back from zoo york city

and i must say, it was a pretty cool experience. last time i was there was when i was about 16 and we didn't get to see too much. got some pretty cool pics, i'll post them randomly throughout the week...

big weekend coming up for the cleveland area - ray's mtb park has some pro jump bike studs coming in (from what i have heard) and the CAMBA guys are out building this weekend to put in some new trails off of the metroparks trail system -- which, if you are local to the area, is a HUGE deal because most of the trails in/around this area are highly illegal. hats off to those guys - they put in a lot of work.

and - cross races coming up this weekend. one in cinci, one in the youngstown area and another with my homies down in the 'burgh. all the races are on the same day (the 5th) so i think i am going to go back to my roots and catch up with some friends down at the pittsburgh race.

and - speedgoat. man, they are getting hooked up with some new schwag. soon they'll be getting in some niner bikes/frames, pretty much any component in the ritchey line up, and will also possibly start carrying more northwaves. stay tuned to their website.

and - the next few weeks, all sponsorship proposals out the door thanks to jeremy and the crew at speedgoat.

now, all i have to do - as my dad says - is pedal my bike.

so - off to ride.

sologoat out.


weekend of rest

is in order. no races this weekend, so i am taking a few days of easy rest before the i start the build up of more cross races which will end up in december.

looks like i am hitting up 2 races on nationals weekend - the masters race the day before and then elite nationals the next day. it's going to be a hella fast weekend.

got a couple of cross parts reviews coming up - a twofish bottle cage that attaches the frame via a velcro strap. why? because twofish, like myself, hate unsightly bottle cages on our cross bikes. so, put the cage on, take it off during cross practice, and put it back on for the ride home. 'nuff said.


imagine you have "spooky" type brakes - the are super cool, super light and get you bonus bling points because you have a tricked out cross bike with tricked out brake pads. but... you call speedgoat and go...

"uh, i have some spooky brakes and i want to know how to adjust the brake pads"

dan the man will probably tell you - "ahhhh..... you can't adjust those brakes"

and you will say "what?"...

well, imagine the adjustment for the brake pads is actually ON the brake pad itself... hmmmm... ingenious.. watch for that review coming up when i get my new wheels in.

for now, i rest - next post coming at ya' monday.

sologoat out.


light & motion worlds video

is now posted at their website - you can check it out HERE.

there is a ton of video there, three of ernesto, including the entire pre-race interview with light & motion's barrett heywood - he also has a huge picture section from the race that includes all riders from the race - not just the l & m riders.

cross nat's registeration opened on monday and part of the where you start could depend on when you registered. register later and you could be #170. register soon, and you could be #50. That's 120 places when the gun goes off this december in rhode island. sounds like i may be heading out with the local ALAN riders, but that is all tentative for now.

and, this will be my only weekend off from racing from now until cross nats this weekend. will hit up some more double race weekends, some maybe in ohio, some in PA. only thing 100% is the cleveland series and the November 5th race in the pittsburgh area held by gary d. link to his race is at the teamlakeeffect.com website, but i'll have more up about it next week.

for now - gotta run. have that work thing going on today.

sologoat out.


snakebite cross pics

first lap shot, getting ready for the first dismount of the race - straight into a sand/mud pit.

another first lap shot, coming out of the sand/mud pit.

and still running out of the pit, in second position, chasing nate.

now, i have dropped down to 4th at this point, roughly 1/2 way through the race.

the gap goes up, so i chase....

and chase...

and chase...

and chase...

until i catch paul and nate...

and then i attack, and immediately open a gap

heart rate is screaming, and i build up a gap in the sand/mud pit area as i run full speed through it. i flail through the mud, slide through the corners and stay upright for the first cyclocross win of the year.


