangaroo in the woods during the race at snowshoe....) haulicinations are cool....

looks like i am going solo tomorrow. not too many enduro freaks in my neck of the woods - a ton of roadies though - but i actually prefer riding alone sometimes, especially during the week. work thing makes it difficult to meet up with other riders.

other news and random comments:
1. reviews up tomorrow (i promise!)
2. have a happy bunny day tomorrow
3. my cat mootsy says hello
4. starbucks expresso roast rules
5. post ride weight at 143
6. riding outside is sooooooooooo much better than riding indoors
7. ride rigid - forces you to pick good lines. then switch back to suspension - you'll be fast.
8. indy films rule (more on this later)

rock on with your bad 'self...

sologoat out


03.25.05 - active recovery

was the plan of tonight - with radiohead playing on the ipod, i did a steady easy ride for 3 hours. active recovery....

hmmmm... hard to do sometimes, as most times i am doing these rides some dork on a huffy whom hasn't lube his chain in 100 years and is riding in street shoes rides inches away from me on a paved bike path that is 10 feet wide and then 5 seconds he looks back to see how much he is putting the hurt on me.

it's usually about then when i unleash my furry and re-estabish the pecking order.

or, if i am hanging out and slowly riding with a pretty girl -- i grit my teeth and try to look away.

riding has been going good this week - rode every day so far except monday. feeling good, but the back is a little tight. think my k monkey is not setup perfect and i am a little too stretched out.

been testing the vega out - should have a post up tomorrow, hopefully along with the moots tailgator review. think i may do another review as things happen in 3's.

game plan for the weekend is two 6+ hour rides - sunday will have to start a little early because of the weather. companion for the ride is jim b. no set routes, just steady tempo work. and just for fun, when we get at about 5 hours -- it is full on race pace. no attacks, just ramp up the speed, take pulls as hard as you can, and hang on for your life.

we did one of these rides a few years back, with 3 other guys. except this tempo started around 5 mintues into the ride. 4 hours later, we had 100 miles in. hence, we declared that ride to this day "the all business ride."

now, the only business i have is warming up some burrito's...

hope it is rideable where you are at - thanks for checking my blog dawg.

sologoat out


03.24.05 - gotta go...

ride soon...

not much happening lately - but, training is going really well. 3+ hours the last couple of days, 4 more tonight. sweet.

prelimary on the vegas is good - should be an excellent backup unit. more on this later.

asylum bikes - possible i may be riding a polished frame and one black. big debate is either is to run either two EXACT bikes or to have one polished and one black at the shop.

gotta run - hope to have the vega light and moot tailgator review up this week.

sologoat out


03.20.05 - 2005 lights in motion vega

2005 lights in motion vega
2005 lights in motion vega,
originally uploaded by solo_goat.
just in - lights in motion vega lighting system.

preliminary assesment - wow, this thing is tiny. actual charger unit is within the light itself, making charging a snap. Charging is as simple as charging your cell phone. i am going to love this, as i used to run a niterider. hmmm... niterider runs a microbrute charger, then the charger that plugs into the wall -- and when they go bad, you have two things to buy.

out with old, in with the new - simple, HED, and no-fuss should make this the light to use. have not tested yet, but when i checked it out in the backyard, it seemed plenty to light up the trail. 2/4/8 hours use, depending on setting. BONUS - charges in less than 2 HOURS. oh yes...

can't wait to take her out on the trail.

oh - and roughly 200grams. weight geeks are gonna love this.

complete review in a couple weeks.

sologoat out

03.20.05 - rain, rain. go the hell away.

what the?

it is sunday, the first day of spring - and it is raining. what the heck.... debating on what to do as i type - thinking i may hit up the rain cape and brave the elements as it looks as if the rain is on the way out.

here is my riding recap from the past few days:

managed 4 hours, in two workouts. i get a lot of these in later in the season, as my work forces me to do this in order to get my hours in. not bad because it keeps your metabolism going all day, but it can be detrimental to sleep. some people call lack of rest as sleep deprivation/exahaustion, i call it cross-training.

