last ride of 2007

is going down in a few hours as ohio is going to get hammered with snow tonight - the slushy kind that really sucks.

2008 and an entire new season is ahead of us, schedule is laid out and the beginings of my training plans are in place. should be an interesting year for all of us in the states considering that the calander got a litle congested around nationals and everybody will have to pick their poison and decide what race to hit up.

bike setup will most likely not change too much, though i am waiting to hear back from fox and reynolds. fox forks should cut down the weight a little bit, although i will loose the lockout.

2007 ended up finishing a little differently then planned, but here's to a new year. drink one (or a half dozen) for me.

sologoat out


pit crew supergenius

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congrats goes out to my brotha' getting his masters in nuclear engineering from penn state. when he is in my pits, not only is he helping me out, but he's also figuring out diabolical ways to melt/blow up my competitors frames. (insert evil laugh here)

house projects are going steady but slow, training going well, and i think i have a tentative schedule laid out for next year - so all is good in ohio as long as the snow stays away.

spring training camp is being debated - but in the meantime, shawn adams is heading south this week for "training and beer drinking"...
sounds like a horrible time.

sologoat out.


you wish you were this smooth

jeremy at speedgoat posted this video on the 'goat blog a few months ago and i keep on going back to the blog to check it out.

check out phil feeney for more hella cool stuff.

his riding makes me want to buy a trials bike. jeremey, got an extra one?

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using up vacation days

Tifosi safety glasses
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is the name of the game this week as i sneak in some base mile rides and catch up with family and house work.

weather is going to be a hit or miss tomorrow AM, so maybe i'll opt for the soon to be updated training basement as i hook up some additional speakers and a spare computer to watch cycling.tv.

in sponsor news, hammer nutrition is now locked up, and defeet and ergon orders are in - so stay tuned for some new product reviews.

and - frames are off to the magical powdercoater.

what a wonderful bikemas it has been.

sologoat out


last post until after bikemas

a couple of holiday gifts in ernesto news today.

hammer nutrition has continued sponsorship for me into 2008. things will be finalized over the weekend and...

DeFeet will sponsor me as well. i've been running their socks for years. their wool socks can't be beat during the winter months.

gotta run - lots of family stuff going on the next few days, trying to get in some early season 2008 miles and thinking about a venture to texas early next year.

so, until mid-next week, have yourself a good bikemas and don't crash your brains out on the ice like i did last night if you sneak a ride in during the holidays.

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2008 ernesto kit

ernesto kit
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new kit for the new year - ergon gotta love it.

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let the bidding begin

got some things listed on EBAY.

17.5 moots ybb, 2003'ish SID and some old skool avid v's. check 'em out.

not much going on these days, laying low right now, trying to recover from the season and getting caught up on house chores and life.

as i sold off my old winter bike, time to get a new one - so i made the easy choice of going with another salsa el mariachi complete as the price is right. this time, i'll go geared. strip some new stuff and ride the old stuff until it's 100 miles past the lifespan of the product.

debating on technology, but the only thing that seems like half a likelyhood in my world is possibly the cycleops disc power meter that is in prototype as i could potentially take the rotor off and put it on my moots cross bike that runs the 135 spacing. other options are just too costly.

anyhoo, gotta run. need to get back to playstation.

sologoat out

new lights from princeton tec

Princeton Tec headlamps have now got a little spruce up with lighter weight and beam range in the apex pro.

this is the new version of the lighting system i used on my bars durig my 2007 season. this setup runs a battery pack half the size of the apex and looks like it should be able to be rigged up pretty easily to run on my 2008 bikes, running the battery under the stem possibly.

as always, give Speedgoat to check for availability.

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ergon athlete announcement

can be seen HERE

watch out as i'll be running both the GP1's and GR2's, depending on the course.

the grips will match up with:

my green pactimo clothing kit


my candy apple green frame color with gold sparkle clear coat

sologoat out


brent evans cross nationals update

Pic from Thursdays pre-nationals warm up race where Brent got 4th:

Strawberries taste better when you win them!!!

Thanks for all of the love and well wishes

everyone from NE Ohio represented well at Nats - a tribute to our series and local races. sad today that cross is over for 2007 - more on that later.

16 hrs home to Ohio - hoping to miss the storm

Gave it all i had in KS at cross nats -- anyone who finished on Saturday is a God or Goddess-- the conditions were that tough. - Ernie and Shawn, sorry you could not make the trip--Missed you-- but if you weren't already here, Sat the course was nothing you would want to ride if you didn't have too - really!