2 races - 2 victories

10.21 - snakebite cross/team lake effect race #2 (pics up tomorrow)
a small field of about 20'ish riders showed up, and all the riders that were in the top 5 last week were there, excluding the winner of that race.

temps were in the lower 50's and the course was mostly a typical cross course (twisty/turny).

after the field section, double barriers before the pine section, and back into a field section.

then into the one trail section which had two dismounts and came right after a decently long field section.

out of that section, through a field and into a sand pit run. fun, fun.

then back into the field, zig zag across, then cross the finish line.

get all that?

race takes off, and the soft muddy conditions and the hell it about to cause is immediate. the field is ripped apart on the first lap. nate is flying, i am chasing and paul martin is about 10 seconds behind me.

paul soon catches me, but i chase him back and hold the gap steady at 5 seconds. we slowly real in nate. paul attacks hard to catch nate, but by this time i am right on his wheel. this is about 1/2 way through the race.

for the next couple laps, the top three ride together. then, paul is pulling us and then lets me take the lead and i throw down my best lines and open up a gap. nate starts fading, paul is still chashing me.

ends up, i stay upright, consistant and use some good lines to hold my gap - and i managed the win in the hellishly muddy conditions.

10.22 - team lake effect race #3
classic cross course, with tons of twisty turns, switchbacks, barriers and two stair run ups. oh my.

line up was the same as yesterday, got in my good warmup on the trainer so i was good to go come start time. weather was overcast and chilly, conditions on the course were exceptionally good.

with the ammount of turns on this course, the turns themselves were going to be a major factor. with our race being the last one of the day, the corners were going to be slick and the lines i scoped out earlier would not be the same come race time.

best advice i can give for a cross race - never show the competition your good lines on a cross course. wait until you have a gap and use it to build up your lead, or if you are with another rider, wait until the last lap, surprise your competition with it and attack immediately after.


race starts, and nate takes off. i chase. slowly the top 5 break away from the rest of the pack. on the second run up early in the race, everybody hesitates and takes the outside line up the stairs.

i take the inside line and attack - a gap opens immediately and shatters the pack of 5, dropping one guy istantly.

i slowly build up my lead, gaining seconds every lap. slowly, i pull away, but paul martin is coming on strong and has another rider in tow. i try to stay consistant.

with 3 to go, paul has dropped the other rider and the other chasing rider is nowhere in sight. he is closing the gap on me, i put my head down, pick my best lines and run like hell up both the run-ups.

with 2 to go, i turn around - the gap on paul has grown substantially (i later find out he gets caught up in the ribbon on the course and goes down). i pedal on, keeping the pace high.

with 1 to go, the gap is steady and holding. i hold off paul for the second day.

great way to wrap up the weekend - two victories in two days.

photo write up of saturday's race will be posted tomorrow...

for now, got to get some sleep...

sologoat out



two cross races coming up this weekend in the cleveland area - brett's race on saturday and the lake effect race this sunday.

info can be found HERE

pics/results links can also be found on that page as well - that last cross race had four or five pics up of me. great shots..

moab - looks like bloggers and posts are being updated by the minute. some good, some bad. looks like nat won the race/series and the concept has been adopted by granny gear to have "two" races in the future should this happen again.

for instance, race 1 for moab would of been from noon to 8pm. results taken.

race two, for instance, would start at 6am sunday. results taken.

race 1 laps + race two laps = your overall laps/time

seems that would be best solution - hindsite, that is...

and - now starts the fun of cross season and sweating out sponsorships for next year. deadlines are coming due, so they got to get out pretty quick - and then the waiting game is on.

for me, asylum cycles/speedgoat.com is a 1000% certainty for next year - and with resumes going out for others, the talks will soon commence. looking to get some addtional ones this year for possible deals with shoes, wheels, etc.

with that - gotta run.

sologoat out.


you got like 3 feet of air that time!

and 4th and a second

cross race over the weekend - 4th place.

grannygear series - 2nd place overall.

weekend was pretty epic - first cross race of the year. paul martin (former national road champ) and mike house (fomer junior cross champ) took off with a local rider in tow, while i was battling it out for 5th.