legs were feeling a little heavy at the start of a 5 hour ride with jim b. rode mostly moderate tempo most of the day. got a little dehydrated later in the ride despite drinking 4 bottles, and when jim started pushing the pace at 4.5 hours, we were both feeling the effects of a good week of training.

other stuff:
vega lights - i'll have the pics posted tonight. check 'em out. they are way cool.

race schedule - looking like at least 4 24 hour races this year, with a ton o' enduro events of the 6/12 hour variety, and including some mega mile mountain bike races. will be racing all the way out to october and i will have a slight lap of disciplines, as i finish up the rest of the season with cross. should be fun.

vega and limar pics uploaded tonight.

sologoat out.


03.18.05 - it's christmas in march

here is why:

1. vega lights - are in. they look super cool. they look really small. i'm stoked.

2. limar 909 helmets - two yellow helmets in a bright yellow. they seem light and i predict that i will be able to turn my head .025% faster because of it, allowing me take better lines and to scope out babes on the race course. cool.

3. it's friday, it is about 45 degrees, there is no snow on the trails, and i am going for a ride. sweet.

4. asylum bikes - bikes are off to get polished and the first one will be in my grubby hands in approx 4 weeks. awesome.

5. got to ride yesterday - and i get to ride today. mmmmmmm.....

6. i'm getting some good sushi tonight --- yummy.

gotta go - pics of the vegas and the helmets up this weekend. but now - i gotta get my fix in before daylight runs out. should be able to sqeeze in a 3 hour ride....

ride on!

sologoat out


03.16.05 - what's a goat to do?

out of town for work and in desperate need for a workout?

1. check out DIRTWORLD as they have a ton of listings of trail maps. i've found trails all over - columbus ohio, bend oregon, austin texas. you name, somebody has rated it.

2. when in doubt - go single geared. one thing i have always said in regards to a single speed - you are always bustin' your butt to get that gear turned over. i am especially fond of my spinning intervals where i find a slight downhill (right next to my favorite hotel in columbus ohio). start at the top and start spinning (it's about a mile long). i look like a nut, but it's a great workout.

3. rollers - i am almost despising the whole idea of these right now, but i am constantly finding ways to make it more interesting. watch tour dvds, watch a movie on hbo, listen to my ipod and watch cartoons. oh, and check out the indy movie channel. one thing about rollers, if it is cruddy outside, and you don't know the area -- at least you are getting a ride in.

not too much going on today - easy roller ride in the hotel. work thang' has me out of town and the locals here in dayton are freaking me out so i decided not to ride them. though, do note - columbus ohio has a very short but techinical trail system just north of town. DIRTWORLD listed it as an hour long - though, if you are a tough guy, you can do the trail three times at 2 hours. great technical stuff - and for some reason, this trail likes to throw me off the trail in spectactular form at least once per ride.

JEFF KERKOVE has a review of the cateye HL-EL500 light system. 30 hour burn time, LED, light, adjustable. seems like it would be a horrible light to use (not). check it out.

RIDE424 - this is the web site i wish i had 4 years ago. listing of the majority of enduro's for the year. training for these events are a year long process, training through races and peaking at specific points are very critical. you must plan your schedule accordingly, and all the races are here.

SPEEDGOAT BLOG has my tifosi quam 1.5 review up, along with a pic of one handsome fellow wearing them. as an added bonus, if you scroll down the list of blog entries, you may just get lucky and see the Tifosi Q2 review. lucky you if you find it.

that's it tonight - resting up for a big night ride tomorrow. gotta get my fix....

sologoat out


03.14.05 - a little bit of the pumpkins at ya

when i ride
with you tonight
we can move
at the speed of light
forever young
forever blind
into the stars
we rock tonight

smashing pumpkins - speed kills

03.14.05 - monday night nightride

got out at 5pm, back at 7pm and then the bonus hour on the rollers to warm back up and rock out with the ipod.

today was pretty warm - a toasty 34 degrees was pure heaven to me and was pretty nice to ride in.

in other news:
1. tifosi quam review - finally done.