Pretty thankful i have a family that loves me and would come with me on this crazy adventure... if you have a spouse or friend who would stand out in pits with your bike while the snow and icy conditions blow gale force winds + barely 15 degree temperature, you are truly blessed.

a 4th place and a 26th place and no broken bones... more to come

prediction for Elite Men's race later today _ in this order--- Todd Wells, John Page, Tim Johnson, Ryan Trebon, Adam Craig, Barry Wicks



you want me

26moots4sale - 03
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or at least you want my moots.

my 2001 17.5 moots ybb is up for grabs and/or part out as my new moots is on the way...

a 2008 18 inch YBB MootoX (sigh)

most of the parts are older, but two items are of note:
1. avid manesium v brakes - think they only made these a year or two and are hard to find.

2. a genuine george chris king wheelset built up with bontrager ceramic rims, db spokes and alloy nips. bling, bling and more bling.

would consider a trade on the wheelsfor either a new set of kings or a king classic cross wheelset -- as i am thinking of converting them to cross use.

post a reply if interested, check flikr for more pics.

tifosi optics webpage

tifosi optics webpage
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now has an "ernesto marenchin" page up, so you need to check it out.

Tifosi will continue to sponsor me into the 2008 season which is coming up soon as i look ahead at the race schedule for next year.

clothing is soon to be ordered, frames off to the painter. will be running the same basic bike setup for next year, hopefully with a change to the FOX 29er fork.

that's it for now - going to enjoy my afternoon off.

sologoat out


cross nats - is a no go

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not due to the weather, but due to an unfortunate family situation i can't head out to the ice and snow of kansas city.

safe travels to those heading out - stay warm and upright.

sologoat out


bikemas holiday gift suggestions

from ernesto is now up on the SPEEDGOAT BLOG.

"donations" to my personal stash of bike wealth is greatly appreciated. and remember, it's always better to receive then give when it comes to Bikemas HOliday.

think i got that wrong... but maybe not.

sologoat out


end of cross season

right around the corner.

yesterday's jaunt in the snowy muddy fields of the last race in the cleveland cross series was a classic to say the least. ice, mud, rain and snow, oh my.

i went with my old IF single speed, switched out from 32x16 gearing to a 36x16 gearing the night before. hmmm. not a good choice, should of left it be as the backside mud was a little too much for the gearing.

was not overly concerned with the result of the race, just wanted to decide for once if i was going to keep the IF -- and also didn't want to trash the moots a week before nationals.

results - the IF is staying in the family.

congrats out to gerry p for winning the PA state championship this past weekend, it's a great start to gerry coming on with speedgoat.

and - congrats out to shawn adams too as his second place on sunday sealed the deal on the cleveland cross series....

6 days and counting until i can take a break.

sologoat out


two more weekends

shawn helmet
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of cross races in store.

tomorrow is the last race in the cleveland series which should have shawn wrapping up the series victory, then off to nationals for the masters and the elite races on saturday and sunday.

then, a few weeks of rest before the 2008 season training starts - or should i say, a few weeks of house work that i have successfully put off for about two years.

that's it - seems odd to be at home this weekend. seems like i should be off racing somewhere.

anyhoo, off for a thirty degree training ride.

sologoat out


speedgoat team news

will have a mr. gerry pflug riding a salsa and flying the team colors of the shop.

new kits/design layout for speedgoat's ultra cool retro new pactimo clothing came from jeremy.

and new "ernesto" kits are soon to come out too - in a shade of color that ergon will love.

sologoat out

let the debate begin - worlds or nats?

sologoat out


3 to go

shawn a
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with a local race coming up this weekend and 2 races at nationals, 3 races and i get to rest.

2008 is right around the corner, new products are soon to be on the way. frames are in awaiting paint and shoes from northwave are soon to be in.

bike schwag i got left over from the season will be soon on the chopping block - stay tuned for details (soma and my lights are gone).

with that, gots to run. a wintery night ride it will be.

sologoat out


will race for entry fees

was the theme for the weekend, as on sunday, i got 17th and took home just enough cash to cover the entry fee. sweet.

saturday had me coming out to play on a super fast course in PA, i got relegated to my usual back row and 1 hour later, i finished the race with two chainring bolts as i obviously didn't tighten my ring bolts up good enough after a failed attempt to run a double chain gaurd setup.

success though - i didn't drop a chain either day.

sunday was more of a course for me, not so many straights - and was an enduro rider reunion as harlan, steve schwartz and chris scott all came out to play.

rain held off until the last 15 minutes of my race, after i had already crashed my brains out 3 times. a buddy once told me if i didn't crash at least during a race, i probably wasn't going fast enough -- but two more times on top of that, i was just getting knocked silly.

so, no UCI points this year - a couple of close ones, though my chase for points was more of a two year gig in the back of my mind.

with that, one race this coming weekend, then off to nationals.

sologoat out