dropped fifth, moved into fourth about half way through the race and started chasing down - paul martin. got the gap down to about 5-10 seconds when he caught 2nd place, then they started slowing down and i had the gap down to 5 seconds. i was so close i couldn't believe it...

then, up came a corner while i was watching in amazment that i was catching them, and i slipped up, slid out and went down - at the same time paul attacked for 2nd. i got up quick, but the damage was done. that was with 3 laps to go.

at 1/2 lap to go, i had the gap back down to what it was - had i not slipped, i am pretty confident that i would of got 3rd, but i guess it's not too shabby of a result considering last week's venture.

and - moab.

wow, what a shame about the weather. guys got only 8.5 hours in and they had to call it due to the weather. streams/rivers washed out some sections of the course and made the riding conditions very dangerous to say the least. from reading the reports, i guess a lot of solo riders were pretty ticked off seeing the teams got to go out again and the solo's didn't.

not being there, but hearing what happened - it's probably the best way it could of worked out. did it work out well for everybody - probably not - but it was probably the most fair way it could of worked out.

and - hats off to nat for taking the series. it was a toss up for me between worlds and moab because of the series and i can say that i am pretty bummed out that i didn't win the overall, but nat has been riding well and it has been showing. good job nat.

with that - gotta run. two local cross races this weekend - more info on that later.

sologoat out.


a little r & r

has been the ojective of the week, before i hit up my first cross race of the year this weekend with the cleveland series. thought about the cinci cross this weekend as they have 2 uci events going on, but i am going to a art show opening up in cleveland saturday night - plus, the 4 hour drive down there is not that appealing this weekend. i need some rest and time to unpack.

but - don't forget, for you pittsburgh nutz out there - the month of mud has a cross race this weekend.

and - next week, two cross races in the cleveland area. one of the bike authority series race, and the other is the snakebite racing cross race put on by brett davis. check it out - he'll have free camping the night before and there just may be some beer drinking around a campfire... will there be smores brett?

this weekend is moab - where mr. nat ross is making an attack on my first place in the overall granny gear 24 hour solo series. lots of tough competition - nick martin, dave harris, tinker -- just to name a few. and i just heard a report - moab is muddy, and the weather/temps are not looking too swell for the weekend. it's going to be a super epic battle. good luck to all my fellow solo freaks out there - wish i could enjoy your pain this weekend.

in speedgoat news, looks like they are going to be picking up NINER bikes as they continue to build up a very good selection of 29er's to choose from. keep your eye on the blog over there, as chris continues to make some very good blog entries on the happenings at vegas. latest ones had some detail of the new compact road frame from salsa and some 29ers by van dessel, who also make a very cool cross bike.

and, speaking of salsa - watch out for chris's upcoming blog entry on the updates to the salsa lineup of frames and bikes. these guys are one of my favorite companies out there - they make great bikes and apparel and don't break your bank account doing it. i've been running their gloves/arm & leg warmers/bibs for years now - cheap price for good quality. and the frames - wow, this year they have some very nice 29er options and a very cool old school type road frame. hats off salsa - you deserve it.

with that, time to relax, drink a cool brew and get the moots cross bikes ready for the weekend.

cheers - sologoat


24 Hour Worlds write up

10.07 – 24 Hour Worlds Write Up

With breakfast in me, and my pit crew (my father, brother, Dan the Man and Jennifer) already having setup my pit, I made my way down to pit row.

It was in the high 60’s and would reach maybe a max of 75-80 during the rest of the day, with sunny skies. It was a relaxed feeling in the pits, and I tried to take it easy before the start.

Did a quick video interview with Barrett Heywood from Light & Motion as he was in town to check out the race. Light & Motion was part sponsor of the Gripped Films documentary on Chris, and the venue is around Barrett’s home town, so it was a good event for him to be at.

After that, I mentally prepared for the race to come.

Chris was going to go out fast, and Gordon would be in tow.