2. helmets/lights - should arrive in the next day or two

3. i've got some planning to do for may - texas, ohio and michigan enduros! rock on!

4. in warmer climate tomorrow - could this possibly mean more than one mid-week ride and not totally freezing me arse off?

5. body weight is looking good - really close to race weight. about 4 years ago when i started endurance riding, my body weight during the winter got up to 167 at one point. oh, the taste of beer is heavenly - and i consumed way too much. this year, diet is going to be a key factor in my "splitting hairs" theory i had a few posts back.

that's it - may your day be filled with dry single track and warm temps.

rock on - sologoat out.

03.14.05 - cool new stuff at the goat

hey all - my pals/sponsors at SPEEDGOAT.COM has got some new bling bling for ya to check out. here goes:

this cool new machined stem brings me back to the days when ano was cool. word to ya - ano was always cool. this stem was actually shown at the vegas show last year with a removable face plate that had a pre-mounted light system on it (battery was under the stem).

5 inch rear travel titanium frame from the masterminds at moots. i'm not a big fan of "jump bikes" but this bike is cool.

Backup light of yours truely. i have not tested this puppy yet (got two in the mail!) but these are getting rave reviews from the techs at the 'goat shop. super duper light, reliable, neato charger... full specs at the link above -- and hurry, the supply is limited! (remember - no shipping charges at the goat!) hurry you enduro freaks!

sologoat out


03.13.05 - i think my face is frozen

was what i was thinking today after about 4 hours of a 5.25 hour ride.

late start today, as i was feeling super lazy and was waiting for it to warm up a little. started off the ride with some trail riding as i thought the powdery snow wouldn't be too bad. wrong.

4-5 inches of snow in some spots, so after an hour, i hit the road. nothing crazy, steady medium tempo work on the hills around the akron area. up, down, flat, repeat. first two hours i had to deal with a head wind, the last 3.25 hours i was blessed with a tail cross wind. somebody must of had mercy on me today.

came home, ate some leftovers and drank some heavenly starbucks house blend. yummy.

upon immediate arrival of two very special boxes, a phone call was placed immediately to my cell phone.

special box #1 - LIMAR HELMETS
picked up two 909 yellow helmets. review to come after arrival.

special box #2 - LIGHTS IN MOTION
i am suuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited about this one - picked up two of the VEGA lights, which is the latest greatest light out from lights in motion. about the size of a small egg, weighing in at just a hair over 200 grams, and lasting 2 hours on full beam (up to 8 hours depening on your settings) these babies are going to be sweet backup lights. oh, and extra bonus - charge time on these little gems are only an hour and a half. this system is LED - and the rumor circulating around is that HID is on the way out. yep - eventually, the LED will be to the point that HID's will be no more. according to my dad, the bulbs do not burn as hot as the HID lights, allowing for a much smaller battery.

that's it for now - sologoat out


03.12.05 - mother nature strikes a blow to my midsection

by hitting me with 4 inches of wet snow and 33 degrees. grrrr.... (that is the sound i make when i am angry). but - i did get a chance to get some tifosi pics taken - check back late tomorrow for my reviews.

so.... what is an enduro freak to do for a workout?

2.5 hours hiking
.5 hours power shoveling my driveway (do note: i have now set my personal best record for shoveling)

and, to top it off:
2 hours on the rollers

tour dvd of the day:
1998 tour - disk two. pantani is down by two minutes, i wonder if he wins? regardless of what he went through, i really think it is unfortunate to see the outcome. he truely was a one of kind, his climbing abilities was astonishing, and to see him "dancing on the pedals" when he was on form looked effortless. he truely was an angel of the mountain.

godspeed marco.

sologoat out

03.12.05 - 2005 tifosi quam 1.5

2005 tifosi quam 1.5
2005 tifosi quam 1.5,
originally uploaded by solo_goat.

Here are the details:
1. 3 colors to choose from (Crystal Clear, Crystal Black and Tortoise)
2. Glare Guard
3. De-centered Lens
4. 3 Lenses Included
5. 22 grams in weight
6. Vented Lens

Here is the review:
As I reviewed the Q2 not long ago (where I gave a huge thumbs up to the new De-Centered lens to prevent peripheral distortion), I am pleased to see that the same lens technology is incorporated into this model from Tifosi. And as an added bonus, this model is available for a “Direct Fit” which allows one to run a Direct Fit Prescription Lens. (At the Vegas show last year, the Tifosi reps said that the turn around is around 10 days or less for them to turn your prescription into one cool looking pair of shades).

The frame itself has undergone some changes from last years Quam 1.0 model. Most notably, the vented lens and the adjustable nose piece. The vented lens never fogged up during my 3 weeks of trying out the glasses and after only one adjustment of the nose piece, the glasses fit perfect and never moved - even during heavy perspiration.

3 lenses come standard, along with a nice carry case to hold your glasses and lenses both.

I raced with last years model all of the 2004 season and will attest to their durability and their function – the lenses and the frame stood the test at Whistler, Snowshoe and countless other enduro races.

I will also attest that their pricing is fantastic – a great company putting out a great product at an awesome price. AND – replacement lenses don’t cost an arm and a leg. Enough said.

Or is it?

This particular model is a proven babe magnet. Yep, yours truly on his very first day of wearing these glasses in a “non-riding” environment, experienced the power. Within a total span of 5 minutes, I was told I looked cute, the door was held open for me by a female (and she actually ran back to open the door for me) and the girl behind the counter at Starbucks gave me a big smile and huge chocolate chip cookie for free.

Either my mojo was strong or my Tifosi’s were working magic on the ladies.

Check them out at Tifosioptics.com for the details, and look for them at Speedgoat soon!


03.09.05 - 5 hours

temps were ridiculous today, so i opted out of riding outdoors. the low temps are driving me bonkers, but...

i did get up early in the AM today, spun for an hour and then waited until after work to get in a 2 hour hike, followed up with a two hour roller ride. needed to get in some hours today as friday i may take off.

i try to plan ahead of time my days off - and i try to enjoy them. it is a luxury i can afford now, but in the upcoming summer months, i usually only take 1 day off the bike in an 8 week period. i see it this way - NOT riding is NOT an option. flip/flop workout days, split them into double rides, do what you got to do -- and hope your family and friends don't disown you or forget your first name.

haven't heard about the bikes yet - the shop has been super busy and i bug them too much as it is. though -- i do have some limar helmets coming. i ran a limar last year, so it was a no brainer. tried to go with the lazer helmets, but sizing was an issue as i was right between two sizes.

was hoping to get the tifosi reviews done this week, but probably the best i can do is get some pics up maybe on saturday. work has been super busy this week.

and - did get a chance to watch most of the extended 99 tour DVD from world cycling. great mountain stages - as with all of their tapes. highly recomend them to all roller riders out there as they are great for a two hour ride. we all know that at 10 minutes after we jump on the trainer that we look at the clock expecting to see an hour gone by.

if you are like me, hide all the clocks, put in a DVD and spin away.

sologoat out


03.08.05 - splitting hairs

wow my legs were tight on monday, so rollers it was - 2 hours on monday and repeated today because it was a long day o' work for me.

i work for XPERT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS as accounting software consultant/trainer/guru specializing in timberline software (and double as my travel sponsor for the year!). works out well most times for me, as i can set my own schedule, but it sometimes means late rides. some people may think of this as cruddy, i see it as a change to my workout schedule and an opportunity to train at night. i think that if you train at the same time/intensity day in, day out, your body gets used to that very specific workout. throw in an extra hill, decreased temperture and riding at 10pm, your body reacts very differently. got to train the body, yo.

anyhoo - the subject of splitting hairs came up this weekend as i was talking to my coach/buddy/confidant Jim Baldesare an x-pro and current cat 1 (did i mention previous crit national champ?) and we were talking about the difference between riding well and riding the best you possibly can.

he termed it "splitting hairs"

other "terms" - keeping your weight down, riding the best equipment you can, training both mind and body. and throw in about 3 dozen more.