Race starts, the run is chaotic as usual with arms flailing as guys who don’t run very well get through the quarter mile run. I am about 15th’ish to the bike, but due to some mad cyclocross skills, I run past a lot of guys and jump on the bike making up roughly 10 places in about 30 feet. I can’t run that well, but the skill of being able to jump on your bike during a full run not only looks cool, but saves a ton of time.

I chase. Chris and Gordon are flying ahead of me and the game plan was to let them duke it out, hoping that they would cook each other out. With me riding a “safe – but close – distance” behind them, I would swoop in. The plan was then to be on the same lap as them before nightfall, and to make up time during the cover of darkness.

Laps are clicking off fast, heat is getting higher and I am starting to feel it. I am now roughly in third place with the 4th and 5th place riders close behind.

I am getting tired, which is not good. By this time, I have slipped back to 5th and now try to come up with the next game plan.

The fast laps threw off my pit strategy – I was taking in too many calories which believe me, figuring that out at a heart rate of 175, covered in sweat, dodging the trees and screaming through dust as thick as fog at 20 plus miles an hour is a feat in itself.

Having lapped riders literally by the third lap, I was now a lap up on the 6th place rider and was roughly 20 minutes down on Hendershot who was riding steady in 4th.

I pitted to change clothes, grabbed some grub and made my way back out – not really knowing how could it really was. I dressed light and opted for no knee warmers.

The temperature was 47 degrees.

At this point, I am getting hungry and my heart rate is going down as I get more and more fatigued. I feel OK, but cannot push a high heart rate.

I start eating Hammer Bars and some other solid foods as the temps got really cold – I had to get calories in as I was not drinking due to the coldness.

Having heard that Chris was getting warm oatmeal for breakfast, at around my 24th’ish lap, all I could think about was scrambled eggs. I have my pit crew get some eggs from the hotel across the street and at roughly 7am’ish, I am taking off my lights and eating scrambled eggs out of a cup. Yummy.

Chris was a few laps and a couple minutes ahead of me during my lap, and I would catch up to him on the second section of the figure 8 loop. We ride together for awhile, talk for a bit, and eventually catch up to Steve Schwartz. Chris is not looking that good.

Having passed up Chris in the pits, I get informed that Gordon is starting to slow and Chris is making another move to get back into first. He soon catches me again and he physically looks a lot better.

I am informed in the pits that I am now about to lap the 6th place rider again as he is right in front of me. This late in the game, I am now a lap down on Mark in fourth, and 6th place is far enough behind me that if I stop early, I will still finish 5th.

Having just completed my last lap, I cross the finish line in 5th place overall.

Great race, one that I can honestly say I’ll never forget.

I gave it my all, maybe went a little too hard at the beginning and possibly sacrificed a few places because of it, but I feel that it was better to have tried and failed, then to not try at all.

And to all my fellow competitors out there – great race. Hats off to everybody– the teams, the single speed freaks, and for Adrenaline.

And for the fans of Ernesto – thanks for cheering me on during the race and checking out the blog.

24 Hour Worlds - pic post #2

crusing the pits - was a little chilly at the start, around 65-70 degrees.

quick interview with light & motion head man barrett heywood.

le mans style start. watch those elbows!

about 18 hours in, sporting my hot pink "hottie" socks.

cool shot of backside, early on the first day...

23 1/2 hours later....

about 10 minutes after the finish of the race, looking "slightly" tired.


24 Hour Worlds - picture post #1

me coming out of the woods on the first section of the course - this was early in the race.

same section - upclose like.

pit row bike line-up before the start of the race on saturday.

pimping my sponsors - speedgoat supplying dan the man and all components on the bike, less pedals from crank brothers and sweet rubber from schwalbe.

shot going down pit row. this would get chaotic later in the race as people tended to wander aimlessly around as riders are ripping down the trail. watch out, yo!