let me metion one more - bike fit.

jim does bike fits for WOBBLENAUGHT. the fit works. lazers, measurements, rider feeback, and 100 different adjustments later, you have more power at a lesser effort than you were putting out before, and your body is more relax.

i love efficiency.

check out this entry i found on their website: WOBBLENAUGHT ERNESTO UPDATE

check it out - the proof is in the results. all you have to do is pedal.

go pedal.

sologoat out


03.06.05 - some links at ya

body ink - some people are into it, some not. but, please give some thought before you ink yourself with something silly like pacman or barcodes. top honors has to go the brainiac that got the "windows logo" tatoo.

specs/details of the bike i will be riding this year. both bikes will be black ano, and i think can have a carbon link (if i so choose). upgrade options on this frame include one for a TI bolt kit. this bike has the big 29'r wheels, but chris over at the goat worked the specs to give it a ride more like a 26 inch bike.

jeff kerkove blogspot
solo rider, transiowa founder -- and the reviewer of a billion things bike related. check it out.

see our reviews of the vegas show and the ramblings of the 'goats best. don't forget their shipping policy - NO SHIPPING CHARGES. this means extra goodies for you.

sologoat out.

03.06.05 - your life is going to completely change

when you turn 33.

if you ever listen to the smashing pumpkins (my FAVORITE band IN THE ENTIRE WORLD) and happen to listen the storytellers discs, the above line i am referring to was partially the story of the song "33" where he had a friend tell him his fortune. and she said, "when you turn 33, your life will completely change."

welp, sologoat turned 33 on saturday and he celebrated with some hours.

somehow it ends up i ride another 13 hour friday/saturday/sunday thing, but this one was pretty epic.

decide to ride through 4 inches of wet snow for about 2.5 hours. after falling down about a half dozen times, i headed home frozen so i hit the rollers to finish out 3 hours.

5 hours. rode with my ipod (listened to - radiohead, outkast, dj tiesto) and made what seemed to be 100 glove changes. my new moots bag allows me to almost carry TOO much stuff, so i kept chaning gloves as my hands get cold. seem to have issues with my hands all the time, getting cold n' stuff.

5 hours on my road bike (yucky). it's a scandium salsa with ultegra/dura ace with a nice set of king hubs that are super loud. roadies don't know what the sound is, but to the mountain bikers, the sound of king hubs is the sweetest music to our ears. mmmmmmmmm.... anyhoo, headed out with my coach/friend/compadre jim b and fought the head wind all darned day. i kept telling myself that 45 and windy is a lot better than 25 and snowing. legs felt OK, but i am tired. probably the biggest week of hours for me since the new year.

asylum news-
the person in charge of tracking my frame down was sick last week, so no update yet. i'll post the link later this week.

reviews coming up:
tifosi quams, moots bag, miscellaneous 29'r tires. lights in motion (lights - go figure). probably get some massive hammer gel/e-cap review going as well.

bands/artists i think you should check out:
smashing pumpkins, dj tiesto, dj dangermouse (especially the grey album), white stripes, dandy warhols, old school johnny cash, beastie boys, and old REM.

hope you got your riding fix in this weekend.

sologoat out


03.04.05 - friday night ride

was a cold and dreary ride - much suffering in this short ride.

for some odd reason, 4 inches of wet snow did not deter me from riding the trails, but after 2.25 hours of fighting just to keep upright and riding in middle ring, i had enough.

got home, squirted some lube on my surly k-monkey and hit the rollers.

1 hour later, starbucks and hammergel in me -- i am good as new.

it is rides like today that makes 2am at whistler just a little bit easier.

here is a couple of rules to live/ride by:
1. if it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger
2. to run with the big dogs, you have to get off the porch
3. you must teach your body to suffer
4. never doubt yourself

i heard a story today on the radio - it was from NPR. the iditarod is about to start. 1100 miles. it's cold. it's long. without even knowing the details about it, enduro freaks can kind of relate. you are on your own, one on one -- you against the world.

and one of the competitors is BLIND. yep, read that again. BLIND.

go back up to rule number 4 up above. read it again. and again. and again.

now you know what i am thinking about 14 hours into a 24 hour event.

sologoat out

03.04.05 - tgif

4 hours training yesterday - 2 hike, 2 bike. hike was in 4 inches of snow/ice.... fun, fun, fun.

now - off to bike. it's friday and it is going to be above freezing temp's this weekend... yeah!


it's my b-day tomorrow -- and i'll ride if i want to.

and this enduro freak will get his groove on and ride o' ton o' miles.

sologoat out.


03.02.05 - i now offically hate winter

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let it be on the records - damn thy winter.

today, lake effect snow and bone chilling weather hit the cleveland area damning me to yet another 2 hour roller session.

rollers are actually going pretty decent this year - the extended tour tapes seem to get me through them pretty good.

no news on the aylum's yet - manufacture has not gotten back to us yet, but i have seen my offical "parts"..

here is the low down:
1. raceface stuff everywhere
2. easton carbon post/bars
3. sram stuff all around (pods rear/twist on the front)
4. secret xtr/botrager wheelset
5. probably run a skinny TI saddle
6. tires - lightest/latest/greatest of what the 'goat can find

a lot of stuff i can switch out, so it makes it really nice riding for the shop as i don't have to ride something i don't want to. if it's heavy or doesn't work great, then it won't be on the bike.

speedgoat is the coolest. thanks chris and beth!

oh - and up on the helmet plate - LIMAR 909 in Yellow. orange/white were all out - darn!

gotta run - sologoat out.

03.02.05 - moots bag

moots bag
moots bag,
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ah, one of my vast secret weapons for transiowa. the moots tailgator.

only had this a week now, so i haven't had the full time to check it out, but the preliminary review is that this thing rocks.

nice things about my tailgator:
1. moots logo etched on the frame of the bag holder...
2. TONS of space
3. tie downs, and sealed zippers

tested last week with 3 tubes, an extra set of gloves, food, tools, co2's, and plenty o' room to spare. should be nice for luggin' tons of stuff.

more detailed review in a few weeks.

for now - sologoat out

03.02.05 - asylum head tube

hard tail asylum one
hard tail asylum one,
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here's a good shot of the asylum logo, sketched by chris at the goat. this guy appears on the headtube and seatube.

his expression is meant to symbolize the craziness of post modern enduro riding and it's effect it has had on the western beliefs of the mountain bike world.


it just looks cool.

sologoat out

03.02.05 - asylum hard tail

hard tail asylum one
hard tail asylum one,
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ah, she is complete! this is my first offical bike with both tubeless AND disk. i'm going crazy...

pretty much an extra part bike, with a few noteables:
1. nokon cables (see next pic!)
2. king headset (need i say more?)
3. sram drivechain, with xt crank/bb/cassette...
4. surly fork

since this is a basic backup bike my parents front yard has more rocks then 90% of the trails i ride, the surly fork should suffice.

additionally, the surly fork will never need to be rebuilt and the rigid fork teaches one to take better lines -- because if you don't, watch out! you're in the air, on the ground, and loosin' time... yo..

sologoat out

03.02.05 - my first asylum is born

after a 2 hour roller ride (wathed some indy film on IFC and then switched to the 2003 tour -- of course, had to watch a mountain stage) i pieced my asylum together.

she is a hardtail hand-me-down from an "x" speedgoat racer, not the full suspended's which should be soon to arrive at speedgoat's door.

parts were stolen off my old santa cruz.. sob.... :(

BUT - i have gone nutty and made the switch to disc brakes. avid mechanicals were choosen as the price was right and i wanted to make sure i liked them before i switch everything over to disks.

last year, i broke my hand. then to top it off, my hands were giving me issues - why? hmmmmm. could it be the huge hours i ride? maybe?

anyhoo, thought that the disks would save my hands a little, especially since whistler and the east coast enduro's are so darned rocky.

it's late - pics/details of her will be up tomorrow. nokon's, chris king and thompson... mmmm... bikes are so cool.


sologoat out.