Solo Worlds Cycling News post

is now posted HERE

my race post will come in the next day or so, along with the pics which i need to do some editing on, mostly because of the huge file sizes.

quick notes:
1. temps hit 47 degrees on saturday night/sunday morning

2. gordon couldn't walk at the end - had to get an IV about 5 inches past the finish line

stay tuned..

Solo Worlds - YOUTUBE video clips


conyers write up - super short version

Eatough dethroned.

1. Craig Gorden - australia
2. Chris Eatough
3. Brandon Draugelis
4. Mark Hendershot
5. Ernesto Marenchin

pace was super fast at the begining - craig eventually put the hammer down with some crazy fast pit stops.

more later - gotta pack up and get back to ohio.

check out the blog tomorrow for pics and video.

sologoat out.


24 conyers update #2

course, super dry and somewhat dusty in some sections.

rider meeting was today, along with another interview with gripped films. if you got a minute, the trailer is up on their website already. hendershot and nat ross have a little clip in it.

and cameron has arrived - and he is on a hard tail steel single speed. didn't get a chance to see if it was a 29er or not.

40 elite riders will be running timer chips that will not be used for timing as they are just testing it out this race - so it should be interesting to see the results.

that's it, nothing seems too crazy other then there seems to be a lot of riders from out of the US.

stay tuned for updates - check out the ride424.com website, and i'll try to get an update out pretty quick after the race.

that's it for tonight - wish me good legs and big lungs.

sologoat out


update from conyers

some pics up tomorrow - stay tuned.

race course is the same as races past, few new lines here and there, but basically not mucho has changed at all.

temps today hit over 100, about 93 in the shade. still calling for temp range of 54 to 76 for race day.

course is super, super, super dry - don't light a match or you'll light the whole place on fire dry. it's going to be a fast one guys and ladies.

and - it looks like there is a pretty big field of solo's - looked to be around 70'ish riders or so. there are riders from england, australia, south africa, and some odd country called ohio.

riders - hendershot, karl from ride424.com, rob l, and i guess cameron got in at last minute. steve schwartz is here as well - eddie o is pitting for him as i guess he and namitra are getting married next week.

things are marked on the course, pits are all setup - looks to be laid out really nice and that there has been some work done on the trails.

and - just an fyi - one of the last emails sent out by adrenaline did say that there will be a date/venue change for worlds next year but supplied no info.

one or two more posts up before race day - then expect to see something up later in the day on sunday.

for now - i am getting some rest...

sologoat out

velonews article up

VELONEWS eatough article now up - ernesto, hendershot mention...

off to georgia - temps hitting 89 today, but should only get up to 75'ish race day.

check out RIDE424.COM for race updates/pics and audio posts during the race...

and i would also check around for chris's updates on the trek site or NICK MARTIN'S BLOG for other race updates from either nick or poz.

gotta run - flight to catch.

sologoat out.


Give me a ticket for an aeroplane

that travels from akron to atlanta....

heading down to sunnier skies tomorrow AM for the big show down in conyers. going to be some fast times for the riders with dry hard packed trails, while the pit crews battle off the bugs, sun and red biting ants. ouchy.

watch out for some possible visits from the reps at tifosi optics and light & motion and some guys from gripped films in tree stands taking some footage. should be quite a specatacle going on.

in other related news - watch out on the VELONEWS website for a write up on this weekends race. i did an interview with them yesterday and it sounded like they already did some other interviews - so keep 'yer eye out for that.

and - if you haven't checked it out already - EATOUGH had a very nice write up on the USA TODAY website AND paper.

it's great to see that chris and the sport is getting some good press.

and watch out for his dad this year - he'll be racing on one of the corporate teams.

and - tom over at WOBBLENAUGHT.COM gave me a call today - he just got back from the vegas show and it sounds like we may be meeting up to fine tune my fit even more for the upcoming 2007 season. stay tuned for more details on that...

for now - off to sleep and then to georgia.

sologoat out